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  1. I concur with Khayr on this matter. If I had a bad experience with someone called Ali and meet another one with the same name, I'll most definitely keep my distance and evaluate him before i could get a final conclusion on him.
  2. Nice topic. Some brothers might not understand "Maxaad damacsan tahay" and that is acceptable, but what if a Farax says to a Xalimo: Walaal waankaa helay, waxaana rabaa inaan ku bato ee sidey kula tahay? and Xalimo says; "Waanka xumahay walaal, qof baan isla soconaa" meaning "I am not interested in you" and he is still not getting the rejection and says; Anigane leenka i gali ee bal fiiri qofkeeni raaya something like that :rolleyes: What is up with that???? The Xalimo is being NICE and she doesn't want to hurt the poor brothers heart. Can't a guy get the hint :rolleyes: