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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum, HornAfrique, it pays to not believe everything you read without checking it out. I can name you another Western journalist that was in Baghdad at the same time. His name is Brent Sadler, who used to work for ITN, and who is now CNN's Beirut bureau chief. Below is an excerpt from that article. "Sadler also spearheaded ITN's coverage from Baghdad during the war in the Gulf. Aside from CNN's Peter Arnett, Sadler stayed in Baghdad longer than any other international broadcaster. At one point he was the only British television journalist in Baghdad reporting exclusively on the allies' bombardment of the city. " May Allah make us among the righteous.
  2. Assalaamu Alaikum, Peter was not the only Western journalist in Iraq in the first Gulf War either. However, he was among the very few Western journalists that remained in Baghdad. By the way, if I'm not mistaken a British Newspaper has hired him; the name, which I can vaguely recall, I believe is the Daily Mirror. May Allah have mercy on our souls.
  3. Assalaamu Alaikum, Its human nature to always want what you don't have. If I was a betting man, I'd bet that if any of you got the woman you described, you'd still have some problems. There is no perfect being, so the only way to be "happy" in life is to be content with what you have. May Allah bless the Muslim Ummah
  4. Assalaamu Alaikum If a person truly loves you, they will be concerned about what will happen when you meet your maker. Anything short of that is delusional. May Allah bless the Ummah.
  5. Assalaamu Alaikum, KickAssPrincess, hey it wasn't my fault, I thought Layzie wanted us to comment on her name. She wrote next, then her name. Oh well, we're allowed to be dumb, we're not Infallible. Seria A---Football/Soccer
  6. Assalaamu Alaikum, Sophist, I must say, you have given this topic a great deal of thought. I agree, in many respects that the human desire to be in love forever is fleeting. In Islam, it is the religion that keeps people together, for marriage as it is purported is half the religion. Nevertheless, here in the West, what keeps the boat afloat is out of self-interest. If it is in your best interest to stay put you will, otherwise you will simply pack up your bags and try your luck somewhere else. Some may not be bold enough to start all over, but for many, it is the fear of change that keeps them grounded. However, there is no morality or value in such actions, because self-interest still plays; they’d rather be unhappy than loose stability. The way I see it, it all boils down to dividends and returns to scale. In the West, Marriage is no longer sacred, but more so characterized by a business transaction. If you’re not "happy" with the service, you simply terminate the contract. May Allah, bless the Muslim Ummah.
  7. Assalaamu Alaikum, I was just reading this same article, and couldn't help wonder what is freedom of speech? Are journalists there to spin the news to the U.S. administrations liking, or are they suppose to be objective? In any case, in times of war, the media too goes to war, and that is a sad reality. By the way, he's not the only western journalist still left in Baghdad. This war has brought nothing but misery for Muslims around the world, especially for the Iraqi people. Lets keep them and all other Muslims in our thoughts.
  8. Assalaamu Alaikum, It is indeed disheartening to see your posts deleted. If and when it happens, you feel like your rights have been violated. I don't know the specifics of the situation regarding you, but I do however find a similar scenario. This thread that was over 7 pages long when I participated a little over two days ago, has vanished. I searched in vain, when finally I found out that it no longer exists. I wonder why now that is 9 pages, it has all of a sudden been deleted. So I came here, and thought instead of opening a whole thread for that reason, why not share this space. For the record, the thread name is The Somali Oil Connection, or something along those lines. Admins I hope you can share your perfectly reasonable answers as to why this was done, because I've only been here 2 days and it has already left a bad taste in my mouth. P.S. No matter how busy you are, we shouldn't be too busy to have Allah in our thoughts.
  9. Assalaamu Alaikum, I believe that Somalis as a whole, from Djbouti all the way down to NFD, need to address this issue at once. No Somali can hold thier head high, as long as these innocent Somalis are not given their rights. For me personally, this is my new war, along with recognizing the other war going on, the war of civilizations. I cannot fathom, why it is alright to outcast various tribes, not only midgaan, tumaal, yibir and etc, all because of their birth name. It is non-Islamic, it is immoral, and it is down right disgusting. P.S. What ever we do, and where ever we are, lets keep the innocent Muslim people dieying in our thoughts and prayers.