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  1. The Roach takes a deep puff from his cigarette, closes one eye and stares at her with the other for a whole minute and says: are you available ?




    Maaaan you got talent masha alaah.. i like your topics.. they are always unique and exceptional...


    nice going darman

  2. Very simply.. just fill in the blanks with the right Nomad..


    1) A nomad you always read his/her topics and replies





    2) A nomad you think is an asset for SOL





    3) A nomad you have a feeling is Habar or Oday (old)





    4) A nomad you would love to meet





    5) A nomad you are proud to know….





    6) A nomad you think is popular in SOL (in terms of the replies to his/her topics)





    7) A nomad who has an extremely cool personality





    8) A nomad who makes you laugh out loud





    9) A nomad whom your like his/her mentality





    10) A nomad you want to whoop his/her ass






    you may use the same nomad more than once… please be upfront and truly credit the nomad you like and discredit the ones you don’t like, please mention the nomads you know and the nomads you DON’T know…. (dont get shy about voicing your opinion)


    You may copy and paste the list for your convenience,


    have fun..

  3. Well basicly if someone loves me then there is a chance he might leave me or cheat because he dont believe in me yet.. but if he is "IN" love with me.. then i guess no matter what happens he will not leave me and i wont too, we shall come up with a reslotion to all of our problems, doesnt matter how big and complicated they are.. and if we ever broke up.. it will be really painful to forget about him..

  4. the girls who like bad boys are those who end up getting beat up they are finnaly married to them.. when they say i like a bad boy, they probably mean i want a man who would treat me like shit, disrespect me and maybe beat me up.. thank god i am mature enough to realize what kind of man is good for me..