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  1. wats wrong now da jews tryin to build a relationship dang dey have issues
  2. :eek: i was freeked out man feel no way mon its all right african sista
  3. they (jews) call it a somali-jew mentornship
  4. i agree wit u cuz seriously dese people are tryin to help da poor people
  5. how many ethnic groups are in somalia
  6. u are seriously mess up and miserable
  7. u are seriously mess up and miserable
  8. im not part asian im pure african
  9. dis conversation is goin nowhere
  10. who u callin monkey dude u mean u know all the indian gods
  11. long live india and somalia and sri lanka and pakistan
  12. no im not a blondy i am a pure somali person but people mistake me as a sri lankan