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  1. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> In order to judge something as moral or immoral, then you need to have a moral framework in order to make that judgment. Otherwise you're just throwing allegations on no basis. That is so obvious that I can't believe you're incapable of seeing that for yourself. Or maybe it's because you don't know what you're talking about? Maybe that's it And you keep saying "logical fallacy logical fallacy logical fallacy" over and over again. You sound like a broken record . Did you learn what that phrase meant just yesterday? Or are you using that term in a desperate attempt to appear intellectual? These are piss-poor arguments and you're an Amateur. Haha Nice one! So you do believe in peadophilia. Cool not really much I can say about that other than I thank your non existent god that Sharia law doesn't exist in the country I live in. P.S definition of logical fallacy:A formal fallacy is a pattern of reasoning that is always wrong. This is due to a flaw in the logical structure of the argument which renders the argument invalid. Write that out a thousand times and stamp it on your Farah head.
  2. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> I'm taking the cop-out position because I refuse to defend my positions to someone who doesn't even have an articulate moral framework with which he can pass judgments? This is equivalent to someone who wears a mask and calls others "ugly"!! You're perfectly comfortable sitting in the chair of judge, jury, and executioner. Throwing allegations against Islam while I spend hours formulating a response to defend myself against you. And then once the matter is concluded, you bring up something new, something unsubstantiated and its just an endless cycle where I have to " win" your approval. You Atheists are completely unable to defend your positions or even discuss Islam in a calm rational manner....which is why you prefer to get involved in pseudo-debates that take place on the internet. You think its absurd to defend your moral framework on the internet, yet you hypocritically ask Muslims to do just that. And then you have the nerve to call that a "discussion" I have news for you pal. Discussions are a two-way street. And if I had to waste my time addressing the concerns of every random Farah or Liban, I'd be out of time and energy. Takbir! Sharia is the truth since the infedels themselves have no morale framework! Who cares if Sharia Law allows domestic violence, Paedophilia, Slavery, Sexual Slavery etc. So long as the kuffars don't have a morale framework ours cannot be judged!! ^^^^^^^ That's basically your position. Complete joke. How can you not see the logical fallacy. Secularism is the separation of Religion from the state. I am arguing that a state has the ability to create a morally superior code than the Sharia. If you do not want to have a debate over this than just prove to me how paedophilia is morale? If you do not wan't to do that you don't have to reply to this post.
  3. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> Okay, I've said what I needed to say. P.S. Until you do establish a universal moral framework with which you can establish laws and customs, then a Muslim is not obligated to respond to you or to defend his positions. Why write the P.S if you've said what you needed to say (again with the contradictory posts). Are you seriously asking me to create a universally acceptable morale code on the internet? Why not try defending the already existing Sharia. Asking me to define a universal morale code for you instead of you defending the Sharia surely raises questions about the morality of the Sharia. Your basically taking a cop-out position. For instance, it would be permisible for a man in his mid 50s to marry a 6 year old under Sharia law. You cannot possibly defend that, can you?
  4. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> I commented because you asked a question, and I answered. It's that simple. You believe in what you want. I've already challenged secularism in other threads, to other members on this forum, and they couldn't even defend their beliefs and cowardly stood silent when they couldn't even articulate what they believed in. They were unable to even establish a universal moral framework which was consistent and coherent. So I'm not going to re-invent the wheel and get into the same discussion, just with a different person. Everything that needs to be said, has already been said. Wow your just not getting it. By posting on the thread you are engaging in a discussion, if you did not wish to engage in a discussion regarding the topic of the thread you shouldn't have posted a reply. It's as simple as that. P.S just because there isn't an international morale framework doesn't mean a framework that is morally superior to the Sharia cannot be created. You are committing a logical fallacy.
  5. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> No. I'm not interested in having any sort of discussion with you. I actually don't care what you think and I have no desire to persuade you at all. I absolutely refuse to defend the complex economic, political, social system that is known as the Shariah (which can fill thousands of pages and entire libraries full of legal material) to someone such as yourself. You defend your beliefs to me, not the other way around. Believe in what you want. Wait, what? If you weren't interested in any sort of discussion why did you comment? And why have you then asked me to defend my beliefs to you, which (news flash), would be a discussion that you are seemingly not interested in having. But you carry on with your contradictory f*ck fest by telling me to "believe in what I want" just after asking me to defend my beliefs! It's clear you lack the logic and critical thinking skills to engage in any decent discussion since you can't write a post without having it riddle with contradictions.
  6. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> And if you "understand" that it is incompatible for the 21st century, then you really don't understand it at all. Which proves my point about you. Keep your head where it belongs, talk about things you know, and don't discuss things you're ignorant of. This is my sincere advice to you. Instead of being passive-aggressive and insulting would you like to engage in a discussion in which I put forward the case against Shariah Law?
  7. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> Never. To accept man-made laws as superior to what God has decreed is actually a form of Shirk. You know nothing about Shariah, as Shariah Law currently does not exist in it's true form. Stick to what you know and try not to discuss things you know nothing about. You'll only look foolish in the process ***I am certain I know enough about Shariah Law in order to understand that it is incompatible with the 21st Century. Also what makes you think I know nothing of Shariah Law?
  8. I am certain I know enough about Shariah Law in order to understand that it is incompatible with the 21st Century.
  9. Because let's be honest, Sharia law really is a joke.