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  1. Assalamu Alkum




    What is the translation of the word Hikmah when mentioned in the Quran?


    Does it mean knowledge of sunnah? Allahu alum


    I thought Nuh (as) was before Idirs (as)



    Who was the first to clothe Al'Kaba and can anyone tell me the story of how he started to?

  2. Assalamu alkum


    Ahem dear nerve, i did not mean to hit you especially not in this month of ramadan. Please forgive me.


    I was just trying to widen the subject matter, asking what bags/shoes I am "lusting after" is a pretty small scale. Trying to understand why women in "general" feel the need to shop shop shop is a great question, one I assume I missed the answers for on this here great forum. :D



    1)I never said anything about buying ridiculously expensive items.


    I never knew you needed staff discounts for market stall prices? Please enlighten me.

  3. Assalamu Alkum,


    As a female i never understand/understood the relevance woman give to bags/shoes/nails/anything that shines or anything that screams £££. :rolleyes:


    I understand that certain products should be brought with quality in mind for example shoes. Probably cheap shoes cost consumers more money than expensive shoes I wonder if there is a statistic for that? But bags ^ ^ ^ and fruitlessly buying a million shoes u will wear once is not a thing that should make a woman –any woman – happy.


    I guess by your name you were born vain