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  1. STOIC;896807 wrote: ^ Was it necessary for you to mention their sub-clan?..Nacaas feery necessery ina adeer gacaliye. kudayo buntleyn
  2. Apophis;893556 wrote: You don't have the money bro; cash is king!! Belo, oo maxaa ku dhacay sharaftii ina adeerow?
  3. oba hiloowlow;893548 wrote: well you can always start your DAG club maybe Mooge and Somalia can join you. this not your bizzniz!
  4. Apophis;893547 wrote: Impossible! waayo ina adeer?
  5. Ina adeer gacaliye postkan wuxu ka hadlaya jeberti traitors waayo anigu i want inan halakaan ku solve gareeyo this upcoming trend of the mighty royal family baanu doonahayaa.
  6. Apophis;893532 wrote: Isn't no 2 Barre Hiiraale?? K.A.M you've been missed. haa cuzzin barre hiiraale traitor JVA servant. Ina adeer gacaliye tank you you have been missed also
  7. ilma adeerayalo think future this not good. HAG and irir umbrella can not achiif bolitical ajenda
  8. ina adeer gacaliye so you mean that a person from Gaashamo in kilil 5 cant claim hargeysa to be his home???????
  9. ina adeer che waa maxay afxumada ku hadleysid Kismaayo is what is house of jebertiis. you use to hear '' xamar unuka le'' today its Kismaayo anaka leh. marka waa sidaa.
  10. Abwaan;886875 wrote: Duke, marada ayaa kaa dhacday waayo beenta aad samayneysid ayaa laga daba tegey. Where are Indhacadde and Goobaale? You are busted. Just yesterday you were ululating for having a lot of qaraabo in the new cabinet and you are spreading rumors today. Shame on you. ina adeer HAG:s are very funny after the botched operation the take pictures of the so called "delegation" and display it as "evidence". Who do you think you are fooling ?They selectively took pictures of what they thought would be ok to overcome the public embarassment and they left out the ring leaders aka the JVA criminals who were enroute to ensure that the coup leaders aka indocade and Gobale who were on the process of planning a coup in Kismaayo.They destributed the photos to the media houses in Xamar and think that we can buy their lies. The media houses in Xamar are all amateurs who fabricate stories that are mostly unfounded and in the past few weeks have been instigating unrests in Kismaayo.
  11. waa kaa no Moory-ans allowed.we want peace and stability. why our brothers in xamar against peace in kismayo.
  12. Apophis;886857 wrote: The paranoid are the first to call others paranoid. Che, put down the weed, it's messing with your head. Bravo ina adeer gacaliye!!