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  2. Meiji, no cheap shots. I just happened to check this link and saw my name there. I don't think this issue needs further comments.
  3. What are the choices... 1)Retarded. 2)Drunk. 3)Fantastic. Ok, Fantastic it is.
  4. JB, LOL Haye Haye, Anyone who wants to let the other side be heard is with them. Khayr Allah ku siyo.
  5. You know what really gets to is the arrogance of these AU forces and whoever is behind them. You just look at their words and actions and can see how they really feel about Somalia. Forget that the Mujahideen have ordered them to leave and have threatened them and so on. Recently the whole country was in uproar at the mere request for more troops. This included the "Culamaa", tribal leaders, public, and soon afterwords the government officials also. The government apologized and claimed that they didn't want new troops. Next we move on to some words from one of the AU guys... Lamamra expressed annoyance at news reports that Somali President Sheik Sharif Ahmed is under pressure to order the AMISOM troops home. Speaking on the sidelines of an AU consultative meeting on Somalia, the commissioner said such information is motivated by either ignorance or bad faith. "Those statements are basically prompted either by genuine ignorance of what the AMISOM role is or by some pre-judged hostile position toward every friendly force that is likely to be there to make sure that Somalia is actually coming out of its crisis and moving forward to reconstitute its government institutions," he said. "So I would not be worried by the statements either way." Pay special attention to the bold. These people really look towards the Muslims of Somalia with arrogance and a sense of contempt. Then on top of that they just send hundreds or maybe even thousands of new troops. Now didn't many government members just claim that they didn't want new troops...who is really in charge? This government is lying and betraying or they are complete puppets with no power or both. This is getting crazy but i tell you what, they are going to be surprised by the resistence they meet.
  6. AU Hails Somalia Milestone; Donor Conference Planned By Peter Heinlein Addis Ababa 23 March 2009 Africa Union peacekeepers man the entrance to the presidential palace in the embattled Somalia capital Mogadishu, 23 Feb 2009 Africa Union peacekeepers man entrance to the presidential palace in the embattled Somalia capital Mogadishu, 23 Feb 2009 The African Union's peacekeeping force in Somalia hasreached 50 percent of the authorized strength for the first time, with more reinforcements expected soon. Senior AU officials are hailing the arrival of the 4,000th peacekeeper in Somalia. The African Union Mission in Somalia, or AMISOM has an authorized strength of 8,000, but has been operating with only 3,500 Ugandan and Burundian soldiers. A bomb attack that killed 11 Burundian soldiers last month had prompted speculation the troops might be withdrawn. But AU Peace and Security Commissioner Ramtane Lamamra says the opposite is true. He says negotiations are underway with Rwanda and other troop contributing countries to bring the force up to nearly full strength soon. "As we speak we are deploying a battalion from Uganda that brings the total strength of AMISOM to 50 percent, for the first time we are above 4,000 so this is quite an achievement ... This is already symbolically very important despite the terrorist acts directed against AMISOM," he said. "The agenda of the day is to strengthen AMISOM not the other way around." Lamamra expressed annoyance at news reports that Somali President Sheik Sharif Ahmed is under pressure to order the AMISOM troops home. Speaking on the sidelines of an AU consultative meeting on Somalia, the commissioner said such information is motivated by either ignorance or bad faith. "Those statements are basically prompted either by genuine ignorance of what the AMISOM role is or by some pre-judged hostile position toward every friendly force that is likely to be there to make sure that Somalia is actually coming out of its crisis and moving forward to reconstitute its government institutions," he said. "So I would not be worried by the statements either way." ...continued http://www.voanews.c om/english/2009-03-2 3-voa47.cfm
  7. Saw this on and thought that it might be beneficial for everyone because everyone is commenting on it and not everyone has actually heard it or read it. Check it out! Fariintii Amiirka Mujaaahidiinta Caalamka Sheekh Usama Bin Laden oo faahfaahsan. Sabti 24 Rabic Al-awal 1430 (21/03/2009) Hogaamiyaha Mujaahidiinta Caalamka Shaykh Usaama Bin Laden (Allaha dhowre) ayaa Fariin maqal ah oo laga soo duubay kaga hadlay arrimaha xasaasiga ah ee ka taagan xilligan dalka Somaaliya, gaar ahaan shirqoolada loo maleegayo Jihaadka oo ay iska kaashanayaan kuwo safka Mujaahidiinta kamid ahaan jiray iyo Gaaladii cadowga aheyd iyo kuwa kale oo badan. Fariinta Shaykh Usaama Bin Laden ayaa cinwaan looga soo dhigay "dagaalka Wada...Geesiyaasha Soomaaliyeedow" iyadoona Shaykhu uu dul istaagay arrimo ay kamid ahaayeen tilmaamidda dagaalada sanadihii ugu danbeeyay ka soconayay Somaliya iyo khiyaanada ay ku kacaan ragga lamidka ah Shariif Sheekh Axmed oo inta safka Islaamka ka baxa gaalada ku biira,waxaana sidoo kale uu soo hadal qaaday shirqoolada waaweyn ee ay ka qeyb qaadanayaan dad isku sheegaya Culimo Somaliyeed oo gacan ka helaya Culimo dibadda joogta oo dhamaan isugu habar wacday joojinta Jihaadka farddul caynka ah ee Somaaliya oo ay ka dhigeen mid ku xirnaa bixitaanka Saliibiyiintii Itoobiya,iyagoo is hilmaan siinaya in wali dalka uu heysto cadowga Kirishtaanka ee Burundi iyo Uganda. Tilmaamidda dagaalka Somaliya iyo Sharta Shariif: Hogaamiye Shaykh Usaama(Allaha ka xafide) sharta cadowga waxaa uu ugu horeyn fariintiisa ku bilaabay caddeynta in dagaalka ka oogan Somaliya uu yahay mid ka dhexeeya Umadda Muslimka ah iyo Saliibiyada Caalamka ee duulaanka ku ah dhulalka Muslimiinta,Gaashaan buurta NATO ayuu sheegay in dagaalka Somaliya ay usoo wakiisheen Itoobiya,laakin Itoobiya iyo kuwii soo wakiishayba waxaa jiiray dagaaladii Jihaadka Mujaahidiinta taasi oo keentay in ay u weecdaan dhanka shirqoolka,iyadoo ay dalka u soo wakiisheen mid Somalida ka mid ah kaasi oo ahaa madaxii xukuumadda Ridada C/laahi Yuusuf oo diintoodii gaalnimo qaatay. Dusha Midabka Somali baad dugulka moodaaye Misna lagu ma diirsade qalbigu waa dirkii Karale Isma doorin gaalkaan diray iyo daarta kii galaye Laakin wuxuu sheegay Shaykhu markii C/laahi Yuusuf iyo kooxdiisii shirqoolkoodu mari waayay Mujaahidinta in ay gaaladu cayaarayeen dhagar kale kaasi oo ka dhigay in ay la yimaadaan nin lamid ah hogaanadi Mujaahidinta Afghanistan sida Rabbaani iyo Sayyaaf oo Saliibiyiinta Mareykanka ku gacan siiyay Dumintii Imaaradii Islaamiga aheyd ee Afghanistan,ninka kuwaasi la midka ah ayuu Shaykhu tilmaamay in uu yahay Shaykh Shariif oo mar Maxkamadaha Islaamka madaxdooda ahaa,Mujaahidintana kamid ahaan jiray,balse markii gaalada Mareykanka gaar ahaan kuwa Safaaradda kenya ay wax u sheegeen isbadalay,diintiisii na ka weecday,isagoona isku daray laba aan is laheyn:Shareecada Islaamka iyo qawaaniinta gacan ku sameyska ee banii aadmigu dajiyay. Shaykhu wuxuu meesha keenay isweydiin aad u mudan qofka garashada leh in uu ku fekero taasi oo ah,hadduu ninkaasi diin sheeganayo waxa ka dhigay cadowgiisii shalay saaxiibkiisa maanta? Gaaladii shalay isaga iyo Mujaahidinta ku duqeysay keymaha koofurta Somaliya ayaa hadda amnigiisa ilaalisa waana arrin muujinya isbadal dhacay,waxaa cadaaneysa in labadooda midkood (gaalada ama Shariif) uu diintiisii banaanka ka maray si kan kale u raali noqdo, su'aasha uu dadka weydiiyay ayaa aheyd Ma shariif baa diinkiisii ka tagay mise Mareykanka?waana su'aal jawaabteedu u sahlan tahay qof waliba oo Muslim ah ee caqiido toosan leh. Shaykh Bin Laden oo arrimahaasi ka hadlaya wuxuu yiri''Walaalahayga Muslimiinta Somaliya oo samir iyo dulqaad badan muujiyay waxaan leeyahay Assalamu Caleykum Waraxmatullahi Wabarakatuhu... dagaalka sanadahan dhulkiina dushiisa ka soconaya waa dagaal u dhexeeya Islaamka iyo Saliibiyada Caalamiga ah,waayoo Isbaheysiga NATO wuxuu howshani u wakiishay Itoobiya, balse kuwani iyo kuwoodii soo wakiishay-ba markii ay ku liiceen jihaadkiina Barakeysan waxay u weecdeen dhanka makriga iyo shirqoolka, taasina waa dhaqankooda Caalamka Islaamka,kolkaasi ayay nin dadkiina kamid ah oo iyaga ku diin ah soo xilsaareen kaasi oo ah madaxweynihii hore C/laahi Yuusuf. markii ay idin mari weysay shirqoolka Karazaayada qadiimiga ah ee gobolka ayay isagii badaleen waxayna la yimaadeen nuqul kale oo xoogaa badalan, sida nuqulkii Sayyaaf,Rabbaani iyo Axmed Shah Mascuud,kuwaasi oo kamid ahaa hogaanadii Mujaahidiinta Afghanistan, kadibna dib uga laabtay diinta (Riddoobay) iyadoo Isbaheysigoodii uu ku caawiyay Ameerika ridista Imaaraddii Islaamiga ee Afghanistan,sidaasi waxaa lamid ah arrinka Shaykh Shariif,wuxuu ahaan jiray hogaamiyaha Maxaakimta Islaamka wuxuuna la garab ahaa Mujaahidinta,hayeesh ee lacago iyo xoogaa baqshiish ah oo uu bixiyay Ergeyga Mareykanka ee Kenya kadib ayuu isbadalay,oo uu ciribtiisa dib uga laabtay(Riddoobay),w uxuuna ogolaaday in la isku daro qawaaniinta gacan ku sameyska ee Kufriga ah iyo Shareecada Islaamka, si ay u dhisaan xukuumad Midnimo qaran, isku darkaasi waa Shirki midka ugu weyn ee diinta dadka ka saara,oo sidee kuwa garaadka leh ku rumeystaan diin ahaan in uu cadowgii shalay ku noqdeen saaxiibada maanta?arrinkani suuragalimaayo illaa labada dhinac midkood uu diintiisii ka baxo,hadaba iska fiiriya midkeebaa diintiisii ka baxay?Ma Shaykh Sharif mise Mareykanka?... hadaba aad u dhuuxa qowlka Allaah : {إِ 6;َّ الّ ;َذ¡ 6;ين 14; ارْ ;تَ 3;ُّ 08;ا عَل ;َى أَد ;ْب¡ 4;ار 16;هِ 605; مِّ ;ن بَع ;ْد¡ 6; مَا ; تَب ;َي¡ 7;َن 14; لَه ;ُم¡ 5; الْ ;هُ 3;َى الش ;َّ¡ 0;ْط 14;ان 615; سَو ;َّ 4;َ لَه ;ُم¡ 8; وَأ ;َم¡ 8;لَ 09; لَه ;ُم¡ 8; * ذَل ;ِك¡ 4; بِأ ;َن¡ 7;َه 15;مْ قَا ;لُ 8;ا لِل ;َّ 4;ِي 06;َ كَر ;ِه¡ 5;وا مَا ; نَز ;َّ 4;َ الل ;َّ 7;ُ سَن ;ُط¡ 6;يع 15;كُ 605;ْ فِي ; بَع ;ْض¡ 6; الْ ;أَ 5;ْر 16; وَا ;لل¡ 7;َه 15; يَع ;ْل¡ 4;مُ إِس ;ْر¡ 4;ار 14;هُ 605;ْ * فَك ;َي¡ 8;فَ إِذ ;َا تَو ;َف¡ 7;َت 18;هُ 605;ْ الْ ;مَ 4;َا 74;ِك 614;ةُ يَض ;ْر¡ 6;بُ 08;نَ وُج ;ُو 7;َه 15;م وَأ ;َد¡ 8;بَ 75;رَ 607;ُم 1618; * ذَل ;ِك¡ 4; بِأ ;َن¡ 7;َه 15;مُ اتّ ;َب¡ 4;عُ 08;ا مَا ; أَس ;ْخ¡ 4;طَ الل ;َّ 7;َ وَك ;َر¡ 6;هُ 08;ا رِض ;ْو¡ 4;ان 14;هُ فَأ ;َح¡ 8;بَ 91;َ أَع ;ْم¡ 4;ال 14;هُ 605;ْ} سور ;ة محم ;د 25 Madaxda noocaan ah waxay wakiil u yihiin cadowgeena, oo asal ahaan aysan marnaba guntameyn madaxtinimadoodu, Shaykh Shariif waa sidan xaalkiisa,sidaasi darteed waa in laga xayuubiyaa xilka oo lala dagaalamaa,Culimada Islaamkana waxay isku raacsan yihiin (Ijmaac) in gaal wilaayo aysan u guntamin,sidaasi oo kalena hadduu gaaloobo wilaayaddiisu way dhacday,waxaana waajib ah in dagaal hubeysan lagala hortago" Gulufka Culimada iyo Caddeynta Khiyaanadooda Shaykh Usaama waxyaabaha uu farriintiisa kusoo hadal qaaday waxaa kamid ahaa digniin uu ugu jeediyay shacabka Somaliyeed ee Muslimka ah in aysan ku dagmin gulufka maalmahan soconaya ee magaca diineed leh,kuwaasi oo ay wadaan Ururo iyo kuwa Culimo isu nisbeeya hadana ku baaqaya wax aysan shareecadu qabin,sida dagaalka Jihaadka ee Waajib-ka ah in la joojiyo amaba ay taageero u muujiyaan xukuumadda Ridada ee Shariif,wuxuu ku tilmaamay Shaykhu dadaalada culimadaasi khiyaano ka dhan ah amaanada Cilmiga ee ay xanbaareen. Waxaa uu caddeeyay Shaykh Usaama Bin Laden in Culimadaasi ay ka dalbanayaan Shaykh Sharif in uu sameeyo wax loo keenay-ba markii hore in uu dumiyo taasi oo ah hirgalinta shareecada Islaamka,waayoo Shariif markii Maxkamadaha uu hogaaminayay gaaladu way diideen maantana iyaga ayaa soo maamusay, kursiga C/laahi Yuusuf-na ku wareejiyay, ma Amerika iyo gaalada Caalamka ayay Culimadu sheegayaan inay ka qeyb yihiin hirgalinta shareecada Islaamka?! Shaykh Usaama oo arrimahaasi ka hadlaya wuxuu leeyahay: ''Walaalaheyga Muslimiinta Somaliyedoow, waxaa lagama maarmaan ah in laga foojignaado hindisooyinka loo soo shaar galiyo Islaamka iyo Mu'assasaatka diiniga ah,iyadoo ay khilaafsan yihiin axkaamta Sharecada Islaamka,sida bayaankii loo tiiriyay qaar kamid ah Culimada Somaliyeed ee ay 6-da bilood ugu qabteen Shaykh Shariif Shareecada Islaamka in uu dabaqo,balse waxay ka dalbanayaan arrin isagaba loo keenay meesha in uu dumiyo..hadaba sidee ayuu ku yeelaa?kuwani(Culima daasi) waa kuwa waaqica aan fahamsaneyn ama inaga na qaflad galinaya(na siraya)..dhamaan kuwa garaadka leh way ka warqabaan dagaalka Mareykanka ee ka dhanka ah Islaamka,iyo sida ay kaga soo horjeeday kal hore in lagu maamulo Somaliya, sidaasi oo kalena Ciraq iyo Afghanistan,hadda-na waxay dacwo ka yihiin in lagu maamulo(Islaamka) gobolka Suwaat ee Pakistan. waxaa kale oo jira Hindiso dibadda laga wado taasi oo lagaga dalbanayo Mujaahidiinta Saadiqiinta ah ee idinkamid ah in ay dagaalka joojiyaan si ay wadahadal ula bilaabaan Shaykh Shariif,iyagoo iska indha tiraya Ameerika in ay gadaal ka maamusho wakiilkani cusub,kuwaasi way lumeen waliba baadi cad,waxaana waajib ah in lala diriro xukuumadda Riddada ee maahan in dagaalka ka dhanka ah la joojiyo'' Baaq ku wajahan Mujaahidinta iyo Shacabka Somaliyeed Shaykh Bin Laden intaasi kadib waxaa uu fariintiisa kula hadlay Mujaahidiinta iyo shacabka Somaliyeed isagoona ku adkeeyay Mujaahidiinta in ay sii wadaan dagaalka ayna sii hayaan dhabaha guusha Allaah idankiisa,si taasi ay kaga qeyb noqoto dadaalka Caalamiga ah ee wiilasha Umadda Muslimka ah oo ay Al-Qaacida hormuud u tahay ugu jiraan sidii Umadda looga xoreyn lahaa Saliibiyiinta iyo cawaantooda,waxaana Shayhu uu xusay in Mujaahidiinta Somaaliya ay ka dhigan yihiin khadka difaaca hore ee Caalamka Islaamka qeybtiisa Koofur galbeed. Waxaa uu sidoo kale ugu baaqay shacabka Somaliyeed ee Muslimka ah in ay garab galaan Mujaahidiinta saadiqiinta ah ayna u hiiliyaan safafkoodana ku biiraan,isagoona u diray Umadaha Muslimka baaq gargaar ku aadan dadka ay halakeeysay gaajada ka jirta Somaaliya,iyadoona xilligan abaaro ba'an ay ka jiraan gobollo badan oo kamid ah dalka. Shaykh Bin Laden oo arrimahaasi ka hadlaya wuxuu leeyahay"Intaasi kadib waxaan ugu yeerayaa Walaalahayga Mujaahidiinta,iyo wiilasha Somaliyeed ee saadiqiinta ah in ay sii hayaan dhabaha Jihaadka,maxaa yeelay Kufriga Caalamiga ah wuxu ku jiraa dhibaatooyin iyo xasarado aan muddo sanado ah ebad kuwa lamid ah soo marin,ee samra oo sugnaada,waxaad tihiin ciidan qeyb ka ah Ciidamada muhimka ah ee qeybta Islaamiga ee Mujaahidada ah,iyo khadka difaaca hore ee Caalamka Islaamka qeybtiisa koofur galbeed,samirkiina iyo dul qaadkiinu-na wuxuu hiil u yahay walaalahiina ku sugan Filastiin,Ciraq,Afgh anistan,Maghribul Islaam,Pakistan iyo inta ka hartay fagaaraha Jihaadka,iyaga-na samirkooda iyo sugnaantooda ay la hortaagan yihiin isla cadowga ah Ameerika iyo Xulifadeeda wuxuu taageero iyo xoojin u yahay samirkiina iyo sugnaantiisa sidaasi oo kale,markaasi qof waliba oo inaga mid ah dhufeyskiisa ha ilaashado,leynta kuwa soo xadgudbayna haku laab qabowsado. Sidaasi oo kale waxaan ugu baaqayaa wiilasha shacabka Muslimka ah ee Somaliyeed in ay garab istaagaan oo ay gacan siiyaan walaalahooda Mujaahidiinta Saadiqiinta ah,sidaasi oo kale waxaan baaqeyga ugu jeedinayaa Umadda Muslimka ah meel waliba oo ay joogaan gacan gargaar in ay u fidiyaan dadkeena ku nool Somaliya si loo ****olo baahiyada dadka gaajada heyso,sidoo kalena ay awoodahadooda iyo hantidooda ku bixiyaan taageeridda Jihaadka,inta dalku ka xor noqonayo kuwa soo duulay iyo Munaafiqiinta lagana dhisayo dawladda Islaamka Allaah idankiisa,in guusha halkaasi laga xaqiijiyana way sahlan tahay Insha Allaah hadduu dhinac waliba waajibkiisa kasoo baxo,waxa arrinkaasi kusii bishaareynaya ayaa ah in walaalaheena Somaliya ay yihiin dad adadeeg iyo dul qaad leh,mana ku samraan gardarada,geeri ayay-na ka door bidayaan in xukuumada Kirishtanka Xabashida ay madaxyadooda u raariciyaan,wacdaro ayayna ku muujiyeen duulaankii Saliibiyiinta ee hore ee Mareykanku hor kacayay,Allaah fadligiisa-na way jabiyeen,afka ayayna ciida u dareen,waxayna (Saliibiyiintu) dalka ka baxeen iyagoo hoog iyo jab ka muuqdo,Sidaasi darteed Muslimiineey ka haqabtira baahiyadooda dhanka hantida si hub loo iibiyo loona fududeeyo howlaha jihaadka,kana digtoonaada marna in dhankiina looga yimaado. Dhamaadka fariintiisa ayuu Shaykh Usaama Bin Laden hadal ugu jeediyay Muslimiinta Caalamka isagoona ku adkeeyay guusha Jihaadka Somaliya in ay ka shaqeeyaan waxaana uu ku baraarujiyay in arrinku halis hadda marayo Muslimiintuna ay halis ugu jiraa diintooda,isagoona tusaale uso qaaday dagaalada Saliibiyiinta iyo Yuhuudda ee dalal badan oo Caalamka Islaamka kamid ah,waxaana uu Umadda hor dhigay su'aal aheyd Illaa goorma ayaa laga baqi doonaa Amerika iyo cawanteeda! Shaykha waxaa uu fariintiisa kusoo afjaray sidatan: "Guuleysiga Mujaahidiinta Somaliya waa arrin aad u muhim ah, in aan la garab galin gacmahana laga qabto waa arrin aad halis u ah,maxaa yeelay haddii la cuno dhinacyada waxaa u fududaata cadowga in uu halafsado bartanka Caalamka Islaamka, arrinkaasina waa in laga gudbo gumeysiga wakaaladda oo lasii galo gumeysiga tooska ah ee Isbaheysatada Saliibiyiinta iyo Suhyuuniyiinta, waxaa la idinku soo qaaday duulaan Saliibiyo baahsan, waa tan Somaliya oo dhacda Koofur galbeed, oo Saliibiyintu dhul,cir iyo bad kaga duuleen, dhanka galbeed-na waxaa kaso socda duulaan Saliibi ka dhan ah Sudan oo laga soo qaadayo dhanka Darfur, Xeebta Sudan iyo Masjidul Xaraam ee Makka Al-Mukarrama-na waxaa u dhexeeya ku dhawaad 300 km,waana wax ka yar inta ay gaarto Gantaalaha Iskoot, dhanka Woqooyi ee Masjidul Aqsaa waxaa iyana ku sugan muddo 60 sano ah Ciidamo Suhyuuniyiin ah, maraakiib Saliibiyiintu leeyihiin ayaa taagan xeebta Gazza, Koofurta Lubnan waxaa iyana ku sugan Ciidamo kale oo Saliibiyiin ah,dhanka Bari waxaa ka jira duulaan Mareykanku hogaaminayo oo lagu soo qaaday Afghanistan iyo duulaan kale oo lagu qaaday Ciraq,intaasi oo dhan waxaa dheer xeryaha Milatari ee ku faafsan dalalkeena, Illaa goormee ayaad ka baqi doontaan Amerika iyo daba ******yadeeda?! waxaan idin xusuusinayaa hadalka Allaah ee ah: {أَ 4;اَ تُق ;َا 8;ِل 15;ون 614; قَو ;ْم¡ 1;ا نَّ ;كَ 9;ُو 75;ْ أَي ;ْم¡ 4;ان 14;هُ 605;ْ وَه ;َم¡ 7;ُو 75;ْ بِإ ;ِخ¡ 8;رَ 75;جِ الر ;َّ 7;ُو 04;ِ وَه ;ُم بَد ;َؤ¡ 5;وك 15;مْ أَو ;َّ 4;َ مَر ;َّ 7;ٍ أَت ;َخ¡ 8;شَ 08;ْن 614;هُ 1605;ْ فَا ;لل¡ 7;هُ أَح ;َق¡ 7;ُ أَن ; تَخ ;ْش¡ 4;وْ 07;ُ إِن ; كُن ;تُ 5; مُّ ;ؤُ 5;ِن 16;ين 614;} War ka bari noqda dawaaqiidda ah cadowga Allaah, guta amaanadiina, una istaaga gudashada waajibaadkiina, waxaa bartilmaameed noqday wax waliba oo aad heysataan, ee nafafkiina iyo hantidiina,iska daaye waxaa halis ku jira oo bartilmaameed ah waxa aad heysataan waxa ugu weyn ee ah diintiina. وصل ; الل ;هم وبا ;رك على ; سيد ;نا محم ;د وعل ;ى آله ; وصح ;به أجم ;عي 6;، وآخ ;ر دعو ;ان 5; أن الح ;مد لله ; رب الع ;ال 5;ين.. { وَل ;ِل¡ 7;َه 16; الْ ;عِ 6;َّ 77;ُ وَل ;ِر¡ 4;سُ 08;لِ 607;ِ وَل ;ِل¡ 8;مُ 72;ْم 616;نِ 1610;نَ وَل ;َك¡ 6;نّ 14; الْ ;مُ 6;َا 01;ِق 616;ين 1614; لا يَع ;ْل¡ 4;مُ 08;نَ} الل ;هم منز ;ل الك ;تا 6; سري ;ع الح ;سا 6; هاز ;م الأ ;حز 5;ب اهز ;م الإ ;ثي 8;بي 10;ن الص ;لي 6;يي 06; وإخ ;وا 6;هم الم ;رت 3;ين ومن ; كان ; في صفـ ;ــ 0;ــ 00;ــ 600;ــ 1600;ــ& #1600;ــ ـــ ;ــ 0;ــ 00;ــ 600;ــ 1600;ــ& #1600;ــ ـــ ;ــ 0;هم
  8. Mogadishu is the probably the most important part of the South in many peoples eyes and you can see how the Ethiopians were focused on it and how the only place that the AMISOM troops are located is Xamar. It is the captial and the business capitol. As far as the other regions...the current government doesn't even govern one complete city. They used to have Baidoa and now they only have parts of Xamar. Now in other areas like Kismayo and Shabelle hoose, marko and barawa etc, and Baidoa and many other areas, the somali people are enjoying safety, freedom, justice, equality, peace, and Shariah. Rather than bringing the chaos and corruption of the government to other parts of Somalia. We should focus on bringing what is being experienced in the rest of the South to the heart of Banadir. ps Ties of faith are stronger than ties of kinship.
  9. One group is fighting to kick out the foreigners and live solely under the law of Allah. The other group is fighting for tribal and worldly gains. You still don't see a difference. Allah says that fighting has been prescribed for us even though we may dislike it. This is like a man who met a good sister and took care of the mahr and the agreement and then had relations with her. Vs. a men a met a women and had illegal relations with her. In both cases they are having relations but the first one is allowed and even rewarding while the second is evil. Those youth are the heros of Somalia who protected and defended the Somali Muslim people and aren't willing to let people who have been relaxing and enjoying in the world's expensive hotels come and steal the blood that was spilt over the past two years. They aren't willing to let all of the effort be stolen by those who are looking to please the Gaalo at the expense of pleasing the Creator. ps Just because you don't agree with those who have chosen that path and are giving their lives in that path, that doesn't mean that they are brainwashed. Instead of trying to attack them like that it may be better just to state where their opinions are incorrect.
  10. Meiji, nice attack. I have to say that i still don't agree with you. Those Muhajirin who travelled to Somalia came in order to help protect the Somalis and bring victory to Islam. Now after they have been injured and killed and jailed, we want to tell them to go back where they came from...that is not how a Muslim treats a Muslim. That is not how the Ansar treat the Muhajirin. Now, when these AMISOM came it was in support of the Ethiopian backed government and the Ethiopians and they did their share of massacure as you well know. So i must tell you that to Xamar as well as most of the south, there is a big difference between a Muslim Muhajir and an AMISOM or Ethiopian troop. Now, since we are refering to the Culama so much, there are also Culama who are supporting the Mujahideen and the fight against AMISOM. Finally, in Islam, our loyalties aren't based on nationality or language or color. As long as you are Muslim, no matter if you are the whitest person from Denmark, or the blackest person from Sudan, i have to support you and love you and come to your aid. We shouldn't be mad at those brave men who have come to the aid of Somalia. Haye
  11. First of all i do see a difference in the amount of support that was sent in regards to both finances and people. Second, i definately see a difference between those who are spreading corruption in the land and supporting the gaalo and those who are defending the Muslims and protecting and establishing Islam. Actions such as fighting, praying, slaughtering, making intercourse, and so on can be done by two people and in one case it could be allowed and receiving good deeds while the other could be sin above sin. There is definately a big difference between the Mujahideen and the ones fighting in ignorance.
  12. You have a good point and i want to see how he is going to juggle these new events.
  13. Finally mogadishu society is seeing once again what Sharif and his government have in mind for Somalia. So much for peace peace peace. They want to lift the arms embargo and bring more troops. That equals more bombed homes and more refugees and more rape and more dead. This is a difficult situation for Sharif. He can't survive without foreign troops and at the same time he can't afford to displease his supporters. Very interesting to see how he pulls this off. also, i haven't heard of the mogadishu society rejecting the Muslims immigrants that have gone there and fought against the invaders and many of which were martyred. This call from the Somali people is against foreign (non Muslim) intervention. They have no problems with Muslims as they aren't foreign and as Allah said, Verily the Believers are brothers.
  14. All of this according to "inside information" and you just happen to have inside info or rumors that you are trying to use to put down this group. Do you really think that they have more money then UDS who were being supported by Eritrea and much middle eastern money was being sent through them? Do you really think they have more money than the government (which actually doesn't govern even one city) that is being supported by the WEst? I think that they are probably underfunded and at the same time they have to try to look out for those men who could be working but have chosen to resist the foreign influence. Alshabab is an obscure group and their funding is definately NOT the same as the funding of the infamous warlords from Xamar by the West.
  15. wow!!! not one person is supporting an example of implementation of the law of Allah! I think we need to look past any hatred we may have in our hearts for certain individuals or groups and approve of this action.