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  1. Any view other than Sara Cox's would have been a moral stand. Can I ask why your on a feminist website?
  2. ...and 21% that her nose or ears should be cut off. LOL
  3. Mariana

    Islamic Quiz

    Assalamu Alkum Question: What is the translation of the word Hikmah when mentioned in the Quran? Does it mean knowledge of sunnah? Allahu alum I thought Nuh (as) was before Idirs (as) Q: Who was the first to clothe Al'Kaba and can anyone tell me the story of how he started to?
  4. Assalamu alkum Ahem dear nerve, i did not mean to hit you especially not in this month of ramadan. Please forgive me. I was just trying to widen the subject matter, asking what bags/shoes I am "lusting after" is a pretty small scale. Trying to understand why women in "general" feel the need to shop shop shop is a great question, one I assume I missed the answers for on this here great forum. P.S 1)I never said anything about buying ridiculously expensive items. I never knew you needed staff discounts for market stall prices? Please enlighten me.
  5. Assalamu Alkum, As a female i never understand/understood the relevance woman give to bags/shoes/nails/anything that shines or anything that screams £££. :rolleyes: I understand that certain products should be brought with quality in mind for example shoes. Probably cheap shoes cost consumers more money than expensive shoes I wonder if there is a statistic for that? But bags ^ ^ ^ and fruitlessly buying a million shoes u will wear once is not a thing that should make a woman –any woman – happy. I guess by your name you were born vain
  6. So where is the article? I can hardly take it everwhere i go if its still in the oven.
  7. Assalmu Alkum the UN has just started its first project, which aims to get educated/qualife somalis in the diaspora to go back home to volunteer their time to their country. Maybe you should volunteer.