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  1. Originally posted by Malika:

    Okay,the place smelled terribly! Endend up ruining a pair of good shoes,still trying to get rid of stains on my clothes...I mean is that dust on those roads or something else,it stained my clothes.I kept expecting the tires on the car to bust,the pot-holes on the road are filled with stones!


    I loved the food though in the restaurants,ciil baa hiliib uu hayee, waan kaa soo deergee!


    The Somali beggers aa raxadaa igaa qaadee,Somali children and old ladies begging on the streets was hard to see.


    The nightlife of Eastleigh is something to write home about! am still shocked.

    I might be heading there in a month or so, what are the good night clubs? :D

  2. There is only one type of somali women that go to shiisha joints and they are usually two dollar ho's(adjusted for inflation), I can't really blame the arab men for their behavior.

  3. I noticed most of the women here on sol have no problem admitting that their are a lot of single mothers in our community, but the men seem to be incapable of facing reality. I suppose it understandable, because it does not speak well of somali men. But it's the reality, and something needs to be done.




    In all societies a good family consists of a mother and a father, one cannot expect a single woman to have both responsibilities without some obvious consequences and in most cases kids who grow in single mother households are no well adjusted.

  4. ^ listen saxiib, you need to stop being uppity, the evidence is there, and it's not just my own observations. Just because there is no statistics, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Do you need statistics for everything?


    You're just mad that this single mother phenomena might paint somali people in a negative light, well instead of ignoring it, maybe it's time we found solutions and investigate the cause?

  5. Originally posted by chubacka:

    Oh brother, the poor guy only wanted to have a general discussion in a discussion forum, why don't you jst sue him for his audacity?


    honestly you ppl need to calm down, stop thinking about "preserving" some elusive reputation an just discuss these topical issues without being so ridiculously petty. If you disagree with his observations then jst say so.


    Noone is talent spotting on SOL, I think thats one thing I can say for sure (obviously if they were I would have been contacted years ago

    No kidding. These guys dhiig kar baa qabta whenever someone doesn't agree with them.

  6. Adama-Zayla


    Your either blind to the realities or choose to ignore them, somali's in the diaspora are largely the same and face the same problems. Im sure there are plenty of exceptions, but exceptions is not what im interested in.


    Somali diaspora in general are either working class or live on government assistance, therefore these kinds of problems are more likely to affect them, the same way it affects other poor ethnicities like black americans, latino's etc. It's more about class than race.


    As you even admitted that there a lot of women who have lost their husbands etc, isn't it likely that the children of these women will also become single mothers/parents? The environment somali's raise their children, breeds single parenthood and it's seen as the norm.


    Couple this with a general trend of young kids having kids(somali's are no exception to this) and it can definitely be described as a problem.


    Coming back to evidence.


    I suppose this woman's observations are wrong too:

  /home/somalicanadian s/views_women.shtml? x=84937&AA_EX_Sessio n=ef56c38038178c742b acbdddf2bb5388



    Or kathleen malley book "international perspectives on family violence and abuse" .


    It seems your only interested in scholarly work that support your case, and all other peoples work or observation is not good enough.


    Or even this article on somali migration to lewiston. http://www.centralma /020908somalis_.shtm l


    "Fulfilling that expectation is complicated because so many of the Somali families are single mothers and children, the fathers dead, missing, still in Africa or still in Atlanta"

  7. Originally posted by Adam-Zayla:

    Sir Q.A, first of all 'Phenomena' and 'epidemic' are terms that are used loosely around here(see Marx topics for example) hence their inclusion in my point. Secondly there is no 'rise' because the first communities of the diaspora allready consisted of a large section of Single parents(in this case predominantly women) because usually(unfortunatel y) the father died during the civil war, it's nothing comparable to 'other black communities'


    Frankly it's my word against yours, I see every day Somali fathers holding the hands of their sons & daughters and walking them to school, during Eid i see hundreds of Somali families with both a mother and a father should i now erect a topic and proclaim all is honky dory in the Somali community? of course not! There are issue's in the Somali community but nowhere near the scale of the communities you want to compare us to.


    ps sxb be less angry in your reply's, my points are not ad hominems.

    Im not talking about the older generation, im talking young single mothers in their 20's and early thirties who grew up here. The reality is there are more single mothers in the somali community in all the big western cities, wheter you accept it or not is laregly up to you. I don't understand this pointless denial of reality.

  8. Originally posted by Che -Guevara:

    quote: whatever affects them, affects the whole community and is reflective of the community.

    Then you can't make the single mother phenomena a Somali women's issue, nor you could blame entirely. Things don't happen in vacuum. There's cause and effect..You are just looking at one thing and more sadly pointing out the obvious as if we don't know the mom has closer relationship with the kids than father.


    I didn't blame anyone if you read carefully. Next time, read and understand what someone writes before you leave a comment for fock sakes.

  9. Originally posted by Che -Guevara:

    quote:Originally posted by Sir-Qalbi-Adeyg:

    It takes two to make a baby, but only one carries it for nine months and has a connection with it. Lets get real here.

    Then let's not equate this with Somali community since the word community means men, women and everything in between. This is purely women's issue then
    Last I checked women are part of somali community, whatever affects them, affects the whole community and is reflective of the community.

  10. Originally posted by Adam-Zayla:



    ''On the rise''




    Are not the same as ''i saw one or two in my neighbourhood''(plea se don't lie and tell me you saw hundreds because that's b.s)


    I'm a studies/statistics man and you have given me nothing to work with other than ''hearsay''. A google search with the words 'Single Somali mothers'' and i'm re-directed to other ''Hearsay'' topics on SOL.


    These rubbish topics probably were taken as actual evidence in the following book:


    Somali Single Parent headed households, including male headed ones, are becoming more common, particulary in the Diaspora
    International Perspectives on Family Violence and Abuse: A Cognitive Ecological Approach

    by Kathleen Malley-Morrison pg 231


    Why do Somalis enjoy generalizing and blowing things out of proportion? and never with actual facts to back these statements.


    No offense to you Sir Q.A but this is beginning to tire me.

    I don't remember using the word epidemic, but it doesn't take a genius to notice that single mother households are on the rise(increasing) in the somali community. It might be just anecdotal evidence, but it's the truth. The same way other black communities have this same problem of single mothers.


    Even if there were statistical evidence, you would still find some excuses and call them biased. Let's get real here instead of sweeping shit under the proverbial rug.

  11. Originally posted by Nehanda:

    ^ wow, i think you are too extreme and rude amigo. If you do not agree with the post then keep your mouth shut and move on to elsewhere. I for one give a damn about anything and everything that promote moral virtues.

    The truth can be rude and extreme sometimes. Moral virtues are overrated especially in the west, but you can always click your heels together and get back to africa.

  12. Originally posted by Ibtihal:

    ^^^Looks like we are on the same boat, I'm
    [Can't claim the Royal WE like you]
    bored of your "hey I'm sinner and totally F* up, let me brag about it" We get it, weed, sex and jaad. :rolleyes:


    I do not have a “holier than thou attitude”, like every human I sin and make mistakes, but I certainly won’t make the same mistake of promoting certain life styles with slogans of moderation. If you are offended because I remind you, then super fantastic.


    P.s. Did you know that for as long as someone hides or covers their sins, there is still an ounce of Iman in them. I suggest you watch the video I posted, I am sure that if you open your ears and heart, it will benefit you and wipe out some of those black dots generated by daily sins. Failing that, you don’t have to watch it, but why stop others who might and benefit.



    your one of those people who loves to hear the sound of their own voice huh? always preaching and think they are better then everyone else.


    Go preach to someone who gives a damn, and has time to listen to a hypocrite like you missy.

  13. Originally posted by The_Siren:

    No offence but what the hell is an article about the obviously immoral and tasteless ideas of an accepted western ideology doing in an all Somali thread for women? Since when did the idiotic ideas of Galools have any significance or impact on our own beliefs and cultural boundaries?


    Only a man could ask such a silly question with a straight face (stomps off)


    In conclusion stop being so silly.

    Look who has morals all of a sudden, miss vaginal monologues and erotic novels.