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  1. Originally posted by Foolxumo:

    Sex shouldn’t matter in politics. Let’s all be gender blind!

    Gender matters in islamic society, I dunno where you grew up in. But when men start giving birth, then I'll be 'gender blind'.


    As for women in politics, women should have voice there is no doubt about it, no point in excluding 50% of society from contributing.

  2. Originally posted by -MARX-:

    Talk about daqan Ceelis!!! I am sure there is an age restriction! NG is beyond redemption!!!



    Originally posted by Sir-Qalbi-Adeyg:

    I wanna go to hargeisa too, i hear its very liberal and the women are beautiful.

    There are visa restriction on your type!!!
    Listen you queen of england worshipping clown, I can go to anywhere in somalia without any restrictions and there is not a damn thing you can do about it moron.

  3. ^ i'm just pullin ur chain chief. :D yea, same mostly torrents and computer software. I like my mac, and it wasn't that expensive because it was a refurbished mac, I've had it for close to a year. I'm not going back to windows/pc's.

  4. This books was recommended to me by someone, it sounds interesting. I will be picking it up soon.




    Designed as a companion volume to Segal's The Black Diaspora, which traced the movements of blacks in the Western Hemisphere from the Atlantic slave trade to the present, this book undertakes the formidable task of recounting the dispersion of black Africans in Asia and the Middle East, most of which was forced by the Islamic slave trade. "In Islam, slavery was never the moral, political, and economic issue that it was in the West, so there are fewer sources about its history," notes Segal, the founding editor of the Penguin African Library and the author of 14 other books. Still, he pieces together a compelling drama of conquests and conversions, beginning with an illuminating chapter about the differences between the Atlantic and Islamic trades: the Islamic trade began some eight centuries before the Atlantic one, and preferred women slaves over men. His account then moves from early Islam, when laws did not subject slaves to any special racial discrimination, into the 19th century, when the process of enslaving blacks came to involve violence and brutality on a gigantic scale. Segal also discusses the extension of the Islamic trade into China, India and Spain, the role of the Ottoman Empire, slavery in Iran and Libya, and the effect of European colonization, which he argues "preserved the force if not the face of old subjugations." A preliminary dig in a little-explored area, this book has a rough-hewn quality about it; scholars may find it too general, even if it provides seeds for further study. General readers, however, will find much that is new, particularly in the early chapters, where Segal trains his eye on the part slaves played in the development of the high civilization attained by imperial Islam.

  5. Originally posted by Goodir:

    Acuudka! Naag la soo shir tagtay xalay baa la isoo *****.



    I must be witnessing first phase akhiro zamaan.

    lool. naagaha somali way ilbaxeen saxiib, get with the program and let em do their thang.


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  6. Originally posted by Foolxumo:

    qalbi adeey inkaarti cabdulaahi yuusuf allaha kugu rido ...waryaa waxaan kaaalay naga xir na hor taagan sidi alwaaxi

    lool acudibillah, naagta habaar xumaa,luckily i don't believe in inkaars and all that nonsense. Did you like the song at least? :D

  7. nuune


    I have a bad case of the monday's. anyways i've had my fun. I got one victim. Now I bid adieu and you can troll away.




    Be nice now. Your awoowe is excluded, happy? smile.gif

  8. The thing that has been stressing me out lately is obese/fat people on busses who take up like three seats, awoowohood la gubyaasha they should be paying three times the fare.