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  1. DEAR NOMADS Several years ago i broke up with the most wonderful girl, there were also hints of marriage amongst her family. Although the girl was good for me and increased my happiness and success in life and vice versa, I put a stop to the relationship because of our differing cultures and races. Although the girl was Muslim from the former Yugoslavia, I reached this decision in the interest of any offsprings that may result in that marriage, also in her interest because of my intention of going back and living in Somalia. But also one major interest is keeping the Somali race going, because as I believe, it eneterd in the category of the 'ENDANGERED SPECIES', plus I want my children to look like me. Some people who knew our relationship say I have made the biggest mistake of my life. But I stick to my decision and I know I am right. what do you think?..
  2. Nimaan gedo yarayn baan ahoo gaaddaweyn jiray.... Odayaal gaboobaa marbay gaban ahaayeene guxushaaga aan kicini mar buu gaannanaan jiraye.. Don't be dismayed by my regrets of time. I am already getting too old at mid thirties without ever realising my childhood fantasies of leading the Horn into its former glories of Cammuun and Marabtah Bahtiri. Wallee ama gumooboo sidaa la iiga guulaysay wallee ama rag waa is gaadayaaye, gacan ku ciil beelay. Qaasim.