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  1. Awesome information. I think he is attacking Farmaajo and Somalia. I have all history are read of Somalia. It's very dangerous of attack in Farmaajo and Somalia.You have define what is needed to be done. The main problem is there is no leader to tell people even what they do not want to hear.People generally like leaders who are clear. You either follow them full heart or you bring them down full heart. No enmity. Some anti federalists were happy by what happened in SWS, but the people will never forget the humiliation done by using Ethiopians. It is most important post of the Somalia.Everyone is afraid of the constitution, because they are all weak and they think if the constitution is done right now it will benefit only the other side. Every Somali knows if constitution is done right now, Puntland will be most influential. All provinces will side with Puntland to get some small power sharing for themselves.I will share in this post. Thank you.