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  1. vince carter aint got nothing on paul pierce, the nigga cant even play 10 games in a row...ey vince carter can dunk the ball, its arguable that he is the best dunker there ever was i hand him that, some ppl even think he is better than 'HIS AIRNESS' and 'MR WILKINS', but he could never lead a team to the promised land, the NBA championship or even the second round of da playoffs. Untill he proves me wrong he aint sh@#t...peace and dont do anything i wouldnt do
  2. man, all of you guys have posted some valid points and i couldnt agree with you more...but fact is tracy doesnt have a big 7'1 centre that dominates on both ends of the floor. but thats not to say that kobe is a bad playa or anythiing like that its just that tracy would've won those three rings if he had shaq in his team. now, you can not compare those to playas because both playas are explosive and both playas have the same game. to me both playas are very good and you cannot really distinguish the better player, however T-MAC is lacking on the defensive end while kobe was named to the NBA all defenive team at least ones....peace
  3. funny kkkkk lol :eek: