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  1. Don’t forget it is -30 in the small towns they live in so they go to sleep around 7pm.
  2. We know when it gets tough there isnothing, absolutely nothing your kind can do for Farmajo. You cannot defend him in any real sense (besides facebook and twitter). Farmajo is sitting in Villa Somalia because of the generosity and political will of the people in the video above. But he has abused his welcome and it looks like they are preparing to chase him away. And there is nothing you can do about it but Show fake outrage. I for one welcome this tough words and we hope there is also actions behind those words. It is time to clear the ethiopians and their stooges from xamar.
  3. This langab called Farmajo has caused so much hatred among Somalis who does he think will save him? Can Qatar save him? Or does he think he can put on a D block shirt and we will save him. Yac. There is a painful lesson awaiting.
  4. Thousands flee as shelling by Ethiopian tanks kills hundreds of civilians in Somali capital | World news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM · PM claims Islamists are routed, but attacks go on · UN accuses all sides of committing war crimes Some of us remember. The fake nationalists of today have suddenly amnesia.
  5. When will farmajo ask Ethiopians to apologise for massacring Somalis in their capital?
  6. @thefakenationalists At least Kenya did not kill thousands in Xamar and shelled entire neighbourhoods to oblivion.
  7. It is a pyramid scheme for the gullible.
  8. It is time we open our eyes and accept that Somaliland is a beacon and an excellent example which Somalia can use to uplift its people. Somaliland is ahead in terms of peace building, governance, representative elections (Farmajo was elected by 300 people in a nation of 20 million), economic development and so forth. It is time reer Somalia accept these facts and learn from them and stop the nonsensical hatred of Somaliland spread by the likes of Galbedi and Salax (. Mini Goebbels). They started small but today Somaliland is taken more seriously internationally than what the ina afweyne calls “dawlad”.
  9. They are in their own echo chambers. The only people praising Farmajo are his own paid for twitter bots. Hence why he is shocked every time he interacts with normal Somalis
  10. How is this relevant? I can’t even find this village on the map. Can you provide a highlighted map which shows this place??
  11. It was foolish indeed. He has lessened his political capital with no visible benefit. This is manna from heaven for the opposition. Also Farmajo has damages his supporters from that region like Galbedi and the “ssc” people as evidenced by Galbedi’s anger above. The only person who actually benefited appears to be Abiy the jesus-esq peace maker.
  12. Who requested this meeting? Many seem to think it was Abiy but I believe it was Farmajo. Which shows how desperate he is for re election.
  13. This Abiy guy was looking for a photo opportunity but nothing of substance and we know Farmajo is shallow enough to jump on it. It is inspired by the vapid Trumpian “diplomacy”. Grand empty gestures.
  14. I think this move has backfired on ina afweyne as some deluded folks who claim a fictitious entity called “SSC” are crying all over social media claiming they were betrayed. They have been praying to Farmajo for the last 3 years and it appears he is ready to sacrifice them.
  15. I am starting to think this whole thing was a product of the childish minds of the semi literate N&N propagandists.
  16. It would be a political blunder of epic proportion for Muse Bixi to invite ina afweyne to Hargeisa. Why would he sacrifice his office for Farmajo?
  17. Not substantive or interesting. It appears more like paid propaganda. It is unfortunate we have unprofessional media with little interviewing experience even after existing for decades. 2/10 ps: quite arrogant and narcissistic for him to claim “qibrad ba la igu doortay”.
  18. This sinister and glib “ apology” is actually quite damaging. It shows, again, a politically amateur man with amateur advisers. A question which must be asked is this, what did he (Farmajo) realise yesterday that he did not know when he appointed that war criminal who boasted it was right to annihilate Somaliland? As usual he thinks Somalis are fools.
  19. We are like a training grounds for their amateur diplomats. Who knew about Yamamato as a diplomat before we allowed him to dictate and direct our affairs. He was, still is, a backwater diplomat with no tangible experience of solving any problems. But it must be said, we have given them an opening to interfere and to dictate to us. Something is deeply wrong.
  20. and conflicting. As long as this endless bickering between Somali leaders is ongoing, it will mean shabab will never be defeated, no real economic activity to benefit all, no rebuilding of the country and vital infrastructure, a decade or more of being UN trustee country. And worst of all, mere ambassadors dictating to our people. I was really pissed of to see that short American ambassador one day on Farmajo’s side, the next day on the opposition side. They take us for fools. They are supplying both sides and fanning the ongoing cold civil war.
  21. His reptilian face and shaky movements indicate he is insincere and wants to attract Somaliland votes in the coming elections. He is tricking no one ever again.
  22. I will bring Ethiopians and Kenyans with me and watch while they step on all the cockroaches. We will see who needs liberation.
  23. Like all cockroatches, your enemy is the sun. Marka iska nac nac le ila 2021.
  24. Now they are not sure whether the third person is guilty but two have been shot.
  25. Talaado, Feberaayo, 11, 2020 (HOL)- Aabaha dhalay marxuumad Caa’isha Ilyaas Aadan, ayaa soo dhoweeyay in gabadhiisu cadaalad heshay kadib markii saakay xukun dil ah lagu fuliyay labo kamid ah saddexdii nin ee kiiskaas loo xukumay. Ilyaas Aadan oo warbaahinta la hadlay ayaa sheegay in dib loo dhigay fulinta xukunka xukumanaha saddexaad oo lagu magacaabo Cadbisalaan Cabdiraxmaan Warsame, kadib markii ay isku afgrteen isaga iyo qoyskiisa, si baaritaan dheeraad ah loogu sameeyo. Wuxuu sheegay Ilyaas in xukunka la fuliyay uu dawo u noqondoono gabar kasta oo Soomaliyeed inaan lagula kicin falka gabadhiisa loo geystay. Cabdisalaan Cabdiraxmaan Warsame oo ah xukumanaha dib loo dhigay fulinta xukunkiisa waxay wararku sheegayaan in aan caddeymo rasmi ah loo helin in uu ka qeyb qaatay fal dambiyeedkaas. Dhamaan maxkamadihii uu kasoo muuqday marnaba ma uusan qiran inuu kiiskaas ku lug lahaa, halka labada kale ay qiranayeen inay gabadha kufsadeen, laakiin ay ku dafirayeen inay dileen Caa’isha. Balse, hay'addaha garsoorka Puntland ayaa sheegay in DNA laga qaaday uu caddeynayo inuu kiisku qeyb ka ahaa. Dhamaman degaanada Puntland ayaa laga hadal hayaa xukunkaan, waxaana lagu wadaa inay dhacaan dibadbaxyo lagusoo dhoweynayo cadaalad Caa’isha. Abdiweli M. Sheikh, Hiiraan Online