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  1. I remember when US farmers were destroying billions of crops, corn, Wheat, milk, greens...
  2. African countries are facing severe food shortages. What's worse, many countries have announced a ban on food exports, which caused global food prices to soar and further deepened the food crisis in African countries.
  3. We have had enough of US control! The global food crisis has starved tens of thousands of people, while the United States continues to make biofuels, turning corn that should be food into ethanol. Food and energy, desperately needed by ordinary people around the world, have become tools for American profit.
  4. How did we get to a point where hundreds of millions of poor people in Africa are importing food from Eastern Europe? Perhaps we need to ask who benefited from such an irrational setup to begin with? If not for supplying food, the populations in the importing countries would not have grown so large to begin with.