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    Absolutely. He is a no frills man but doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Maalin ba dal ayaynu baraynaa qadaadweynta.
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    kkk Cheeseman bilo ayaa u hadhay, maxay kale ayaad ka filanaysay?
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    UK, Denmark and Netherlands approve agreements with Somaliland Government on critical infrastructure to improve people’s lives - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK The new agreements, supporting projects on roads, agricultural systems, water facilities and fisheries, will spur...
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    Timacadde, I know what you are saying, bro. These addled-brain collection of wretches, are an old hands around here. And I have been collecting their scalps for so long as a sport that I even developed a soft spot for them. After all, try as they might, they could never amount much around here, especially when I am around and when it comes to any debate of any kind other than trolling us or to regurgitate one liner ad-hominem talks about sewages and whatnot. But, you know what, I would say that still the beauty of it is that he really believes all that you have said about him. Poor lad. It seems that he still seeing "ghost" in his head from the daily concussion he usually used to get, verbally, around here, particularly when he naturally gets disrobed so spectacularly, with verbal punches of the sort that nominally floors him. So bare with him and let him investigate to his heart's content. After all, as may not know it yet, but I will have you know that his real "emotionally satisfying vocation" around here is that of being a "glorified maid" (as Suldaanka had aptly named him). And since it's the lot of the hired maids the world over to seek after every minuscule of dust in which they could find it, wherever the nooks and crannies it may be hiding in it may be, then, I say, let him tire his eyes and his hands in the pursuit of that sort of a fool's errands of an alleged investigation, I say.
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    You are waffling The constitution you are clutching at is not adhered to by Puntland in the first place, in what world is it ok for them to now invoke it and feign outrage? The fact that the best argument you can cobble together goes against the very foundation of your regional statelet shows how tough your situation is, you really are out of plays here. The question really is: are you willing to sacrifice your claimed clan borders and limit your regional statelet to Bari and Nugaal only, in order to have better constitutional footing in this debate? Very difficult position
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    Why is this senile old pirate still in politics? Is he the best the pirates can do? I for one celebrated the lessening of their “power” in Somalia with the incoming 13 senators. They have always been given much more credit than they are worth or deserve. Pirateland is a desert wasteland with no useful resource and sparsely populated, were it not for them stealing the elections in the 60s they would have had no relevance in Somali history except as foot soldiers for the Italians. It is high time their wings were clipped.
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    Ina Amina Boqor, Dont get emotional, we call the above qosol gariir. I am merely pointing out the inherent contradiction in your calaacal. You keep invoking the constitution, the same constitution that rejects the borders you claim for your Dhbyaco-land regional statelet All I am saying is, if you want the bad boys of Mogadishu to stop treating you like Mudane Douglas treated Amina Boqor, then you need to drop the constitution chat and come up with a better argument, that or accept the constitution in full, and with it the notion that "Federal Member State boundaries shall be based on the boundaries of the administrative regions as they existed before 1991". You are in a pinch, maybe send a few Amina-Boqor-like deal makers to Mogadishu to gain the favour of your USC tormentors? You've always been good at that
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    @galbeedi Somaliland Wins: 1. Somaliland demanded that for the talks to go ahead, they should not be left to Somalis alone in a meeting room. Rather, the IC community needs to be there as mediators and guarantors of the agreements. This has been checked [tick] 2. Somaliland demanded the talks be held as equals Somaliland and Somalia This has been checked [tick] 3. Somaliland demanded the talks must be between representatives of Somalia (what used to be Ex-Italians Somalia) and Somaliland. Checked [Ticked] -------------------------------- The following are still being discussed ... 4. Implement of previous agreements Somaliland says all the previous agreements need to be implemented before any serious talks can be opened about other more important issues. Somalia wants preconditions for those agreements. The mediators are on the side of Somaliland. As also tweeted by Turkish Ambassador, when he questioned about the faith of previous agreements. 5. Agreement on debt relief and World Bank/IMF new loans Somaliland is aware how the agreement between Somaliland/Somalia regarding the Airspace was one of the reasons why the UN ICAO handed over the Airspace back to Somali hands. However the Somalia Government backtracked from implementing the agreement. Considering that history of dishonesty from Mogadishu, any agreement with regards to WorldBank/IMF etc, will strong concessions on Mogadishu side attached to it. Whether Mogadishu walks away or not, that is not our issue.
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    Kolka xooluhu kugu mudaharaadaan, waa laguu yaaba. .
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    Photoshop wey dhaaftay markaan. Muuse Muqayil inay tuuji dhexda yaalo camal ku fadhiisiyaan ayee keeneen. Eebboow adigaa heybad dad siiyo wretched secessionist bilaa xishoodka u astur isku xaarkooda.
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    You are not pursuing independence, but saying we have nothing to show for the last 30 years is, objectively, inaccurate. And the fact that it is stated by a dhbyaco of all people turns what would've otherwise been an innocent inaccurate statement to the joke of the century On every aspect of life we are objectively doing better today than we did 5 years ago, let alone 30 years. I have given examples of what I have to show for the last 30 years, I have plenty more to list. You would struggle hard to tell us what you as a dhbayaco have to show for the last 30 years, and unlike SL, you have not suffered the destruction of your major cities or +1M landmines planted in your territory to overcome. And you still have nothing. Worse still, your little safety-cocoon of federalism is turning into the stuff of nightmares where your obese leader barks from the rooftops to sit on the big table when Somaliland and Somalia are sitting as equals in Djibouti and he is ignored, or when the Banadir boys decide to flex on you and you literally have no recourse but to calaacal about the constitution like a loomaooyaan. Anyone in your bleak situation would be mad too
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    @Khadafi Awoowe, Burundi iyo Gambia... at least Gambia is a Muslim Country. They are credited for standing up for the Rohingha refugees and were able to strip the Nobel Peace Price from Ang Su Si Ji (Whatever her name was). A Burundi fufu will meet & greet you at Mogadishu Airport... strip search you and even touch your private parts while doing so. Ha caayin dadka kaleeto ee kaa sharaf badan.
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    Suldaanka, He will be remembered as second coming of late Dr Fagadhe of Sool (AUN), who was also a tireless foreign Minister of Somaliland from mid to late 1990s. And the beauty of his diplomatic approaches is this sort of "quite diplomacy", with no frills been observed, or for that matter without indulging any kind of a "megaphone pronouncement" on his part. And this way, we, of course, will line up other nations and various states for our cause.
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    Good idea. The old man has an unmatched energy He's everywhere, just quietly getting it done.
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    Suldaanka, Do you remember that long massage I send you few months back about Maydh port, and how it will be a "game changer" economically for Sanaag region? Well, things will kick off soon when this Covid virus is behind us. And a major investment is going to be heading to Sanaag region by a major UK construction company who will be building the port so that Maydh port can be a "conduit" for the "extractive industry" of Sanaag region that will be got going soon there with the investment from our "new friend" from Far East Asia. Things are looking good for Somaliland and in Sanaag in particular.
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    Chinese (Taiwanese) tourists in Somaliland - a documentary.
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    Suldaanka, It's indeed a good development, especially the virgin investment they could do, the technology transfer, and the industrialization know-how in which these Taiwanese and their well-regarded companies globally, can easily impart to and do in Somaliland. Kudos all around, I say.
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    Suldaanka, Bro, I see that you are still kicking ass as if the very idea is going out of fashion and you want to wrench every last drop of usefulness out from it. And that is really sight to behold. Apparently, in my absence from this joint, some new guys who seem to have a deft panache in skinning alive the old tiresome wretched of this place without breaking a sweat seemed to have arrived in here. And they keep on hitting these inanity merchants for sixes (as it were). Of course, I am talking about Timmacade and Yaxaas, who are splendid fellows to read their argument, especially in terms of the way they went about the business of the "verbal kind". And the way they are making short work of the old haggardly cretins of this joint. However, it would be amiss of me were I not to say that the fact of looting other people's "intellectual property" is not so much of a biggy of a problem to our delightful looter from out there in Bristol, should tell you all you need to know about how some are, in essence, well and truly "acclimatized practitioner" of this sort of seedy acts. Hence, to him (Cadnaan1) this sort of cheap "sordid theft" is well and properly done thing to do, really, which in turn should be the least worry to anyone, of course. For it's a "natural social behavior" from the perspective of his kind of ilk. Although, it seems that even those who are originally from Somaliland but who may have been in Mogadishu recently and for some time, like this Mr. Barud fellow who stole this song, shows you as to how easy it is to become what the Brits call "gone native" (as in he has been there long enough to have "gone native", in terms of transformation of his public manners, his social attitude, and his personal conduct - as it were). So, see to it to "view" his dilemma in that light, and see to it to understand our looter's argument through that peculiar prism.
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    Somaliland should absolutely prioritise implementing postal address system, especially with the technology now available.
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    The two countries have exchanged ambassadors and the two offices in Hargeisa and Taipei are fully operational now. Now, lets get to work and make this a reality.
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    Isn’t Galmudug 1.5 State which is less than the 2 gobols needed for mamul goboled. But it is still a state despite what the constitution says. Same thing with the new senators of banadir.
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    So you would be happy to relinquish your clan borders claims and have the regional statelet of Puntland consisting only of Bari and Nugaal just to stop the Banadir boys from getting representation? You do realise that if the constitution was fully adhered to PL stands to lose way more than 13 Banadir seats right? This issue means a lot to beesha it seems
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    You cant cry foul and run to the constitution now, the same constitution that states: "Federal Member State boundaries shall be based on the boundaries of the administrative regions as they existed before 1991". Puntland completely disregarded that and claims borders based on clan territory. Not entirely clear why you think the constitution will save you. You're in a very difficult situation, I suggest you come up with a better argument
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    @Suldaanka why are you reporting on shootings, killings & murders in Muqdisho? Don't you know that the most serious of crimes has just happened in Hargeisa - a 17yrd old Poet was mistakenly jailed for a few hours? How can you think of anything else but what this poor young boy went through?!!
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    We would like to see some evidence supporting that statement please Berbera is documented as a thriving port town hundreds of years prior to your Somali Republic. The port facility saw some development first by the Soviets and later the Americans, but it was in exchange for Berbera's strategic location, not a cent was paid by your "Somali Republic". In fact, the Somali Republic was an impoverished state completely reliant on international aid and handouts for all of its developmental projects, this is easily proven e.g:
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    LOL It is a level of sophistication one reaches as they develop. We know the Pirates fancy Somaliland, so I do see a future where Timodheer is looking for some lost bones.
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    Intay cararayeen ayay miskiin shacab ah oo meesha kalidii iska maraayay dusha ka mareen. Fuleynimo waa tan.
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    You mean the same constitution that limits boundaries of Federal Member States to "administrative regions as they existed before 1991"? Does this ****yaco read what he posts? Only when yoga-landers are given the back-of-the-hand treatment by the bad boys in Mogadishu do they remember to invoke the constitution. I am afraid it wont work this time.
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    Systemka doorasho ee lagusoo doortay Deni muxuu ahaa, one man one vote muu ahaa Mise 4.5.
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    This is a really good business in the right place at the right time, however it is not a cement plant which is the real deal here. A major cement plant in Berbera area together with a steel plant can do a lot to accelerate the economic growth of the country. We need to lay the foundations of strategic industries which can kick start industrialisation and economic development. These industries include the two I have already mentioned plus energy generation (the most important one now), light industries, logistics, mining, agro industries, fisheries, banking and finance, telecommunications and IT, consumer goods, travel and tourism, and hospitality. We have sufficient funds to develop all these industries but what we lack are local investment banks where the savings of our hardworking people could be put to use.
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    Undoubtedly. Somaliland owes a huge debt to Sheekh Jawhar. An absolutely giant within the history of Somaliland. In my opinion, he more than anyone else is responsible for engineering the lasting peace Somaliland enjoys to this day. His influence at the Burco, Sheikh & Boorame conferences, to name but a few, can never be overstated. There are only two other men for me who come close to him in that regard: Sheekh Ibraahim Sheekh Yuusuf Sheekh Madar, and the Somalilander that I revere the most, whose whose picture is my avatar, Xaaji Cabdi Waraabe. Those three should absolutely have a monument dedicated in their honour.
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    EU type isn't bad but not now maybe in a few decades time. When we can sign good trade deals agreements.
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    This only proofs that all the successive governments in Somaliland never had the economic development of the country as a top priority. During Silaanyo's term Dahabshiil wanted to rebuild it but a certain clan in Saaxil came out in force and stopped it!! I don't blame the clan at all as there is a lot of rivalry and suspicion amongst our people but the Silaanyo's government and those before him should have developed a national investment bank where any investor in the country could deposit funds and buy shares in any publicly owned business enterprise in Somaliland. That way we could have had not only the cement factory rebuild but also developed many other industries including power production, steel, mining, agriculture, fisheries, consumer goods, etc, growing the economy and reducing unemployment in the process.
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    Waryaa wa xanuunsantahay shubankaga meesha kala tag. Since when did I become Khaalid Foodhaadhi?
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    I'm old enough to be your daddy, little boy. So hush up before I put the cane to you, you ignorant little miscreant Also, I don't taking lessons from vile, disgusting weasel like you who calls a distinguished, educated Somali woman like Dr Edna a "Sirqad". Unlike you, I don't just take the words of ranting old men as fact, I require evidence before I believe something. Edna and M.X.I Cigaal (AUN) were already divorced by the time he was languishing in Afweyne's jail, and she had remarried to an economist. So your stories about her are nothing more than the toilet water that streams from your mouth. Read the Lancet article about her (Transformation in Somaliland: Edna Adan Maternity Hospital, page 5), which proves you to be nothing more than a lying rat. In fact, most people believe it was the Maakhiri "flower girls" who were not only partying with the Somali Ministers, but also providing "relaxation" services to the Kacaan. No wonder you want the Somaliweyn days to return, your women have been "out of work" for too long.
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    Muse bixi is the winner here. Independence is closer today than ever.
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    1. That is the definition of Takfir - accusing someone and then asking them to defend themselves from your accusation. 2. You clearly have no idea what the saying 'pot meet kettle' means. In order for it to be applicable here, I would have to have been the one insulting the others first. That didnt happen.
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    You can buy likes or dislikes in their thousands. This video had 22k views and 50k dislikes at one point. Looked engineered to me.
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    I had never seen a more thin-skinned, paranoid, oversensitive and fearful than this this jaad addicted Muuse Muqayil. Siyaad Barre, the bogeyman wretched secessionists accuse daily of cross human rights violations had never behaved anything close to this.
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    Soomaliyeey toosooy waxay ula jeedaan baarlamaanka waxaa ku jira khaa'imiin Kenya u shaqeeya.
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    They were singing the same song for afweyne while mortar shells were landing in Villa Somalia, telling him everything was fine.
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    "Inaad fashilantay sow ma ogid" Soomaalidu waa belo. LOOL And as usual a headless chicken sings 'Soomaaliyeey toosooo'

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