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  1. dhib-laawe rer mugud

    Qadiya roobow iyo qiyaanada dawlada.

    Former tourists leader muqtar robow want to be president of KG state of somalia, but his idea is still ambiguous and the government ostracise to succeed. He felt rejuvenate when he get more loyalty for the people of that area, and he started to create new idea as he done before. It's plausible to begin raxanwayn revolutionary. On the other hand, lafta-gareen spend money and use somali government power to achieve his goal.
  2. dhib-laawe rer mugud

    Bilan Estate: Kismayo

    kuwaan dhacay dhulka maamadii caxalay ooyaysay wadaado kuma sheegi karo.
  3. dhib-laawe rer mugud


    how can we develop somali economic in short time