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  1. What an incentive idiot. All he wants is to stoke clash of civilizations like these Zionists are hoping for.
  2. I agree with you on this company operating illegally, but what about all the European companies that are also operating illegally, while bribing the government. The fact of the matter is our government is still not a representative government with grass roots voting, and will continue to be taken advantage of as long as it is not able to tie the country together. Did you know that just to run for president you need over $10,000 dollars; this means you basically have to be in someones pocket in order to run. The fact of the matter is we have to give them something worth joining, will a girl want to marry a homeless man with tattered cloths the answer is no. Furthermore we don't need conflict with our brothers in north western Somalia, when our people are starving; over 200,000 people died of starvation and thirst in 2011 alone why not keep our focus on that. If you want to preserve the unity of our country and help the starving people. This can only happen if every territory is allowed to form it's own semi autonomous state with police and state guard. There is no trust between the clans, I use this instead of the word tribe, because we Somali are all one tribe. We have realize that we can only succeed if we give each area it's own self governing authority all under a relatively weak central government, at least until trust can be rebuilt. The fact that we made a tribe based government was the worst idea anyone could have had it should have been based on electoral zones made up of the previously defined districts, so that no one would complain. After voting if these districts formed up unofficial/semi-official unions based on tribe no one would complain, as long us they upheld the constitution of the country, and treated minority clan members with dignity and equality.
  3. WHAT A KANGAROO COURT THIS IS: Who the hell is this Ms. Tokhai, my god she has more prejudice, than the guy being accused. How dare she precondition every question with, “What else, apart from the fact you are a woman and a Muslim, made you feel discriminated against?’; That is perniciously what made her feel she was being discriminated against. What the hell does that even mean, you are supposed to be a judge not removing the persons arguments. She should bring a case against this Ms. Tokhai, for her unfair questioning practices. She should have her recuse herself from the panel, she obviously can't judge fairly. They ask why are Muslims so irrational, maybe because we are constantly bullied. Ms Wang told the tribunal she was returning from a toilet break with Mrs Husen in November 2013 when Mr Hussain stopped both of them and challenged them about how long they had taken. Ms Tokhai said: “On the face of it, you had your own disagreements with Mr Hussain, so you cannot give an objective view can you?” -That was her whole argument, how can she manage to turn the fact that she witnessed the injustice and that she had it committed against her simply by associating with this poor lady, as grounds for discrediting her, for having had a previous disagreement. Does she know the meaning of previous, there was nothing stated previous to this instance. WHAT BULL SHIT!
  4. Next time have volunteers help to monitor some of your posters, and be ready to call the cops or put a little radio GPS into one or two.
  5. These people are sad and stupid I feel sorry for these people, there are those who are trying to start conflict between Muslims and Christians and they are stupid enough to support that agenda, with this stupid protest. What are they protesting that a few idiots killed an idiot and some more idiots decided to draw cartoons.