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  1. Just then, she noticed her brother Muudeeey watching over her.

    “How long were you standing here” she muttered wiping away her tears,

    “Long enough” replied Muudeey with intensity

    “Please don’t do anything fanatical, I know you have read my thoughts” said Amina with worried look

    “Muudeey, this applies to his sisters, to his whole family for that matter. Please, I beg of you” she continued.



    Ps: Hello Dearest Malika

  2. In all fairness, I have started to think our Qardho educator is becoming the Nitsu of poetry gatherings. First Ngonge then Bashir, even I am tempted to join in the fun of this amateur poetry refuge. [Exaggerated grin] I can't find the green thing.

  3. LoL@Che, lagdinta dhulka maa lagula dhici jiray? I used to be a like a rock, no one ever moved me and when I sense they are gettin tired, suxulada aan murxin jiray. I have five sisters with suxulu diirdiiran, Lagdinta guriga anigaa ugu sitay.

  4. Malika, :D:D Hala yaa Sayadatil Gamiila. I am not that old, it's just that when the posters above were sipping casiir and playing video games in some foreign country. I was out in the streets chasing Somali bulacs ( lizard)so I could cut off their tails and watch it wiggle, somehow that cruelty used to bring so much joy.

  5. Regardless of the replies the conceptual message was the same,everyone's message was the same. It might gave sounded different but all the same, its just that Shabeel has gone sensitive. If people go to hell or heaven over other people's utterance,then Juxa and Ibti are going to heaven. Ok, you can come too shabeel.s


    Let's us leave that stuff to the Axkamal Xaakimiin.

  6. Nuune, For your information, these gals are decent and respectible gals. I have met their families and friends, it was just unfortunate what had happened to them. Their only mistake was trusting humans.


    Jinni Tumanaayo?? LOOL @ the thought.

  7. ^^ They all look like the queen in Avatar.


    Nuune, I actually know couple of female jinns that migrated from the UK. One caught AIDS, the freaking guy that did her didn't even use the invisible condom (macadalaa the real one). The other is a single mom with twins, cute looking 7 yr olds which I had to apply night-vision goggles in day-light to see them.

  8. Chocolate, now that Cara has come to Shabeel's rescue, I have come for yours. I can't stand goobashofor the life of me. :D


    There is this story I read today, where a man beats up his wife, strangles their dog, and spits at the cops faces when they came to pick him up.


    The court sentenced him to 7 months jail time, and animals rights group placed 10-year pet ownership prohibition?? In other words in 7 months time he can be back to beat up women, but he dare come close to dog in ten years. These people need be given a priority check. icon_razz.gif (my first time)

  9. Originally posted by *Ibtisam:

    Loool Adam, hope it reachs back to India, they keep asking if I have hair and if it is hard or normal or show them. They guy in the internet cafe pulled on my hijab and said you should take this off it is hot enough. when I snapped at him not to touch me, he said is it because you have no hair?

    LOL, I am surprised you left home without your Budh and resort to silly thing like a slap.


    Adam Zaylaci is soliciting some

    . :D

  10. Just give me Respect from that list.


    Originally posted by Beer-Gaal:

    Happiness! that is what pple fight Money Ain't Buy ,,,Money= DISTRESS then.

    This reminds me of that dyslectic pimp who use to say "Money better have my bi!ch" LOL.