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    The political culture in Somaliland is an egalitarian one. Specially Beesha Dhexe. So for everyone from the unknown to the well known to have equal say and communicate their personal feelings or believes, it is a welcomed sign that the people are moving forward. This is why in Somaliland almost everything is openly discussed and nothing is hidden. The gov't is held to account, the ministers coming on TV explaining their side of the story. You will never see this type of open discussions of gov't ministers and opposition party engaging in lively political discourse about the goings on, anywhere else in the Somali regions. We know Mogadishu Khaire's moratorium on media engagement by his cabinet. We know Cheeseman, after almost 3 years, has never held an open questions interview. The same goes for Puntland where each Hagbad inheritor takes the enclave on a personal ride with no questions asked. So, all these public engagement, is music to my ears that the people are awake and taking part and shaping their future. What other Somalis take for granted, in Somaliland we don't. If we think the gov't is not on the right path, we tell it like it is without mincing words. And not wait until end of the tenor and call it 'what a bad leadersip it was' like Puntlanders do every 4years. Rather, you have to oppose what is wrong and support what is right every single day.
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    It was always called Doollo for a over century. Haven't you guys heard of the famous poem by Cali Dhuux "Doqonkii "0" ahaa, Doollo laga qaadye Loo diid Dannood iyo hadduu, degi lahaa"
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    When the Somali people take steps forward on the path justice, Almighty Allah might remove a lot of the difficulties which blighted our society for decades. Justice and prosperity go hand in hand. The most prosperous societies in the world today are also the most just where the law of the land is applied equally. Until the rich and powerful in our society are held accountable just like the poor and the weak, we will continue to suffer insecurity and hardship. May the Most Gracious plant the seeds of taqwa in the hearts of our people.
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    Our chief bililiqo expert had spoken. Waa taqaanaa yaah all hantida bililiqada ah iyo meelahe ee kaga yaalaan Soomaaliya? Haye noo sheeg bililiqooyinka iyo guryaha la kala heysto ee magaalooyinka Baydhabo, Boosaaso, Berbera, Baardheere iyo Beledweyne. By the way, kala saar hanti guud iyo hanti gaar ah. Tan hantida guud waa la iska daba imaanaa, boqol sanaba ha qaadatee. Jardiinooyinkii qurxoonaa isgoysyada Xamar ku yaalay ayaana ka koow ah; dad aad ogtahay aadna difaacdid ayaa baqaaro, hoteello iyo gas stations ka dhistee. Laakiin hanti gaar loo leeyahay must be returned immediately, waa xaaraan tan u weyn ah.
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    Galbeedi, you are arguing with Sujui Jeegaan who's only connection to Jubaland is the presense of Kenyan troops. He pretended few days that he was OG but truth came out quickly.
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    Agreed. If anything they partook in the afweyne masscares. Is Morgan not a pirate? A revered pirate? Is he not the one on youtube videos encouraging the Migs and the artillery to firebomb Hargeisa? Was he not the one who massacred ***s in Kismayo? And allowed. Reer afweyne to settle in Kismayo? I keep saying, I know most of Somalis are illiterate but we will not be taught history by failures.
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    Another lie. Deni did not meet "some of the highest officials of the Emirates", he met a low-level bureaucrat, namely the Deputy Director-General of the Abudhabi Chamber of commerce: Worthy of note is that the only reason Deni got this meeting was because he lied and said that there is a possibility of Puntland investing in.. wait for it.. Abudhabi! Dont take my word for it, here is the official Emirates News Agency news item: Meanwhile Biixi met... Try to invent better "sources" next time
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    Another day, another absolutely baseless - and quite frankly delusional, comment by our resident source-whisperer @galbeedi Do these lies you keep making up just appear in your head? No sane person would actually admit to their delusions on a public forum, but you seem to think its ok to do so as long as you add the magical "my source told me..." catchphrase. With regards to your baseless claim, well, we dont need imaginary-friends or made up sources, the facts speak for themselves: Somaliland is 4th on the list of top five UAE foreign direct investment destinations: 1- KSA ($2.58 bn) 2- Canada ($1.68 bn) 3- India ($1.28 bn) 4- Somaliland ($0.86 bn) 5- Egypt ($0.39 bn) Sources, you ask? The official UAE monthly dashboard: I can go on... Ka nax oo nafta waa
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    Galbeedi is way off the mark here. His assertion that Quote " The UAE has more interest in Puntland than Somaliland" and the blabla that he added to justify it, is just laughable and borders insanity. For the record, Puntland is not a chooser, it is very happy whatever the UAE throws on the ground for her. Galbeedi's assertion sounds like Puntland has any choice. Besides, Puntland's President went to UAE on Daallo Airlines. Whereas President MBC was given a private jet. Btw, the Buurmadaw issue has been bubbling for quiet sometime, it is not something new or that happened after the last visit to UAE. It squarely revolves around the Chairman position of Kulmiye Party.
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    Guess who was supposed to be sitting in the lady's seat.
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    See, that’s the problem with your myopic thinking, Dalmar. You worry too much about what others want but you rarely ever speak of what you want. Now tell us, are you opposed to federalism because Puntland wants it or do you have your own reasons that have nothing to do with your silly effeminate xenophobia against Puntland? Also if it Centralism that you might want, then why are you not supporting the Nabad&Nolol government currently in charge who are it’s champions? C’mon Dalmar, bal maskaxda tuuji oo noo sheeg mabda aad rabtid dalkeena inuu ka hir galo?
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    That land is what lots of Somalis of all walks died for in 1977 war. Don't piss on their graves ungrateful kid.
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    Life is not fair. Do you realize you are already benefiting from the Iran-US/Arab fracas? Next to Djibouti Berebra will be the only port capable to deal with todays normal shipping other than Port Sudan and Mombassa which are far away from the action. Since UAE will not use Djibouti, Berbera is the only port. I hate to wish any ill on anyone, but if the Persian Gulf closes for any length of time..Berbera will be the empire overnight. Poor Yemen taken out of the game.
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    Folks, this is a reliable news from Halane compound. In other words , it is from the horse's mouth. A friend of mine just landed yesterday From Mogadishu by way of Addis Ababa Bole international. He works with donors and he resides in Halane. I didn't even want to wait a day or two and have the Aftir together and . Since I am having Kenyan blues kately, I decided to get the whole info through the phone. Here is the main points of our conversation. Galbeedi: How come this time you have to fly through Addis than your usual Nairobi route ? Halane: My agency usually rents the UN owned airlines which charges double than the private airlines in order to keep the UN fleet sustainable. Since Kenya announced visa requirements and other restrictions many of our staff had decided to fly through Addis. This is the second time I went through Addis and I really enjoyed. Galbeedi: How about other agencies like the world Bank, EU and others. Halane: Actually for the first time the World Bank held a training for Somali bank staff in Addis last week and others were planning to follow suit. It won't take much for other agencies to move quickly to Addis. The only group that has to find long term is the UN operation and their aviation hubs. Galbeedi: How about Somali ministries and other agencies that have ongoing contacts with the international community? Halane: There is already contingency plan from Somali agencies and ministries from education, healthcare, women' issues and other capacity building efforts by the international community to address and plan this issues. THey told the agencies that since Kenya doesn't allow most of these contacts had to be moved to other IGAD countries and within Somalia. So far, the best place is Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian capital is already an international city with welcoming culture and great familiarity for Somalis and international community staff. There are more direct flights from Addis to the world vthan Kenya. Galbeedi: In this fight , If the Kenyans could lose more than the Somalis, why do it in the first place? Halane: THey did miscalculate big time. THey even tried dirty tricks and low blow moves in order to escalate the issue. Reliable people told me that it was Kenyan paid European hackers who infiltrated the Ethiopian foreign ministry website and annexed Somalia from the map in order to create hostility between Somalia and Ethiopia. THere ametuer shenanigans are visible from a far distance. THey even sent people to Hargeisa and said Uhuru, dads boy , will visit Hargeisa at the end of the year. Kenyans airlines are losing money already. Galbeedi: Yet, so far Somalia didn't retaliate against these moves. why not? Halane: Somalia is acting like a mature adult in this saga , but, quitely hitting Kenya where it hurts. If Somalia imposes visa requirements before point of entry, it will make the international agencies and the flying public difficult to plan things. Government agencies already told their partners to set up their meetings somewhere else. Soon the the Meru Qat trade will be blocked. THey can sabre rattle as much as they want , but Somalia is using it's weapons gradually to inflict tough blows. Galbeedi: Do you believe like most of us that the whole issue is all about the Sea dispute and international court? Halane: yes and no. The sea dispute is part of the Kenyan grievances and they want Somalia to bring back the dispute back to African union. Neither Farmaajo nor anyone else could bring back the case. There are also larger issues in the region that may weaken Kenya in the future. The Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea future political and economic alliances are shifting the geopolitics of the regions from the Bantu side of east Africa ( that were his words not mine, usually I do not like using Bantu or looking down any human being) to the Cushitic side of the Horn. Besides, the economic growth that is expected in the horn is centred in Somalia and Ethiopia. In other words, Ethiopian an tapped population and the business know how of the Somalis. So, they trying to chew more than they can. Galbeedi: You did visit Kismaayo last month with members of the donor community. Tell me about the city and people. Halane: You know you and I hail from Western Somalia to Jigjiga and there are certain western ( Galbeedi) accent we share from those who come from Godey, Qalaafe and Somali zone in general. To my surprise, all the people at the hotels and other places I had met had Galbeedi and OG accent of Somali zone. I haven't heard any Jubba area accent. Anyway, everyone was friendly and the city was safe compared to Mogadishu.. Galbeedi: what do you think the fate of warlord Ahmed Madoobe?, is it the end of the rope for him or is he a survivor? Halane: The Farmaajo government had mobilized the local people of Kismaayo. There are no Gedo candidates this time but local native OG and others are empowered to oust him. Traditionally, Somalis do not re-elect leaders and Madoobe is not an exception. All of the other candidates are opposed Madoobe. He doesn't have any alliance. Most of the men who took over Kismaayo were either trained by Kenya or were members of Cabdi Illey Liyu police. THey might be tough , but are disliked by the local people. The time has come for the local Somalis regardless of clan to choose their leaders. Unfortunately for him, he is neither from KIsmaayo, Qooqaani, Gedo or Bu'ale. Galbeedi: how about if he refuses to hold and open election or refuses the verdict ? Halane: The international community had told him already about holding free election and the Somali government had issues guidelines for the regional election. He gas no choice but to hold an open free election or economic sanctions will cripple him. Kenya is pushing him to confront the federal government. Galbeedi: do the regional governments been squeezed by Farmaajo or it is the other way around? Halane: It is all about money and who controls that money. The regional governments had appealed to the American ambassador and other donors to receive aid money directly from the donors instead of through the federal government. Despite the fake promises made by the donors, the Somali government drew a redline and told that everything must go through them. Last week, Puntalnd leader Deni was told by the donors to do their process and needs through the government. That is why he is talking tough this weak. Galbeedi: I know you support the government, but do you think this reclusive guy Farmaajo is turning the tide against the Kenyans and other foreign nations? Halane: Government policies both economically and geopolitics take shape slowly. It is difficult for the regular people to notice, but Somalia is gaining traction in the world stage and the region. The international community sees Somalia as a nation that had survived through thick and thin. I know you are Ethiopia phopic but real cooperation will bear real fruit soon. People had to be patient. That is all folks. Hearing this stories made my day . I think we have cornered the Kenyans and might even defeat them without even firing a bullet.
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    Oo falkaasu miyaanu Ethopia iyo Kenya colaysiinayn? Galbeedi bahasha bun ka dhin!
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    Why release them, they will be captured again tomorrow. We know these people are experts in fadhikudirir not actual fighting. Muse bixi should just roll through to Garowe to finish this pirate land once and for all.
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    The clip's vitriol comments on Youtube by the dying, last breed secessionists caadi ma'aha, maankoodana ma joogo. Dad jaad iyo maandarooyin kale soo cunay, cabay then wax soo qoray u egyihiin.
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    Bro, they don't care about Somalis n their livestock. You should know these Arabs, they operate with zero logic
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    The Abiy group in the Oromo are terrified that the Amxara and Tigray might get together, because some Amxara are calling for that. Its amazing what people say when desperate or scarred. Every regional leader, every Oromo minister of defense..are all making statement. Help was offered and made public, from Eritrea. That will be the ultimate humiliation for Tigray if it happened, but Abiy just made a statement that he rejected Eritrea offer. Next should be Farmaajo. Its a bit funny. Tigray wants Oromo and Amxara to go at it. Oromo wants Tigray and Amxara to go at it Amxara wants Tigray to stay neutral or even help. Tigray has the most all round capacity in administration, security, military and experienced population and also most unity in comparison to anybody. galbeedi, The fighting in their border is Agew and Amxara, but the Amxara do not want the name Agew mentioned, so they say Agew is fighting for Tigray therefore they prefer to call it Tigray.
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    June 17, 2019 For Immediate Release On June 17, 2019, more than 28 years since its closing on January 5, 1991, the United States reopened a permanent USAID Mission in Somalia. Establishing a USAID Mission in Mogadishu is an important milestone in the deepening U.S. development partnership with the Somali people, made possible by the Somali government’s commitment to meaningful reform and re-engagement with the international community. Establishing a Mission also underscores USAID’s commitment to supporting the people and Government of Somalia to maintain momentum in their Journey to Self-Reliance. The USAID Mission, led by Mission Director Jeffrey Bakken, will work closely with the people and Government of Somalia to advance peace and stability, strengthen institutions, and work together towards a safer, more prosperous, and self-reliant Somalia. Office of Press Relations
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    One thing I would to point out is how much the population of Somalia grew since eighties. When I finished high school in the middle of eighties the total graduates who attended Halane military training were 6000 student both male and female. In 1980, it was just above 2000. In Borama area there were three high schools, one in Gabiley, five including the technical school in Hargeisa, two in Burco including the technical; one school in Garoowe, ceerigaabo, Gaalkacayo, Dhuusamaeeb, Baydhabo, KIsmaayo , beledweyne and Jowhar. Muqdisho had probably had six or seven. Today, Somaliland alone has 29,000 students taking the exams. These Somali enclaves can not offer employment or life skill knowledge. The crash program of the Kacaan in the seventies produced large number of students. Among those 6000 , one thousand got the college exam and the rest had to compete the public service jobs. Even some of them were given five acre land in Shabbele Hoose for farming. At least the Kacaan was trying hard to find jobs for the graduates. The problem throughout Somalia is there are zero technical and trade schools. Mugadishu probably has more than 50 universities and if the air condition in one of these hotels breaks down, they have to call a Kenyan technician. sAme with the electricians. What you have is a bunch of kids with fake degrees but can fix anything technological. It is a shame. It is NGO directed education. If these numbers grow , and reach hundreds of thousands students with no future , expect a real revolution.
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    You use smiley faces because you cannot construct or convey what you wish to express. That means you are a child. But then again pirates are not known for intelligence.
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    Piratelanders have no say in Jubbaland. It is a majority 0g terriorty followed by a distant second reer Gedo. The rest are guests. And I am not Jeegan but I respect the Jeegans for colonising you and civilising you. We know after the Sayid you guys fell back into a nothing people. And laascanod is a hell hole if I compare to Garissa or Wajir or Kismayo or Afmadow or qabridahar, or Fiiq etc. It is a lifeless desert. Prove me wrong. Tuna fish, Jubbaland has nothing to do with you. And Sheikh has Ahmed has outlasted a few of your suspicioulsy Tanzanian looking pirate leaders. Not that the issue of Kismayo has anything to do with you.
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    Give military bases now to Russia, America, Saudia, Britania, Japan...and will have peace as well. If they are more than one and especially don't like each other, then you don't loose respect or sovereignty.
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    Suldaanka, These kids had mastered misinformation and misleading people. They are experts in the arts of misleading pictures. They will never show you an audio or live microphone. Also, they say, liars use statistics to lie. These pictures were in May 2018. Of course they sent a jet to pick him up and pampered him, yet in return he didn't get much. Sacad Shire the finance minister said, they pay 5 million a year for the port and the 2018 money were already taken by Siilaanyo . The last visit doesn't have any pictures at all, nor any press release from the UAE. Here is an article in April 2019 after his visit of UAE. Hadhwanaag Times Su,aalo Ka Dhashay Safarkii Imaaraadka Oo Dul Hoganaya Madaxweyne Muuse Biixi Tuesday April 23, 2019 - 15:12:10 in News . Su,aalo Ka Dhashay Safarkii Imaaraadka Oo Dul Hoganaya Madaxweyne Muuse Biixi Hargeysa(HWN):-Madaxweynaha JSL Muuse Biixi Cabdi iyo wefti kooban oo uu hoggaaminayay oo dhawr maalmood safar ugu maqnaa dalka UAE ayaa Axadii ku soo laabtay caasimadda Hargeysa. Madaxweyne Biixi, ayaan sidii looga bartay saxaafadda wax war ah siinin si ay umada ugu sii gudbiso, bedelkiisana waxa warbaahinta la hadlay Wasiirka arrimaha dibadda Yaasiin Maxamuud Faratoon, oo sheegay in Madaxweyne Biixi iyo masuuliyiinta UAE ay ka wada hadleen dhawr qodob oo ay shacabku su’aalo badan iska weydiiyeen. Madaxweyne; yaad la kulantay? Mudane Madaxweyne, inkastoo uu Wasiirkaaga khaarajigu sheegay inaad masuuliyiitna dawladda UAE ka wada hadasheen dhawr qodob oo kala duwan, haddana wasiirku ma sheegin masuuliyiinta aad la kulantay kuwa ay yihiin iyo darajadooda, lamana arag wax muuqaal ah oo ay madaxtooyadu la wadaagtay warbaahinta oo ku saabsan kulamadaas, sidii looga bartay safaradii aad hore dibadda uga baxday oo ay madaxtooyadu warbaahinta la wadaagtay meel kasta oo aad martay. Waxa keliya ee la ogyahay inaad saddex habeen ku maqnayd dalka UAE. Madaarkii Berbera Mudane Madaxweyne, Wasiirkaaga arrimaha dibaddu wuxuu sheegay in saldhigii milatari ee UAE ka dhisanaysay Berbera sidoo kalena loo isticmaali doono duulimaadyada rayidka ah, "Waxa la isla gartay inuu madaarkaasi noqdo mid diyaaradaha rayidka ah iyo kuwa ganacsiguba ku degi karaan oo ka shaqaysan karaan oo aan ku koobnaan doonin madaar militeri.” Sidaas ayuu yidhi Wasiir Faratoon. Laakiin Madaxweyne heshiiskii ay xukuumadii Siilaanyo ka ansixisay labada gole Baarlamaan waxa ku jiray qodob sheegayay in UAE dhisi doonto madaar shacab. Qodobka 8aad ee heshiiskaas, faqradiisa ‘T’ waxay odhanaysay in dawladda UAE dhisi doonto madaar cusub "T) Dhismaha Madaar cusub oo laga hirgeliyo Magaalada Berbera (Civilian and Cargo Airport).” Sidaas ayuu u dhignaai qodobka 8aad ee heshiiskaas labada gole ansixiyeen, faqradiisa ‘T’. Waxa markaas Madaxweynoow la isweydiinayaa ma isbedel ayaa lagu sameeyay qodobadii heshiiska oo UAE waxay joojisay dhismaha madaarkii cusbaa ee heshiiskaas ku jiray. Waa su’aal Madaxweyne, lagaa sugayo inaad umadda uga jawaabto
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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته South mudug stable today cause PL manage things and their police man working under PL officers. Galmudug need to be under a good leadership . If they want to join PL, vice president seat will be still with our brothers on sool . North mudug to be part of galmudug after 22 years . Is like xamar ruling USA states loool. 1991 beef is over with the agreement on xamar between AY AUN and caydiid AUN . *** card is what SL was using to gain lands on Sool. open fight in PL backyard and gain more lands.
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    I used to hear that islaamaha (dumarka) ganbadooda ayaa u waranta. @galbeedicumaadada ayaa u waranta.
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    THis Deni guy is shrewd. The Chinese chose to settle in Puntland. Just like Cali Guray from Hargeisa was saying, " Nin keligii yidhi wax walba anigaa qabanaya, waa nin orgi rartay" that is how Deni described the leadership of Cabdiwli Gaas and those before him trying to do everything. THat is why there is line up in Somali leaders offices since everything is controlled by one man. Will see how he changes things.
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    Ma timirtii horeba dab loo waabaa! Maakhirs dont need Puntland, you should add that to your equation
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    A grandmother has lost her taxi accreditation after she racked up close to 30 traffic offences and asked a blind passenger for directions. Melbourne taxi driver Hawa Add, 69, has been banned from driving after repeatedly being caught speeding, running red lights and failing to restrain a child. She has faced court eight times, has collected a total of 27 traffic offences and has had disciplinary action taken against her on three occasions. On top of her run-ins with the law, she has also drawn several complaints from passengers, at one point asking a blind person to give her directions, failed to use a GPS and refused to accept cash payments. According to the Herald Sun, Ms Add has been caught speeding 19 times, ran through red traffic lights five times, fails to give way and failed to use headlights. On one occasion she was even caught failing to restrain a child in the back seat. Since she began driving taxis in 2004, passengers have filed 21 formal complaints against the Somali-born woman. Passengers said Ms Add has insufficient knowledge of Melbourne roads, refused to help a vulnerable passenger with their luggage and asked a blind passenger to look out for street numbers. She also failed to use a GPS, was caught taking a longer route than necessary for short trips, refused to at times accept cash and on other occasions accept credit cards. Passengers also reported that the 69-year-old drove in such a way they feared for their safety and was abusive to customers, and other people on the road. Due to her long list of complaints, VicRoads conducted an inquiry into whether Ms Add should hold a licence, let alone be a taxi driver. In the inquiry, a psychiatrist recommended Ms Add undertake counselling or mentoring to improve her customer service and driving. Her cab driver accreditation was first suspended in 2013, and she was forced to do a taxi driving course as well as a customer service course. Despite the training, passengers continued to complain and in 2015, Ms Add was warned serious action would follow if her behaviour continued. Ms Add had her accreditation completely cancelled in 2017 following further complaints. Victoria's Commercial passenger Vehicle Commission declined to reinstate her accreditation, forcing Ms Add to turn to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. She claims to be 'courteous and helpful to customers', assisting them when reasonable, and said she was unfairly treated by both the commission and her customers. Ms Add, who is a mother of seven and grandmother of 12, has since lost her income, which she used to help support her children. Secretary of the Australian Muslim Social Services Agency Adam Mohamed wrote a character reference saying Ms Add was good mannered, honest and responsible. Despite the glowing reference, VCAT senior member Anna Dea refused to reinstate Ms Add's accreditation. 'Even if I assume some aspects of the complaints might reflect misunderstandings or exaggerations, the volume and seriousness of the complaints indicate to me that Ms Add's communication style is not satisfactory for many passengers, and that at least some passengers feel unsafe in her vehicle,' Ms Dea said. 'The similar nature and content of the complaints about Ms Add are of concern because they indicate Ms Add has unsettled passengers many times to the point they feel they need to contact the relevant regulator.'
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    80% of oil revenue belongs to the company digging the oil. The 20% remaining is what the region will get 50%. This is still close to the 5% Abiy mentioned. No much has changed.
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    I would not worry about these Sheikhdoms. They are not good at executing anything.
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    Its very funny that you've abandoned your pitiful claim that the photograph below was taken in Berbera as soon as you saw that the flag was that of the Italian colonial forces : Beyond the flag, note the the uniform of colonial officer as well as that of his subordinates on the boat and compare to this photograph of Italian colonial forces: Also, why are you lying and claiming these clan chiefs of yours were arrested for refusing to be colonial bootlicker? They were the quintessential bootlickers and were in fact salaried employees of colonial forces: Besides, the photo you are claiming to be of your clan chief says nothing about imprisonment in the original source:
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    A/laahi Yusuf had made many mistakes throughout his life, especially, the day he joined the camp of Africa's bloodiest dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam. When they ask him about joining Mengistu, the enemy of the republic, he said, " Siyaad Barre Shaydaana waan u soo kaxaysan". Joining the devil's camp was disaster for most Somalis, and we are still trying to extricate ourselves from that devil's alliance whom A/laahi YUsuf joined in 1978. THere is no doubt he was the father of the modern conflict and quarrel of Somalia in the last 40 years. Certainly he had strong grievances against Siyaad Barre, but unfortunately , many who had minor or insignificant quarrels against Siyad Barre had followed his footsteps with disastrous outcome. Yet, unlike many alphabet Somali rebels, he was the only one who admitted his mistakes. In 2004, when they asked him about the long winding road he took to the presidency, he said, " Haddaan Moodayo in ay Soomaali sidan u waalan tahay oo meel laga qabto lahayn, duurr ma galeen, qorina iyo wiilna baabuur ma saareen". Despite his shortcomings, Late president C/laahi was one the most serious leader Somalia had seen since the collapse of the state in 1991. I read his autobiography which is one of the most fascinating tales of any Somali leader. Anyone aspiring to be a serious politician within Somalia must read this book. The man had survived as many plots than anyone in politics within the Somali world. That is why his book is called " Halgan iyo Hagardaamo". Like the old proud Somalis of our fathers, when he lost or failed, he never quit or gave up. He spent 15% of his life time behind bars courtesy of Siyaad and Mengistu. I couldn't imagine a man can survive that many plots against him and just keep pushing ahead without regret. in 2001, Warlords in Garoowe ( Faroole people) abducted his brother from checkpoint and killed, yet never took revenge or complained. When Terrorists bombed this car in Baidoa and took the life of his own brother , he never changed the course or lamented in the media. Unlike those who cry daily , he considered these calamities as part of being engaged the deadly game of politics. Unlike today's leaders ( Both Hassan Sheikh and Farmaajo) he came to Mogadishu with nothing. LIke a leader who wanted to rely his own capacity and will, he slept makeshift houses both in Baidoa and Jowhar. Famaajo took over with thousands of police officers and thousands of soldiers; with functioning ports and airports and well furnished villas, while millions are pouring from the NGO's. If he had the resources they have togay, I have no doubt he would have kicked out the Amisom and financed himself. He demanded the training of 16,000 soldiers within a year . Somali troops guarded him in Villa-Somalia not Ugandans, Yet, those Ethiopian tanks who had helped him against the Islamic Courts , had decided to abandon him when he refused to implement their agenda. The same international community who were paying the salary of Shariif Ahmed and his guys in Asmara, Eritrea, held back their money and sidelined him. He had power before he reached Mogadishu, but the moment he became a leader, Ethiopia changed course. In his book, he admitted that he knew the Ethiopian plots early but was buying time to set his own course. Unlike today's leaders, when he realized that he could no longer set his own agenda and rule as a president, he didn't stay and became a lame duck president holding the post in name only. Rather than been ordered to attend the GAroowe regional conferences by the international community like others, he left with grace and went home. He did not ask to finish his term. Unlike today's leaders who are happy to be overseers, he quit and admitted that " Waxba gacmaheena kuma jiraan". Last year, in a local conference, C/raxman Baadiyow kept saying that there is no authority in the hands of the leaders, and I asked him bluntly that if they have no say about the directions of the country, why not speak up and tell us or even quit?. Unlike those who have built palaces and stashed millions in foreign capitals, he died while broke without a penny. His family lives like any other Somali without looted public purse. His aim was to restore the nation his actions contributed its demise. Certainly he had higher aims than money . A/laahi Yusuf was certainly one of those generations of Somalis who had made history for better or worse. While they were ruthless in their approach, I would take Siyaad Barre, Mohamed F. Aydeed and C/laahi Yusuf any day than these NGO kids running around as leaders for the last 10 years. Aideed would have succeeded without the foreign plot against him and the conspiracy of Manifesto trying to steal power without consulting the armed men of Aideed. We Somalis reduce the history of past leaders by magnifying only their mistakes. We must also consider the era of their actions. In communist military dictatorship, you do not speak against the leadership, or you end up in Soviet Gulag in Siberia, it is a given thing. Siyaad Barre arresting people in 1979 is an expected move, but Muuse Biixi who is elected yet keeping political prisoners should be huge grave mistake in 2019. Furthermore, if there are any group of Somalis who must give thanks to anyone, it must be the OG community who should build monuments for Siyaad Barre. He was the one who raised them above anyone else for his 21 year rule. THey became part of MOD ruling coalition. Finally, folks rather than consume the un filtered tribal blogs, read books and find the truth between the lines. Ciid Mubaarak Kuli Caam wa antum bi Khayr.
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    Puntland isn't paying for the soldiers who left the secessionist plot.Around 200$ was taken from most diaspora to soften the transition from Somaliland. Somaliland doesn't have alot of reputation in Eastern sanaag as we haven't had an internal skirmish for 100 years or so , therefore they couldn't divide any of the people against each other. They had the balls to order a *** to kill another *** and attack badhan. That quickly led to a refusal which led to looting of their bases(which were really just make shift buildings). Most of Eastern sanaag is economically tied to puntland and thus often support puntland. The situation is completely different to sool where there are internal battles between the clans and strong maternal ties to hargeisa etc. Furthermore somaliland broke a pact signed in 2007ish which agreed that no none *** soldiers were allowed in eastern sanaag. Deni is implementing a new system to unify sanaag and bari economically.Alot of us live in Bari, especially bosaso so that has lead to a shift in ties.
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    Waa Ramadan and the secessionist continue their fitna of murder and destruction for their fellow Somalis. The worst are the keyboard warriors here in SOL who are always in the front line for killing and mayhem in the comfort of their home in the west sipping latte. These indeed are the true cowards.
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    I will rule everywhere, pure somali doesn't need a shade from any one.
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    Don’t forget also, half of “reer puntland” are not so long ago natives of Tanzania. So idris elba will fit in perfectly if he chooses to do so.
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    I know a place near kismayo called lafaha ***. We know you snakes verry well. Doolo is not Galkacayo. Lets see this so called governor take his post.
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    Somaliland Hawalas are Somali businesses and they need to thrive and excel. I pray the Kikuya dogs don't target these important Somali businesses.
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    Apophis, This dude has Langaab syndrome against OGs as general. the ones in Ethiopia, Kenya or jubaland. he sided with Oromo over none dir Somalis in Ethiopia saying that they are Dir Cousins. He refers ONLF as terrorist. Gableedi, you have to know your place in the world before yo open your none sense mouth. Failmajo represents only few kilmoters around Villa Somalia, his own salary is paid by Qatar, in other hand, Kenya is one of the top countries in Africa economically and is a hub for all central Africa countries, is also a base for UN. do the math, which one matters to UN or any other country. in this world of age, interest matters, so please tell me what a lawless, terrorist and drug invested country has to offer, in order to persuade any country to side with them. what makes you thing your support matters, If you want support any one, please help you helpless kin in Somaliland. Please do not let the beef between the OGs And MR Confuse you, by the end of the day Failmajo is my kin. and please go waste your time some where else, i can see you just graduated from ESL Class and your practicing your writing.
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    I am actually convinced now Somalia win ICJ case.

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