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  1. Friendship is something precious and pure it may be with someone u've jus' met or someone with whom u've matured. Friends help u go through the darkness and help heal the hurt and cure u go through the ups and downs in life and hatred u might both endure but friends will alwayz be there for u and with them u should feel secure but if for some reason u might not feel that way just know am there for u and u shouldn’t feel unsure I’ll be there when u just need ears to listen or an opinion on how u glisten I’ll be there when u need someone to sit quit with or just a friend to share inner thoughts with.... hope yall liked it one
  2. lol @ Jamal, keep it 4real!!!!!11 Na'mean
  3. Lol............@ Jamal, keep it 4real bruv........aight
  4. Thank london peeps , i really appreciateed
  5. Hey, there folks...Ya'll can call me Camilla ... To be honest with u I've visited this site a few times b 4 but I've never thought of registering or joining...the reason why i've decided to join now is because I lost a bet..Lol...go figure.. Some info about me. Im 20 yrs old...just got through finishing my 2nd yr in School….I attend the University of Cambridge in London.and I major in Civil Engineering..minoring in Mathmatics..Boring..huh?...lol... I enjoy all types of music..but my fav is reagge..dancehall...seeen?... Lil bit about my backround...my dad's somalian.. my mom's half somali..half Egyptian ... I was born in Hargeysa,Somalia...left when i was really young..IThink I've said my peace for now.. Ya SIS or BRUV..1
  6. I agree wit ya sista, everything is true. i would good, at least send money or som thing to ur own poor relatives or ppl who need da it
  7. I think 'love is pain', but its not just like. its about da happiness, trust, romance, honesty and cares for someone that you really like alot , for instance i love my mummy so much ..................................Lol