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  1. jbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb ? we all know why they are there but but you didn't have to say it ? i can't believe anwar thinks its a good thing .......blind person will only see when he trys to get help. Anwar ilaahay haku caawiyo bro

  2. No duke Mdheere believes that he controls the state of banadir ? which means he pays his share tax to the FED and he is the president of that gobol just like cade is ? 2Million live in mogdisho image how much money gedi and mdhree will get with out hte interfirance of yey ? hmmmmm just say it abaahi siwaaniyo gayigaygoo

  3. Juje our buddy duke will never except that. Geddi is trying to play his card right just like yey did dowlad gobaleed which is run by his tribe . qabiilka uu kadhashay ayuu rabaa in uu isticmaalo just like you sudi and qanyare will get their post soon and yey can't stand that qanyare as we all know so will see where this goes.


    Emperer Puntland way go'aysaa soon

    that is the only thing that yey can bargin with

  4. Maxamed Cabdulle Xasan fought for the reinstitution of Somalia’s religious and national dignity. A letter he wrote to the British government in the early years of the 20th century spells out his aims: “I want to protect my own religion. All you can get from me is war, nothing else. We ask for Allah’s blessings. Allah is with me as I write this. If you want war, I am ready; if you want peace, go away from my country.” So what can be done?