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  1. The Jubbaland government with its various agencies should assist the owners to rebuild Medina hotel as soon as possible. Dhagaweyne, the main owner, left here in the States to help invest in his country. Despite being in a wheelchair, he worked so hard to renovate, rebuild, and modernize the hotel. It was one of the best hotels in Kismaayo for the last year or so. By not rebuilding the hotel, we are letting the killers win. In regards of beesha Maqaabul, no other clan supports Madoobe more than Maqaabul including his own MZ. Maqaabuls always see the bigger picture and are always the bond the connects Beesha. The only renegade to this unity is Xidig, who have been politically isolated from the the Beesha affairs for a long time. He is a useless individual with no convictions and principles. Remember that he was once in cohorts with Barre Bootin-Dheere.
  2. For over a decade, I was a member of the now defunct Somalinet forum. It used to be a place for all and I mean for all. These days, the place appears to have been abandoned with the exception of few isolationists who seem to be dominating all the topics with no regard to the opposing views. Anyone here from there? I am Guhad122 from Somalinet. Any former Somalinet members in here who are willing to share their current SOL identity?
  3. In the words of a famous HG traditional leader, "If you don't want to make a peace with him, don't meet him". I am not sure who the elder was but, I remember watching that on YouTube years ago. Ahmed Madobe is one of the most talented, experienced and conversant leaders in proper Somalia today. He is cool, calm, and collected. He uses humor to break the ice, which is a trait not known for most Somali leaders. Humor eases the scariest and the edgiest situations, and puts things into prospective.