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  1. Thank you alot for taking time, and giving me these helpful tips! Imma start talking it more often at home! May Allah bless u
  2. Asc my people. I'm a 15 year old Somali girl who lives in Europe ( Scandinavia ) I really have no idea if this fit in this site, but I would ask for your help. My Somali is bad, and it's hard for me to speak with my family in Somalia, because my sentences are hard to understand. My problem is especially the pronunciation of the words. I'm actually fine at reading it, and also good at understanding it but when it comes to my turn to speak it, it goes downhill. I would like to inshallah dedicate my next 7 months to learn the language. But how? My parents always says that I just need to talk it, but it's hard when I don't know how to say correct sentences. Can yall give me some tips?and maybe some online sites I can learn some from. + I've began to see Somali tv shows and listening to Somali music, and I hope it helps. I hope yall can help me. And may Allah bless you and your family.