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  1. Just got this link by email, rate & favorite
  2. Originally posted by Xamar-Gale: He also concludes in his anthropomerdic samplings and observations that majority of Somalis North and South do not have Arab components. Is his work biased? Only 2% of Somalians have Arabid DNA J (Y-DNA) stats show this clearly: 85% in Yemen 60% in Saudi 33% in Amhara Ethiopians 10% in General Ethiopians 2% in Somalians & Oromo Ethiopians
  3. Originally posted by Abu_Diaby- Al Zeylaci: "Somali race" are the same as Southern Greeks? 50% of Southern Greeks are genetic Somalids. They are mainly fish eaters, hot tempered people with the love for the sea. Their DNA shows that they share common paternal ancestory with 91% of modern Somalians.
  4. Originally posted by Nin-Yaaban: from what little I know about race/skin color. technically, there is no such thing as blacks or whites, we're suppose to be some other color, and is called something else. this topic about Somalis being their own race is just silly. Somalid race = (E1b1b + T) amongst the Somalians, Berbers, Egyptians, Coastal Lebanese/Phoenicians & Southern Greeks Preserving your own race is not silly its honoring your ancestors evolutionary efforts
  5. Originally posted by Xamar-Gale: quote:Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: But Marx I thought you are black American when I saw your videos. I think this classification suits some of us, not the black somali's manily in puntland and the south. I don't get ur point. What is black somalis' manily in Puntland and the south mean? As to the poster, thanks brother. Skin color has little to do with this Classification. Its based on Y-DNA lineage, you can be darker for many reasons, climate & choice of mtDNA are first to come to mind
  6. Seafaring is part of our genetic instincts, usually sea affiliated ancient cultures come from the same Somalid gene pool. Regions that produced Seafaring cultures; Southern Greece & Coastal Algeria & Coastal Lebanon all regions with very high % of SOmalid genes
  7. Arabid DNA in Somalia is as rare as in Northern Europe
  8. Originally posted by -MARX-: We may not have much to show for our purity Actually genetically we have one of the most pure genepools with the exception of East Asians! Comapre our DNA to other nations! -in the south we have a diff maternal lineage but mostly the same father lineages-
  9. DNA is Somalia Interesting Facts: - We have the highest % of E1b1b (Y-DNA) 81% - We have the highets % of T (Y-DNA) 10.4% - Ancient name of Somalia was Land of the Berbers, today DNA studies show that berbers are also originated from HOA with very high % of E1b1b - Sea faring people came from coastal Lebanon, Southern Greece & in medieval times the Barbary coasts all these regions share an E1b1b link, so don't blame the pirates blame their genes