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  1. To all the brothers and sisters studying Medicine here is a quick reference that you may refer to when you are baffled by a medical term. LOL


    Artery----------------The study of painting

    Bacteria--------------Back door of a cafeteria

    Barium----------------What doctors do when patients die

    Bowel-----------------A letter like a,e,i,o or u

    Caesarean Section-----A neighborhood in Rome

    CAT Scan--------------Searching for a kitty

    Cauterize-------------Made eye contact with her

    Colic-----------------A sheep dog

    Coma------------------A punctuation makr

    D&C-------------------Where Washington is

    Dilate----------------To live long

    Enema-----------------Not a friend


    Fibula----------------A small lie

    Genital---------------Not a jew

    G.I Series------------A soldier game

    Morbid----------------A higher offer

    Nitrates--------------Cheaper than day rates

    Outpateind------------A person who has fainted

    Node------------------Was aware of

    Papsmear--------------A fatherhood test

    Pelvis----------------A cousin to Elvis

    Postoperative---------Letter carrier

    Recovery Room---------Place to do upholstery

    Rectum----------------Dang near killed ém

    Secretions------------Hiding something

    Seizure---------------Roman Emperor

    Tablet----------------A small table

    Terminal Illness------Getting sick at the airport

    Tumor-----------------More than one

    Urine-----------------Opposite of "you'r out"

    Varicose--------------Near by



    I thought this is funny translatin. Let me know what you think.

  2. Here is a question I would like to ask. It is simple if you understand it well, and it is even simplier if you heard it before. Here it goes:


    A Somali imigrant male met another imigrant from Vietnam. They became good freinds. They were both happily married with two beautiful daughters. For some odd reason both of their wives dead. After grievining for a while, they decided to exchange the girls(each would marry the other's daughter). The marriage was a success and they both end up two sons. Now, how are the two sons related? Explained your answer, please.


    PS: This is not a question a came up with, I heard it from other people a while ago. Probably some of you heard too.

    Some of the context of the story has been changed to make the story more clear.

  3. Well, Ballerz we know how Somali people like to claim unfounded praise and like to pride themselves with segregations. What is worse is that we are not even aware of our actions.


    To demonstrate to you what others think of us: I used to work with a guy from West Africa, one day he came to me and asked me if I was really from Somalia. I asked him back, surprised, why he was questioning it. His answer was that I didn't act like one. When I asked him to explain to me what that meant, he said, "Well, I am sure you know how Somali people like to diss other Africans, and pretend to be of higher status".

    I explained to him that not all Somalis are the same, and if he met few not so good Somalis they didn't necessarily represent the whole Somali community. Like any othe community we have good and not so good people.


    My hope is that, after being exposed to other cultures and communities, we will, hopefully, develope a sense of awareness.


    1 Luv to all bros, sis