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  1. Hey guys, how much does it cost to buy a camel in Somalia. I have conflicting data. Someone told me it costs about 8000 Somali Schillings. But then I saw a news story online that said it costs about $110. If you know how much camels/cows etc. cost, please share. And if you have a source, could you also post that? Also, if you know what anything costs in Somalia, please let me know. I mean ANYTHING! Make sure you specify the currency you're using. Thanks!
  2. Is he calling for co-existence between the religious and the non religious? I think the religious would have a bigger problem with that than the non religious. I am surprised no one called for his death in this forum. (We'll wait and see)
  3. I am glad I got the hell out of Egypt. I am sure it would be a lovely place to visit as a tourist, but the "refugee" thing doesn't mesh well with happiness. If you know what I mean.