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  1. On 3/23/2023 at 12:56 AM, baala xoofto said:

    Yes, that is true, only a political settlement where the border of Somaliland remain intact, is the only solution. There is no other solution to this conflict. 

    The Garaad clans cannot sustain a long running war, that is a fact. Neither Puntland. Caring for their wounded soldiers/civilians alone will consume all their $$$.

    And in war, $$$ is the king. 

    The realisation that they cannot continue and they cannot remove Somaliland from Gooja Cadde, will force the nabaddiid Garaads to come to the table.

    Howdy you all. Did you all missed my daily Karbaash? 

    Like I predicted couple of months back, this whole charade will be out of gas within 5 to 6 months. Cash is king in War. And without any regular source of income the anti-Somaliland groups will just fade away as quickly as they came. 

    Yaa allah wax siiyay, ayay maanta maraysaa. From Qalas to Beggars, it is a long fall from grace. 




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  2. Anticipating an Attack, the terror cells build sand barriers in the urban and residential areas of Laascaanood.

    A lot of folks on this forum bought the dream that the ragtag melitia had the ability to go into Gooja Cadde. 

    Googarada hoosteeda inay ragga ka soo toogtaan ayay doonayan. Kolka islaanta iyo caruurta iyo terroriska madfac lagu dilo bari ku ooyaan "Laascaanood Genocide". 





  3. The following edible oil brands all be Made in Somaliland. These brands are probably the most popular in East Africa and specially among Somali people. Screenshot-44.thumb.png.b3cb4a8d3ba9c40114d340bee190c642.png


  4. DP World will build the largest edible Oil Terminal in Africa at Berbera Port


    DP World has started developing a new edible oil terminal at the Port of Berbera in Somaliland, reducing supply chain costs and creating vital local jobs. It has already agreed to a long-term lease for the facility. The edible oil terminal will be the latest addition to Berbera’s growing trade ecosystem, following the recent opening of the Berbera Economic Zone (BEZ), 15 km from the port along the Berbera to Wajaale road (Berbera Corridor) that connects to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.



    DP World has started developing a new edible oil terminal at the Port of Berbera in Somaliland, which will reduce supply chain costs and create vital local jobs. It has already agreed to a long-term lease for the...


  5. 1 hour ago, Samafal said:

    The elders from Hamar requested a temporary ceasefire until they could talk to the other side same way the Ethiopians requested a temporary ceasefire to look for a solution to this war. But what they would not accept is talking to Muse Bihi and anyone sent by him until his militia withdraws to Oog.

    The ball is on your corner to make your threats of attacks true or accept these Hamar elders' demands to ceasefire and ultimately withdraw to your tribal border.

    First of all these are no elders from Xamar, these are Caydh elders with some cheap Abgaal pay-as-you-go Ugaas.

    Secondly, the Garaads have said they accepted unconditional ceasefire.

    I think for that to be effective, there must first be two rounds of the same scale engagement as 18th of March and 26 of March. After these two engagements, the Garaads will come to terms with their reality.


    3 hours ago, Samafal said:

    Kkkk you asking for support to the international community against SSC militia?What support would you like, an aerial support, American troops or what???

    I have never seen so much bravado, empty threats and calaacal in one place. Sxb  IC won't do shit for you. You are on your own bruv kkkk. Stop crying oo wax iska celi ama dadka dhulkooda uga bax.

    The report is putting an emphasis on the fact that Somaliland never received any support. The request is more of diplomatic/political rather than material. 



  6. 14 minutes ago, baala xoofto said:

    Also why SSC forces would run away from Hotel Hamdi which they hold into the mountains towards SL militia base? This badly done propganda with photoshopped video. Come up with something concrete to proof your cantarabaqash.

    Why they would run away? kkkk That is all they know. These could win Somaliland Olympic medals. They could have been Gold medalist Somaliland National Heroes in any other time.  Too bad, they are paying for the Garaad's wrong decisions. 


  7. 1 hour ago, Samafal said:

    Lies! Lies!! Look at the big building on the bottom left corner of this picture. I have just checked that building does not exist in Lasanod. The one you circled is unfinished house with only two lines of square-rooms on two sides. This building in the video has square cubicles all round and is larger probably a factory or some sort of warehouse. Also why SSC forces would run away from Hotel Hamdi which they hold into the mountains towards SL militia base? This badly done propganda with photoshopped video. Come up with something concrete to proof your cantarabaqash.spacer.png


    You need Google Earth, here is the direct link. Laascaanood

    Google Earth zoomed capture


    Here is a closer still frame of the same building much closer angle





    Here is the video:


  8. 2 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

    And Bx

    What are secessionists plans about this?


    It is true that passengers destined for PL are now utilising the Fly Dubai flights to Mogadishu. But at what expense? Flying to Hargeisa is 30% cheaper than flying from DBX to Mogadishu Airport, and not only that, Hargeisa 2 hours closer. 

    Essentially they are paying very high price, both time and money. 

    But overall, the passengers who go via Hargeisa to PL are not that much anyway, probably < 2%.

    It is a very negligible lost. Not even worth an article written about it. 

  9. 53 minutes ago, Duufaan said:

    Was not the “army” want to capture the city badly? They were forced to hide their bunkers in Goojacade. 

    Indho-adayg, ma fataatiir/marbles ayaa laga sameeyay? 

    Even after video evidence of your ragtag melitia running like their uncle Cabdi Bille Cabdi - a SL Army officer commented "We were never told that we are in an running competition here"... sidii loo baacsanayay ayay googaradii dumarka hoosta ka galeen.

    Just in case you didn't watch video I posted earlier here is a snapshot.

    At the bottom of the picture you see an APC (Armed Personale Carrier), that is Somaliland Army, at the top where the fingers are pointing at is your ragtag militia running for their lives.  

    I geo-located the concrete block building (Orange circle) next to the SL Army vehicle, also I have shown Hotel Xamdi location (Yellow circle).

    Does that look like Gooja Cade to you?




  10. 30 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:

    Dude, it was only the other day you said Sland forces controlled Hamdi Hotel while the very next day odayaal dhaqmadeedka were being given a tour of the city and its environs.

    Somaliland can't even agree on its lies as to who they are fighting.


    The Somaliland Army went as far as Hamdi Hotel, but returned back to their original line as their orders at the time was to not leave their existing front lines even if they gained ground. 

    It is not the first time that Somaliland Army made incursions into Eastern suburbs of Laascaanood after the attacking militia were defeated in the battle. 

    The new orders give the Army option to stay and consolidate newly gained ground.

  11. 45 minutes ago, maakhiri1 said:

    You are desperate,  the only Somali region,  recently ,with 40 cases , convicted,  is Hargaisa. It is tip of iceberg 

    Like I mentioned earlier, there is a lot to this issue than meets the eye. Most of the 40 you mentioned are not even what they were accused of, they took part in activities that promoted such thing, which was paid activity by foreign interest groups.  

    The majority of them are free, only 4 or 5 are the organizers are still being held. 

    Funny though, the anti-Somaliland groups were using the detention of these people as way to get support for their cause. 

    They even paid the Nigerian Con-artist in Washington to write tweets about how Somaliland is not safe for Gays. 

    Go figure. 


  12. The Sool Elders declare that they are now fully onboard with the ceasefire, dropping all their pre-conditions. 

    Like I said, it would only be 1 or 2 more major engagement to bring them to table. 

    I think this time, Somaliland should not accept ceasefire, for the ceasefire to be effective, they need to:

    1. Demand militia from Puntland must vacate the town immediately.

    2. Hand over terrorist leaders like Abdi Madoobe

    3. Move all clan militia outside of Urban centres.




  13. 47 minutes ago, Duufaan said:

    I remember when this man was deported. He was not in Laascaanood. Laascaanood is very conservative city. He hired house in Hargeysa where he was bringing women and recording them. This was going for long time before he was deported. The tapes was confisticated by Somaliland government. A lot of victims unfortunately, that the Hargeysa women for months were asking each other "Naa makabad baaday" meaning are you in recoding of the German man.

    This qoomoluud has been part of Hargeysa specific culture. It originally started when Isaaaq tribes signed a treaty with British colonial not  to have kids in their land. Which means British children can  no born in that region. If the a British female became pregnant she have to leave the land. With these arrangements the British brought what  they are known in that part of Somalia. Now the NGO and many other foreign agency spread the liberal culture with local tolerance.

    First of all, Qawmu-luud is now a global phenomenon. If in the 1980s, 1990s humanrights was one of the reasons why someone would seek assylum and accepted into Western Countries. Now it is Quwmu-luudnimo that give you an easy short-cut to Western passport. 

    In fact, in the mid 2000s, it was Christianity that was the card to get you to a visa for Western countries. A lot of Somali people in Nairobi received American visa due to claiming as Christians.

    I wouldn't be surprised if most of the new generation of Qawmu-luudism is due to opportunism and migration-reasons rather than a reality of sexual fact. 

    Having said that, coming back to your comment, we all know, the flag bearers of Sodomy in the Somali ethnic group they all hail from D-block clan, from the Imam who claimed to become the Imaam of all Qawmuluuds, to the Qawmu-luud lawyer in America prosecuting mothers and fathers who want to rehabilitate their children back home. They are all D-block. 


  14. 36 minutes ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

    Waa been waxaas. Haddee sheekadaan bilaabeen, with newly fabricated so-called deportation documents because of his Laascaanood repors. What do you expect from the same folks producing amateur lies regarding Laascaanood attacks? You see beentooda daily.

    Sanadooyin ayee secessionists quudinaayeen ninkaan, wax walba tusiyeen, so he knows qashinkooda a lot, regardless the lame character assassination attempts.

    LOL your hate for Somaliland has turned you into a clown. 

    Listen, there are many cases where foreigners are deported from Somaliland due to illegal activities ranging from wild life to other crimes such this one. 

    At least, Somaliland has a system that is working and addressing the issue.

    You cannot say the same about Somalia. It is Wild Wild West for anything from criminality to sexuality, drugs and anything in between. Give it up. 

  15. Just now, maakhiri1 said:

    Baaxo, when was he deported ans where there any charges?

    He was charged with having a teenage girl in a Hotel room. He was deported cannot set foot in Somaliland. 

    The fact that he cannot visit Laascaanood ever again under Somaliland is the sole reason why he is anti-Somaliland. 


  16. Once again, Berbera wants to assume its historic commanding position for business and trade on the Red Sea. 

    In the next 10 years Berbera will transform itself into a major regional trade hub.