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  1. I have 200+ post-counts from my other screen name (Old dad). If i count that one, it will put me only few posts behind Barwaaqo's 780 post counts. But i wont cheat, i will only stick with just one screen name. :cool: :cool:

  2. Originally posted by CUTE_LILGIRL:

    hey i know i know i'm too good for this...Cadillac is for old ppl but i think they did this on for young ppl like us who can not offer it..... :mad: sad i know...

    Yea, young people with $79k to spend. :eek: :eek:

  3. Originally posted by CUTE_LILGIRL:

    ok then no other than Cadillac XLR..that's my last has to be right :mad:

    You got it CLG its a Cadillac. But the suprising thing is, the Cadillac people were known to make cars that appealed mostly to old people. I dunno where they got this one from.

  4. Hi


    Did you guys hear about this women in Canada who called the police on her husband (for supposedly beating her up) and got arrested. They said the guy was then raped in prison, where he later died. So she now wants to sue the legal system for what happened to her husband and wants the Somali community help. unbelievable

  5. Originally posted by Section6er:

    I dont care wat anybody says but this is the best movie ever.


    No doubt about that. I heard this one will have a lot more special effects than the first one.

  6. Originally posted by Nazra:

    My Favourite Quotes By him:


    When we were making the law, when we were writing the literature and the mathematics the grandfathers of Blair and little Bush were scratching around in caves"


    Actually he is right. Baghdad use to be the center of the worlds most advanced civilization. And it was there Algebra was invented, and many other things. Just type in Ancient Baghdad into google, and you'd get million hits in what it once has used to been. My fav of all this is...*The Fall of Baghdad* - when the mongols invaded Baghdad and burned it to the ground. But they later opened a can of whoop ass on themselves. ;)