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  1. Qabiiil is SO F***** important 2 me ..


    As they say:

    --->>One scabbed sheep infects the whole flock.


    Or --->Baruur keliya baa baruuro qurmisa.


    Anoo arkaayo ina adeerkeey maxaa isoo arkay shi sheeye...

    but again everyone has his/her opinion !!! :rolleyes:

  2. ///////You are very romantic, idealistic, and somehow you believe that to love means to suffer. You wind up serving your mate or attracting people who have unusual troubles. You see yourself as your lover's savior. You are sincere, passionate, lustful, and dreamy. You can't help falling in love. You really enjoy stimulating yourself, though you are fairly new to it. You fantasize and get turned on by movies and magazines. You do not tell others of this secret life, nor of your sexual fantasies./////////



    not bad @all(( You see yourself as your lover's savior.))) NICE ONE...



  3. Og Moti who needs an old faarax anyways ??

    i am sure 90% of Somali women are independent by now,by independent i mean the are educated and making there own living/specially this genaration.


    Calaakuli xaal..


    What is it with you guys i would never go out with a man older then me by 5 or more years! :mad:

    Simple as this...

    1.Older man can never go watch A movie with you, they think Titanic is still on the Cinema)

    2.They go bed as soon as the sun is down.

    3.if they have to buy you a gift the will have 2 buy you Dirac.(if u lucky)

    4.If you ever mention Hollidays like Spain they will say Dubai( DAhab.com) who said all somali women love dahab?? :confused:

    5.If you ever go to eat out they will Say

    Bariis iyo Hilib plzz...(chinesku cuntadooda waxaa ku jiro masas) :D



    So plzz i rather have the (Yo YO) :D and even live Poor for the Sake of ma happines.

  4. Amethyst, you say the girls ignoring your bullshit,i am sure thats because she doesn't want to lower her self.. keep the debate and stop the personal attack, or shut the hell up.... :rolleyes:


    i am finished Kulahaa...you mean finished your useless talk!!!

    amethyst you should be in gunatanamo ur self u discriminating your own ppl by calling them arab wanna-bees where you from East London ??


    brain washed ( Fish & chips) i geuss :D

    No bud intended...


    And mucalimuu..not necessary to be that rude, The girl explained her point, you did the same.

    so move on and stop crying out loud like a baby..


    acuudu bilaaah...

    isku shiiixa :eek:

  5. What look for a Faarax in Somali..???


    who is gonna take care of the ones here..


    plzzz don't bring more we have enough stress to deal with in the western world...


    and i agree with OG_girl.. only over 30's single mam's look for a man back home,

    Moti nice 2 see ya adeero .. ;)


    bytheway how are u jiiska..?? :D

  6. Og_girl... this nice test girl i liked it...here is my Result :



    Men often find you immediately attractive and sensual

    You're honesty is refreshingly beautiful ... it draws guys in

    You are also able to be open with your feelings with no emotional baggage

    Packing light means you enjoy new relationships easily



    :D Coool what ever it means..

  7. Originally posted by wind.talker:


    Somali Prime Minister Mohamed A Ghedi represents me because, ..... Secondly, he's one of the few Somali politicians of today who don't have Somali blood on their hands. For that, I support him.

    lo0000000ol ... what a logic !!

    Son, i wish you could say da same about the Exiled President.


    Did i heard ya right? are u saying that Ghedi represents PART of the H Clan ?


    Now let us turn that around and face the FACT that it´s Colonel Yeey who represents part and forcefully whole you ,NOT Ghedi.


    For how long will you keep on having a victim mentality? even when you´re supposed to be a leader , still you can´t recover from the scars left by the late General.(alahu u naxaristo)


    You seem to be forgetting that Ghedi belongs to the ppl of Guriceel and south Galcaio just as much as he belongs to the ppl of Ceel dheer.


    As for Mogadishu,Merca, Brava, Kismayo etc etc are in the hands of it´s own rightful ppl, No more Fishermen from Northeast to be resettled.


    The north Galcaio checkpoint is the last spot for malnurished fishermen n tit-less chicks to head south.( no hard feelings,my own girlfreind is from there ;) ).

  8. Well.. there we go again !!


    Jumping to the conclussion that


    "Muse should replace Ghedi"


    is way too childish ,, come on guyz.


    The Issue is NOT a replacement of Ghedi by Muse.


    the ISSUE is Ghedi beeing untrust-worthy among the people he represent.


    Now .. does that ring a bell?

  9. Since the vague federal charter of Somalia forces A/Yousuf to pick a PM from another Clan for the sake of power sharing .

    Mr Gheedi was choosen for several reasons.


    A/Yousuf took his time to pick a PM and his choice was more influenced by Ethiopia.


    He´d ignored a wise gesture from the EU and the US to pick someone from the Somali Solvation Alliance , a counterpart to the SSRC, for the sake of a balanced power sharing.


    The most obvious reason Mr Gheedi was picked was that he belongs to one of the powerful clans who control Mogadishu.


    The most respected n powerful leader in Mogadishu has spoken " Gheedi is a puppet"


    Muse Sudi


    Muuse , Ato , Qanyare,Finish and Aideed have lost faith in Ghedi , he get to go.


    The share of the power the H Clan is entitled to

    can ONLY be left with a persona who can grantee

    and safeguard the previliges n well beeing of the H clan, as well as the intrest of Somalia.


  10. Anybody who supports A/Yousuf for whatever reason s/he supports A/Yousuf and his warlord government can´t help ending up supporting an Ethiopian dream.


    Has Anybody asked A/Yousuf how he plans to

    to withdraw the Ethiopians from Diredawa

    now that we know his plans to bring them

    to Mogadishu?


    In the early days of "hiselection" ;) emotions were running high, for some that he belonged to certain Clan was logic enough to support him in the spirit of clanish revenge.


    Somebody was accusing me of putting my "Clan" before "Somalia" just becouse i THINK A/yousuf is the WRONG man for the JOB.


    I´d happily accept personas like Glayr, Jama A Jama, Hiiraale etc etc from that Clan to be president for a federal Somalia , just becouse even if the name of the game is clanish STILL they got a nose for the nation.

  11. It´s been a 2 hard years of negotiations between conflicting intrests among the Somalis themselves and among the neighbouring countries.


    The result has been a somehow accepted parliment and a president without a Capital.


    The incomplete Constitution charter and the neighbours intrests are ot much of a threat ,compared to the idiocy of President Yousuf´s government.


    Mr Yousuf is trying to please his masters in Adis by any means.

    The gusters from Washington ,London, Cairo and last but not least from the Somali people are falling into the ears of a hateful militry man who is suffering from what is known as "Grillophopia".


    Mr Yousuf has suffered alot in the hands of both Barre and USC, so we can´t blame him for beeing too depressed.

    but since he coulden´t , can´t and won´t be able to beat the USC in the buttlefeilds, woulden´t it wise if he for ONCE realized that it is the USC (NOT SOMALILAAND ) that came to Nairobi to work this shaky federal union out.


    I leave to the reader WHAT possibly Mr Yousuf can do to please the Ethiopians without taking them to the streets of Mogadishu.


    Since A/Yusuf was ELECTED by the SELECTED Parliment the Amount of weapons running into the country has increased.


    The UN is VERY concerned

  12. What is Muuse telling A/Yuusuf? come home n TRY on these famouse shoes?


    i think A/Yuusuf should for once in his life borrow some guts n go home.


    There are thousands of his kinsmen already livin in Mogadishu, he should join them and fulfill his trickily won duty as " the president".


    I don´t think Mogadishu is ****** enuf to kill A/Yusuf and make him a legendary tycoon among his kinsmen.


    What Mogadishu is doing is surely appreciated by all those in Puntland who were silenced A/Yusuf n his Ethiopian rats.

  13. Fatal Female .. sis , (me beein Johhny B ;) )

    After seein these pics

    I wonder if u wanna paint town RED with this happenin hispetr?!!


    mapping Jumatatu is sure more difficult than mapping Somalia icon_razz.gif


    wassup pretty thing ?!

  14. i thought sellective quoting was abandoned for the sake of healthier inputs on the issues.


    What took place in South Somalia in the 90s

    ( known otherwise as "civil war" )will never justify what few ppl do in Bosaso today in the name of a Clan based phony State.


    Those ppl you named "will" be welcomed one day according to you, but what you forgot to mention is that thousands and thousands of somalis who descend from "puntland" happily live and are welcome in cities n towns run by those ppl you named.


    but A/Yusuf or "ina yeey" if u like is NOT.



    guess twice :D

  15. Originally posted by Qudhac:




    Maybe Now you know what i was talking about when i opened that thread of "Mogadishu´s rejection to A/Yusuf = Somaliland´s recognition".


    Duke (Abti) .... the notion "Somalia is not hospitable to its inhabitants - Somalis and non-Somalis alike" is nothing but a twisted logic to the equation that it is inhospitable to A/Yusuf and his government.

    And as for quchac n his Hargeisa club beein too slow :D , what could they have done batter or faster for that matter? claim beein royal? :D they´ve used every possible card.


    Again my theory of both puntland and Somaliland contributing to the fall of what used to be Somalia in the simple intrest of certain clans is strenthened.

  16. This is one of many factors why the federal menu n A/yusuf will fail.


    Puntland and Somaliland will continue having it their way ,cause both are run and dominated by certain clans ,and that leaves Mogadishu no choice but to abandon the federal idea and presue with the common old theme of the Republic.


    Juma ,it is obvious , Puntland guards the intrest of it´s Clan while you´re supposed to guard the intrest of the federal.


    I´ve always wondered why Mogadishu and the Nolanders care about that country a little bit more and play the patriotic card to the full ( the curse of having the Capital ?) while Somalilanders and Puntlanders STAND for the intrest of their respective clans?


    How about having south mudug/Galgaduud/hiiraan as Midland leaving Both the shabellas and Mogadishu as Banadirland while having lower Juba and gedo mid juba as Jubaland?

  17. Juma, wasen´t the Foreign troops cadr overplayed?

    i thoght that move has backfired long ago , n Is only relived when n only when A/Yusuf wants to stir things up to hide the real Agenda , namely him beeing UNWANTED in Mogadishu.


    Neverthless, since our chicks seem to prefer keeping their militias while trying to woe him to come to Mogadishu.


    WHY don´t they disarm n conceed for good, at least A/Yusuf could be seen by the masses as a uniting factor of the red nailed Mogadishu chicks.

  18. Lately i´ve noticed some sort of a tune change from Die-hard "Somalilanders".


    Now i wonder if there has ever been a common strategy between Mogadishu n Hargeisa regarding the afermath of the Barre regime.


    Does the "Somaliland die-hard" camp feel bertayed ( out-manouvered .. if u like) by the sudden change of heart by the Mogadishu chicks in Nairobi when they Accepted the outucome?.


    Is Mogadishu taking a Revenge on Hargiesa by letting Colonel Yeey become the federal President.?


    In assupumtion of that Mogadishu and Hargeisa had some weird common agenda against Barre, where does the "red thread route" led?


    Is it time to reality check? if so , who is infront of the mirror?.

  19. Thang guyz for your diffrent inputs, but STILL the Question of those 61 MPs is an answered.


    As for the new DUKE in town(hi Abti ;) ) and whole "Nationalist" camp .. the ROLE of the 61 MPS from the North(Nowrhwest)is JUST like the REST of the MPs , i.e there is NOTHING like

    "Somaliland". well.. that is like saying " who the heck is Riyaale " and that Question is well answered by A/Yusuf when he publicly said that his (to be )Federal government will talk to the Hargeisa boys.


    As for the "secessionist" camp .. those MPs are merely "Somalilanders"... That is to say " Who the F*** do they represent" and that Question is well answered by the MPs themselves when they took the oath as Reperesentatives from the North Clan ( but not the Hargeisa regime ).


    Bro Kowneyn.. you can´t have it both ways dear,

    You can´t tell me

    " it´s upto the Mogadishu ppl "

    in one hand and

    "the MPs represent Somaliland´s intrest" in another.


    If they Represent Somaliland´s intrest , then it is upto Both Mogadishu and Hargeisa´s ppl to accept or reject A/Yusuf.


    If they don´t represent ( which is what i sense ) then They´re occupying the WRONG seats.


    If the Nationalist camp means business then A/Yusuf should tighetn the rope on Hargeisa´s neck to force a quick desulussion of the hargeisa club.


    If Somaliland is here to STAY then A/YUsuf should draw back the Puntland troops from "Adhi cade".


    It seems that Mogadishu has a delima having A/yusuf as president while talking with Hargeisa about eventual secession. ;)

  20. The 4.5 formula is based on Clan lines ,theoretically SomaliLnad is represented, but that is ONLY in theory.

    There are lots of shortcommings in the formula, things like the "would be federal States" in the south is unclear, there is no actual census on either the population or the actual clan members etc etc...


    The government of A/yuusf & Gheddi shows no REAL 4.5 Formula power sharing regarding the 61 members from the North, or at least those from the North who belong to the Dominating clan.


    Now how will thier presence effect both the newly baked FEDERAL and the long awaited Somaliland/Somalia discussions of eventual seperation ?


    Have their presence weakened the Somaliland cause?


    Have their presence helped A/Yusuf somehow


    What do you see their role is?

  21. What a disaster !!


    I´ve voted for NGONGE n guess what he does?

    yeah .. he FORGOT me, not even a BIKINI mister


    Now i know how it feels like beeing left behind.

    coulden´t he put me incharge of the nightlife i wonder , does he ever go out i wonder, then i realize he is from the arabs , how about "shisha" smoking minsiter i think then i realize that he knows i don´t smoke.


    now i understand all those warlord palimenterians who voted DOWN the A/yusuf & Gheddi government.


    If Sue n those who are dissatisfied need a VOTE.. all they need to do is whistle :D

  22. The SOL government may work JUST becouse of NGONGE , but then compared to Gheddi he doesen´t have that strong pound to Mogadishu. that means ppl like Jumatatu , Smith and OG_GILRL will have to accept HARGEISA as their work place.


    I for one accept the misiterial portfolio and the "Kat" chewing habbit that comes with it.


    on a serious note though ... if A/yusuf n Gheedi are wrong in what hey presented as a government .. shoulden´t they stand aside and let those who voted,m out present an alternative?


    i´ve lots agains A7Yusuf n co but just like NATIONLIST i´m mad at the warlord Mps who voted against this to be governement JUST becouse they diden´t get ministerial posts.


    lost of ppl were arguing me to supposr this process´s outcome from start. wonder where they are now .


    Caaqil .. If the ppl who point at Ethiopia are looking for excuses to OUR problems then those who point at the Arabs/the West or at anyone but us are JUST as bad looking for a diffrent excuse.


    unless YOU think Ethiopia is clean n wrongly accused, they sure have a stake in the comming somali government.