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  1. 10 hours ago, Illyria said:

    O' you seem to have missed an important distinction: Darawishta PL, and clan militias from Mudug reinforcing SSC Admin in Las Anod. You are out of luck, as nothing changes at the front.

    We have close to 100 POWs all from PSF, PMPF and other melitias in Puntland including former members of Somalia National Army (Danab) forces. 

    PMFP and PSF lost the biggest number of fighters in Laascaanood. 

    You can glance through Guutaale's twitter handle for a list of who-is-who of the PSF/PMPF that were sent to the next world. 


  2. HAG melitia are currently rolling through Mudug country side clearing the area off Alshabab terror groups. 

    HSM recently declared that he only needs 5 months to clear Central regions of Alshabab menace.  




  3. The rough road which was improvised because of the SL Army blockaded at Maraaga crossing, has also been closed by the Somaliland Army.  They call the rough road "Jidka Tahriibka" Because it is so rough and so unwelcoming. A 50 km driving from hell. 

    That rough road is also closed. 

    They will now need to look for another more rougher rough road. 



  4. If that is your source for geniune war information, then best of wishes. :D

    The thing is, despite all your best efforts, you still cannot and will not be able to even have 1 single objective achieved. 

    Our strategy is the same as it was in Feb. We will bomb the living daylights out of you and when you cannot take it anymore - you then start attacking us and we finish you off like herd of wildebeest hunted by a pack of Lions. 




  5. There is a lot of benefit for Somaliland through this relationship. UAE is the largest investor in Somaliland and the success of its investment hinches on the Ethiopian market access. 

    It was only recently, two ago, when Ethiopia's Minister for Transport came to Somaliland to ink the Cross Border agreement for trade between Somaliland and Ethiopia. A key agreement in the enablement of this trading corridor which includes among other things the quota for each country's truck drivers that will service this corridor.



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  6. 1 hour ago, Che -Guevara said:

    Only a secessionist would find shelling of civilians hilarious. As for the rest, everything will be noted and it will be duly served.

    If you shoot from a residential area, you surely will not get a free pass. You will get obliterated in any part of the world. 

    This man who is Laascaanood says it all. They are all hiding in residential buildings and don't want to venture too far out from the Googaradda haweenka.


  7. In kasta oo in badan la hadal hayo Gooja Cade, hadana maha goob dagaal. Wali hal qof kuma dhiman Gooja cade, iska daa rasaas lala soo gaadho. Waa meel amaan ah, aroos yo ayaa lagu qabtaa, xaflado ayaa lagu qabtaa. 

    Baashaalka Goojacade


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  8. I don't even know how butch lesbians look like. You must be familair with their looks. :D

    Anyway, this is hilarious. Firs it was the United Nations, Human Rights organisations. When they hit a rock and nothing is forthcoming from International Community.

    Now they kissing HSM's shoes. 

    Waar walaahi aan HSM arinka Laascaanood wax ka qaban karin.  HSM muxu ka faaiidaya Farmaajo's footsoldiers? :D



  9. image.png.0cf2e61687b8037bc489e929a8e64b4e.png
    ALS World Wide

    ALS Worldwide opens in Berbera

    UK-headquartered ALS Worldwide Group has expanded its operations to Berbera, Somaliland, where it will have access to DP World’s port facilities and road infrastructure that connects with Ethiopia.

    Dale Calkeld, managing director, said: “We have opened our office there, and have now been granted our business licence and transport licence in Somaliland, in addition to our existing licences in Ethiopia.” The company expects to offer port handling, fast Customs clearance and smooth delivery throughout Ethiopia and East Africa.  

    He explained that DP World and Somaliland have been pursuing the corridor to Ethiopia “heavily” and that a new road – the Wajaale that connects to Addis Ababa – is nearly finished. The development is garnering great interest from shipping lines and logistics companies alike.  

    Progress at the port area of Berbera has been ongoing for several years, first with the opening of a container terminal during 2021 and then the inauguration of the Berbera Economic Zone (BEZ) earlier this year. DP World said that the port and the BEZ is transforming the area into a major trade hub in the Horn of Africa.   

    Expansion of the port of Berbera – a multipurpose facility that comprises bulk and breakbulk handling facilities – is expected to facilitate trade equivalent to approximately 27 percent of Somaliland’s GDP and 75 percent of regional trade by 2035.   

    So far, Berbera port’s activity has been focused on Somaliland and Somalia, and its operations have not yet reached into Ethiopia because of Customs issues and agreements. The East African neighbour first indicated its plan to take a 19 percent stake in the port back in 2017. After backing away from the deal to investigate alternative options, notably in Eritrea, Ethiopia has come back on board, believing Berbera to be its best option for connectivity.   

    For Calkeld, the port facilities and its link to Ethiopia are “suitable for everything”, especially in comparison to the poor infrastructure that connects Djibouti to the country.   

    With its approvals in place, and the support of the Somaliland government, ALS Worldwide is now focusing on mobilising equipment to Berbera. “We will be on the ground before the end of the month. The office is already there and now it is getting our trucks there to start loading cargo out. It is all systems go.”  

    In addition to the immediate set-up of operations, ALS Worldwide is also in the process of developing an app to help clients track their cargo. “With the app, it will show the details and photographs of the cargo and is tracked through GPS all the way to where it is going. It will assist us as much as the client to see where the cargo is.” A unique selling point for customers operating in Africa.   

    Calkeld is optimistic about the potential of Berbera in facilitating trade in East Africa, based on his experience in the region for the past seven years. “We have been across that desert [from Berbera to Ethiopia] hundreds of times and not had one bit of damage. We are in regular contact with the client offering progress reports along the way. We are in good stead to open up and have a smooth operation… soon everyone will follow.  

    “Somaliland wants to develop and support the region. It wants the corridor and good relationship with Ethiopia. And putting those things together spells a good future.”