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  1. LOL at putlanders. They were bragging for nothing. I remember one guy saying that the money they might earn will go to putlanders only. LOL somalis will never change. At the end of the day we all get what we deserve. I wish you good luck guyz, something better is on the horizon, but remember next time to keep your mouth shut before shit ain't real.
  2. Somaliland is intelligently being insulted here. Well done amin arts.
  3. Xaaji Xunjuf;799928 wrote: Pirateland are having a party did they capture another ship or something ;)
  4. Dabrow;789599 wrote: wow thats more cars then in whole of somalidid land. LOL
  5. ^^ :D lol at somalis, you bunch are very entertaining. Im starting to get addicted to your back and forth non-sense, opps exchanges you call it
  6. LOL at awdalites being the only civilized (by the arrival of the british?) and now turned into victims. I couldn't stop laughing for a straight 10 minutes. Y'all make fun of djiboutians for being colonized, but look at this video, zoomalians behaving like monkeys in front of their white masters. Even I feel bad and sort of ashamed on behalf of my people. God help somalis.
  7. The west has a distorted view of Somalis, and because of that, most of those who live in the west have problems clearing their names when applying to jobs. I also agree with passerby when it comes to women. And trust me, im not a fan of your government, but when it comes to your women. They are simply the best and are on average way more beautiful than Somalis. PERIOD. ALTHOUGH they are both afro-asiatics, i believe because their conservatist background, ugliness has trasncended in the somali genes, hence why moderate ethiopians are just too beautiful to be true. I love ethiopian Woman. The angels of the Horn of AFRICA. Polanyi;768547 wrote: btw, this thread is of extremely low intellectual calibre. exits.s.s +1
  8. Ive just started my day and i click on this thread, damn it, feels good man. Thanks for sharing. Respect to Puntland and god bless Somalia. I hope he plans on visiting in hargesa and AWDAL as well. This should be the way forward. HIP HIP HURAAAAA !!!!
  9. Jacaylbaro;763952 wrote: Killing of three people in Somaliland is such big news ,,,,,, For writing this you're wrong on so many levels, im speechless of what to say. Wallee way duushay what? have i missed something or what? what has duushay? wake me up man, the day you get recognized by Djibouti hahaha
  10. Jacaylbaro;762710 wrote: loooooooooool ,, No ,,, but i'm afraid you wana steal some from here you got me there It seems you got my sarcasm. I like your sense of humour. THESE SOUTHERNERS playing on a whole different level. Lol at the thought of dem being less qabilist. Dat ain't right. U burcawi agree with me i guess
  11. Abdullahi Yusuf is a traitor PERIOD. wasn't he the one who betrayed his nation and gave the ethiopians the green light to invade and humuliate Somalia??? . What was the point of the humuliation of Somalia anyways? as we all know THE RESULT. we have the same guy they were fighting against leading Somalia - sheikh sharif. It just shows you that the invasion was useless and disgraceful and something every somali should be ashamed of. That alone has erased whatever accomplishements he has made while in office. So no need to defend him blindly. He will go down in the history as one of the worst president Somalia ever had, right next to SIAD BARE. Please just stop calling people names like qabilists, did you left grade school, do i have to draw a map, mental disorder..etc. That kinda immaturity might help win some cheap fanbase here but not the argument itself. It tells us how weak you really are and that you will resort to using whatever card left in order to talk yourself out of difficult situations. I mean what kinda guy insults others and claim to be healty and immune to qabilism lol. I can easily connect the dots and go down to your level and call you qabilist as well - you hail from Puntland, you wrote it as in south Somalia when we know its located in the north (why don't you want to be associated with the northerners, do you have a problem with somalilanders, are you sure it has nothing to do with clanism?), you defend Abdillahi yusuf (what makes any different than the Somalina girl who represent her favorite uncle sheikh Sharif? what makes you any different than the somalilanders who support their clan leader Silanyo by any mean necessary? Yet you have the audacity to call others names. Hell you even mastered the art of qabilism and automatically detected the similar clan of Ayan Hirsi and Abdillahi yusuf, something the innocent i am never noticed immediately When i say moral lessons, i mean it. You're the one giving others instructions of how and why they should consult a doctor. The irony here is that you have SOMALIA as a nickname. LOL you sir are not fair and balanced as you probably hope others percieve you as such. you have your own biases. And i can tell, you are definitely a qabilist, if we follow the correct definition. So you are what you're calling others of suffering. i had advice you to refrain from using that tactic against others, it will bite you back. Just stick to your MEDICAL AND DOCTOR suggestions my conclusion: somalilanders and seccesionist are qabilists, so are the unionist and puntlanders. In the somali context, QABIL is what is fueling everything PERIOD. There is no innocence in that department, again including myself although im the softest and kindest.
  12. Jacaylbaro;762441 wrote: The plane will be there for the moment ,,,, It is not only memorial, it pisses some people off too :D I did not know the history behind the plane. I thought it was for decorations. We have many like this in the hangars of the djiboutian airport. You sure you not stole one of ours :wink:
  13. Somalia;762055 wrote: You added Ayaan Hirsi too, keep it coming son, let it all out. Qabilism is a mental disorder, seek help. I didn't know Ayan Hirsi and the traitor Abdillahi Yusuf were from the same clan. I had to check after reading your comment. So the qabilist here is none other than you, yes you Mr hiding-under-the banner-of-Somalia-but-hailing-from-clan-enclaved-Puntland . Please spare us your ridiculous moral lessons, you're not the right person to hold this kinds of notions - im afraid there is no somali person free of clanism in this world, including myself, regardless of how much we spin things around. Again, i have expressed before and will say it again, I don't support the secessionists agenda, but to call them qabilist as if you were somehow free of this desease is laughable. I sympathise with my fellow brothers&sisters somalilanders and i wish them the best - be it self determination or unity. I wish the same for Puntland or any other clan enclaved regions, like the notorious Ogidenia. Ilaahay ha no sahlo.