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  1. Why the f*** should we not align ourselves with Israel? What have those sissys , the Arabs, ever done for us? If anything we should be establishing relations with the Israelis. We could benefit from their technology, such as how they can turn a desert into large scale commercial farms. But we can't because of extremists like you who believe in shit that someone bearded mullah came up with. Tension in the Middle East is not an Muslim - Jewish issue, but a Arab - Israeli one. Somaliland has nothing to do with it. Besides Egypt, Jordan, Turkey have relations with Israel.

  2. MoonLight1;543335 wrote:
    Ayoub what does the black star means in SL flag? I honestly want to know.

    The Somaliland flag:


    Green represents Islam

    White represents Peace and Unity

    Red represents the blood of those who struggled for freedom

    The Black star represents the death of the dream of a Greater Somalia

  3. Wadani;980466 wrote:
    You come off as smug. Markuu illaahay kuu yara nimcayay ayaad soomaalida masaakiinta ah yasiddooda sport ka dhigatay.

    I want Somalis living here in the West to prosper, like I believe I have. My father provided me with the opportunity to have a good education. I'm providing the same for my children, so they can also provide similar to theirs. Why can't Somalis in the UK do better, like the Hindu Indians have, who are well educated and amongst the prosperous communities in the country. On reason,among many, I believe is because of large families. Each child gets less of everything with every new child born in the family. If you look Irish families in the past (not as common today), they were poor, because they were large. Its wasn't unusual to find families of 7 or 8 children. But they were living on the breadline, in abject poverty. Each child will then grow up with this poverty and a sub-standard level of education. Do not tell me that the lack of family planning among Somali communities and the failure of these communities are not correlated. Those who do are in denial.

  4. Hobbesian_Brute;980463 wrote:
    war ajar baa kugu daafay meesha. go marry second wife already, do your bit for islam. every man should marry 4 wives at least and each should have 15 kids. ka kac meeshaa, laba cunug ku layne.

    Crawl back into your cave. Islam says nothing about producing many kids. Whether you have 1 or 15, Alhamdulilah. But who can justify 10 kids when you are dirt poor. Look at those displaced people that you see on TV in Somalia. You generally see a mother and her 10 kids around her. Where is the logic? How can you bring children into this world under those conditions? Have what you can cope with. But of course Wahhabi's like you will never understand.

  5. I only have 2 kids Alhamdullilah. Two boys and that is it. I am a Software Consultant, the wife is currently a housewife getting back to work soon. We have a nice house in a nice neighbourhood, a Mercedes for me and recently a VW for the wife. I send the boys to private, fee paying schools. I also pay for private tuition to ensure their success. We go for holidays abroad twice a year,most recently to Malaysia. I buy for them, what they need, but make sure never to spoil them. You may think we are your typical Western family.


    This is the life. You generally cannot have this lifestyle with 5, 6,7+ children. You'll have to buy a bigger house and put them into state schools. Not to mention the headache of running a large household. For get about the holidays too. It's just a holiday, but it adds to the well-being and the bonding of the family The family will generally be happier and the kids will have more of a chance in life than their counterparts who have numerous siblings.


    Personally, I detest those men who use their wives as baby-making machines. And worst of all, when they are needed, they are nowhere to be found. And I hate those women who starve their households for the monthly Ayuuto/Hagbad. This is why a lot of Somalis are in the shit here in the UK. Large families, living in inner city ghettos with kids attending some of the worst schools. Its a cruel vicious cycle.

  6. There has been a lot of talk about the renovations at Hargeisa Airport recently, and sticking to the theme I came across a video about the opening of Hargeisa airport in 1958 by the Duke of Gloucester. Click on the screenshot below to see the video. Skip to 5:30 to see the vIdeo:






    Here is a more recent picture of the plaque that was unveiled You can see that in the video:



  7. Mad_Mullah;977753 wrote:


    How can you accept a foreign delegation like that? The sofa in my living room is bigger than that. Look how uncomfortable they look! Look at the cheap curtains?

    How embarrassing. I can already smell the leftover of last nights uunsi mixed with this lunchtime's bariis iskudhexekaris in that room.


    It gets worse though. Next to that room, you find this reception room:





    Seriously,how difficult is it to create this:





    I was going to say this, but the nomads who designed that wouldn't know where to start:



  8. Wadani;977464 wrote:
    lool, Bro if it wasn't for SNM, SSDF and USC I wouldn't be here in the frozen tundras of Canada. Instead I would probably be a high flying politician, academic or businessman wining and dining in the fine cafes and and restuarants of Hargaysa and Xamar.

    If it wasn't for Siad Barre and his crew, and their dictatorial, tyrannical policies there would be no SNM and the like. I would rather live in a state of war fighting for my rights and freedoms than live as a third-class citizens like we did in the North. Oppression creates resistance.That is ultimately what happened.


    Is Africa doomed? Yes, it is. Not only because of tyrannical regimes, but because of an unenterprising people that cannot sniff out an opportunity when they see one. I mean, how many times have you seen Africans running big successful corporations in Africa? Hardly. Its always foreigners - particularly, the whites, the Indians and other Asians and Arabs. Even basic operations like running a Safari, are not managed by Black Africans. You see that every time you watch the wildlife shows on TV. Its always a White tour guide and dumb Bantus driving and doing the labour.


    Today, you cannot compare the economies of South Korea and Kenya. If you look at the historical statistics, at the time of independence, Kenya had a higher GDP than S. Korea. Today, S.Korea is wealthier than many, if not most Sub-Saharan economies combined.


    We can't even get cuisine right! When is the last time you saw a top Nigerian or Senegalese or Angolan restaurant in your city? Or when was the last time you heard anyone speak positively about African food? I don't blame them. Seriously, who can get exited about fufu, Ugali and Jollof rice? Yuck! Somali food is no exception either. I mean its just a mish-mash of Arabic, Italian, Indian and African foods. Nothing really authentically Somali. So why did I bring up cuisine? Well, it has the capability of elevating a nation or a whole continent. Look at what Thai food did for Thailand and Italian food for Italy. It also brings in the dollars. Another lost opportunity.