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  1. marriage marriage marriage, sis if u want to get married then like everything else in life u just need to make an effort, let your folks and friends know about it as well. Introduction is still the best method to finding a suitable kusband. Good luck
  2. if i was girl i would activiely look for a rich man and then live in the sun.
  3. i like to think my Somali is somewhat better than that of a 10 year old, but you never know. am not excatly new here, i was on and off member previously who could not remember their username and password form past year, since is christmas and work has died down i a bit of time on my gacmo innit
  4. Rafa to return, the joke of this christmas, or Liverpool could have joint managers like they did before. Apprently he is heading to Blackburn, that is a massive downgrade for him.
  5. now pray do tell this drifter a bit aboout yourself
  6. What with Abuu, am sure like me you first came in contact with the name through Alladin. As for me political persuation i shall not say for i suspect u may be a Telegrapoh undercover reporter: of course i agree with her thus far,
  7. morniing folks. what is this about, i want my coffe and muffin please