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africains mast refuse wastern order to resolve conflicts.

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People may have different ideas about conflict resolution and there a lot ways to resolve treats and conflicts. To begin with conflict occur at all level of the society including families, groups, nation’s, clubs political parties and so on.

On the other hand we can resolve conflict when we know the reality about it and what it based on. Therefore in Africa there a lot of conflict that make in security and political unrest, having mind with that yamen is Arab country were is UAE and Saudi Arabia start brakes war and yamen people were severing that kind of war and valiance.

Similar with that western countries are create conflict with their own hands, in Iraq USA and their alley ware destroy and the conflict which start there is still exist there, not in Iraq only they did same things a lot of country including Libya and Afghanistan.

Same times I support North Korea leader because he refuse to destroy his own weapons if he destroy they will did what they done in Gadafi, Mr gadafi was accept destroy his weapons when the western suggested it.

You gays I need to get more information about conflict resolution let’s see your opinion.        

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The key to most issues is self government at home. A family, a clan, a village, a country needs self government. You can be ruled as colony, but if its more than paying taxes and serving colonizer in few things then it will be conflict.

Autonomy is the key. You should not allow a family member to invite an outsider to get into details of the family. By the same token you should not allow another country to get into details of your country.



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