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  1. Thank you sister Aliyahh. Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatulah
  2. Alhamdulilah I have found another challenge to over come but I hope it's not too much of a challenge. I plan on moving to a muslim country in a couple of month and pursue my Islamic education. Make dua for me as I will be living with people whom I have never met before. Jazakllahu khair for sharing that story, it was very uplifting and may allah shower their marriage with many blessings. Ameen. Chubaka, I have always been honest with them alhamdulilah and insha allah I will always be honest no matter what the out come will be. Thank you for the reminder.
  3. your absolutely right sister chocolate, I will keep telling them insha allah and this time without any fear of rejection.
  4. your right sister garowe, iam sure she is a wonderful sister and i apprrciate her input. After all this is a public forum i cannot possibly expect everyone to give me replies in the same manner.
  5. Oh i see nnc, i would rather not share that info in public or in private.
  6. Jacpher no thanks i don't need her help, marabo qashiinkay taqaano.
  7. qafiiftey? are you kidding me? iam not the one that follows her to her topics. Marka yaa qafifay. Obviously her.
  8. Lool@Jacpher that'll never happen.
  9. audubilah mina shaytaani rajeem. What a disgusting advice.
  10. KK,if you think that by all means go ahead.
  11. none of your business how about that kk
  12. cida? uff add to the fact your a witch a qabilaysta.
  13. My mother is not a heartless witch like you. Masha allah she is wonderful woman, mother, daughter, sister etc. But you, your the somali version of madusa.
  14. Mom. Ugh. i feel sorry for her children.
  15. one more thing what i do with my life is my business because it is my life not yours.
  16. A public forum which doesn't belong to you. And I am not your abaayo, alhamdulilah i have one and she is not the heartless witch that you are. Again I will post what I want but learn to mind your business. I am thinking your suffering from some sort of mental illness because last time you apologised in private and here you are again. Get help. Seriously!
  17. rudey- i am proud of what i have, and wallah i don't mind that iam disabled, i know i am better then so many people alhamdulilah but i want brothers to stop being so narrow minded and get to know me before they judge me on my disability.
  18. NNC, they don't want me online what makes you think they will want me in person?
  19. Kool kat, you seem educated from your writing but unfortunately your quite the dense one. I guess education doesn't make you smart at all. Can you not understand when I said this is a very serious topic. Also I do not expect you to understand since people are saying your happily married so **** out of my topics you kneckle head. Yes I am desparate to get married why is that any of your concern. To the rest of you thank you especailly Malika. P.s. there wasn't a time where I did not put on my profile about my disability.
  20. How do I tell brothers who are looking for a wife that I have a disability after everything else?. Over the years I have gotten more and more scared to tell brothers this. In the past when I was a young teenager I never thought anyone would turn me down because of this, espeically a religious muslim man. Some actually said it to my face that they will not marry me for the fact that I am disabled. Now I find myself struggling alot just to tell them this small part of me and I become extremelly scared and paniced. So how do I tell them without them running away as soon as they see my disability on my profile or I even tell them myself?. I know I am beautiful inside and out but I am just so tired of being rejected over a trivial thing. After I wrote everything else on my profile I spent hours maybe days just to come up with the words to say that I am disabled and I still can't. Please I am being very serious so if you can't tell me something that would be of help to me then don't say anything.
  21. Only an ***** would wait even one more second. But anyways there is something way more important i posted on the general section please everyone read and send to as many people as you can insha allah. May allah reward you all for your effort.