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  1. I have been pondering about our situation for quiet a while and no matter how I looked at it I always come back to the question, is our culture faulty and has to be replaced ? Or perhaps it only requires some surgical patching up here and there. Before you get all angry and jumpy let me lay out my case. I am sure that everyone of you reading this piece have made the famous claim “I am proud of being Somali”, or perhaps have heard it said many a times. Every time I heard this affirmation, or admittedly after saying it myself in the heat of the moment I think back and say to myself, what am I really being proud of? I mean this patriotic, nationalistic, wouldn’t be wrong in saying xenophobic feeling, where did they all come from? Is it our rich culture that failed miserably in drawing us together, or perhaps it’s our history, or should I said histories since there are more versions of it than the bible in circulation. Had our fore-fathers built something so grand, that gave all the right to view life from an arrogant prospective, if that is true then what ever those ancient Somalis did, it must have been done along time ago, before recorded history, since the memory of their deeds are only imprinted in our DNA, that is the only logical conclusion that explains why we are all born so arrogant, thinking that we are the alpha race. If on the other hand nothing grand had been achieved by those ancient people, then I would contest that our arrogance is un-deserved, very misleading and ultimately would not help us grow as a nation. I would think the main reason for this misleading idea of who we are is due to the fragmented ideas of what have we done as a nation. I would think its too late to blame past and admit that our culture requires a close inspection, throw away what can’t be repaired and fix the fixable. Who knows, perhaps when we have a healthy culture, a viable nurturing uniting concept of what it is to be Somali, perhaps we can be what we think we are now, the alpha race, but not until we deserve it, not until we show the world our potential, not until we stand up as individuals and stop hiding behind tribes and elders that are as confused as the rest of us, not until we look at world eye to eye and say look at what we did. I hope this days comes, the day when I stand up and say, yes I am Somali and yes I am proud of it, aren’t I lucky