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  1. My dear mother and aunt have gone accompanied by my brother (who is 11 months younger than me!!) yes I was quite envious of his position :mad: but what can you do they needed a muxram.

  2. Originally posted by Che-Guevara:

    quote:Originally posted by Jamilah:

    LOL. Your brother must be
    U-G-L-Y I mean thats the only logical explanation.

    Ugly..No, I wish that was the case, then atleast her reaction would have made some sense. We figure it must have been that time of the month, but I don't think even that would explain this woman's behavior.



    Murefu...Waa loo aamusaa. Nindhee maanta dhan wareejiyaan. The Somalis in general that I meet on trains are all funny. Some stare at you, others look everywhere but you. [/QB]
    I definetely fit in the look anywhere else but at you category but why is it that every Somali stranger I came across fits in the other staring you down till the trip ends it sends shivers down my spine and no not due to exhiliration ( as murefu and his mates might suggest) its just so damn creepy!!!


    Also, I take my comment back about Somali dudes and the frustration I experience when it comes to offering rides. Last night my sisters, cousins and I went out to dinner on Cid night and on our way home we started experiencing car problems. I thought its probably a minor problem so I continued sleeping on my cousins lap. I woke startled hearing a deep voice and it took my a few seconds to get my bearings when I saw this Somali guy who appeared out of nowhere it seemed checking out my sister’s car. He asked us where we were going and we told him where we lived and he informed us he was heading in the same direction and suggested he follow us home to ensure nothing happens on our way. And he did just that. We reached home safely and like he appeared the young man disappeared. Mashallah I was touched by this mans etiquette and distance. He didnt ask us more than the situation required. Yes I noticed all this despite my dazed state. Much respect for that.

  3. Originally posted by Che-Guevara:

    I don't know , but it might be the nature of Somali women to scorn Somali men. Something lights up in their head and turns them into little monsters. I remember one time I was with my brother on train. As we boarded the train, we saw this gal standing right across us. My brother glanced her way, and said "A/calaykuM". Big mistake, I have never seen someone change the face expression that fast (lighting fast..lol), such contempt on this woman's face. It was like we killed her father or violated her in some manner. You should have seen the look on my bro's face, and I started cracking up. Well that didn't help the situation.

    LOL. Your brother must be U-G-L-Y I mean thats the only logical explanation.


    I was at a bus stop one night and it was raining and it was cold. A car stop at the bus stop, somali bloke opened the window and asked whether i would accept a lift. I told him 'Thanks but i dont accept lift from strangers'. He said ' But i am a Somali brother and i wouldnt hurt a Somali sister'.


    Nice gesture, but dangerous one to accept.

    Strangers offering you a ride is the most frusturating thing in the world. I always think to myself did this dude really honestly expect me to say: Sure, Why not? and jump right in? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  4. Mashallah, great news!


    Originally posted by Ducaysan:

    Do they wear a uniform in University?


    For the love of.. Its called a graduation ceremony with the suitable attire Somali style :rolleyes: What would you prefer this?



    I LOVE the baby blue and I do pride myself on my fashion sense. :D

  5. ^^Mashallah Modesty, I have to praise you for your foresight . A narrow minded woman who isn't even a professor is simply not worth your time and certainly not your GPA. But if hypothetically speaking such a woman were to teach a subject you could not afford to drop then you would employ other means of resolving the situation, right? perhaps discreetly contacting the appropriate authorities or even disguising your animosity and swallowing your bitterness with a sweet smile . The latter is how I survived science class with a psychopath as a teacher for two consecutive years. This man ranted on every class about anything that is ANTI-ISLAM and even mentioned FGM on a few occassions (something I refrain from discussing even on an anonymous board). But alxamdullilah nothing major eventuated from that. All's well that ends well.



    In the meantime make dua as racism is not the problem here but pure jealousy and inshallah continue making wise decisions.

  6. Originally posted by masa:

    quote:Originally posted by Rahima:

    We’ll let you know of our selection for you very soon Rokko, worry not, Zu and I have not forgotten our Aussie family

    wonderful Rahima.


    .. i have
    in my sights at the moment .. now work with that and hurry bal..Just put in a good word dear and rokko shall take care of the rest...Bouquet of fresh peonies should be a fair start i guess
    Oh my...Oh I am going red...oh my...

  7. Originally posted by Sophist:

    Shaleemo with your girl? Are you sure you are in Mogadishu?

    If watching the world cup is a capital offence, imagine what sort of punishment "Shaleemo with your girl" can attract. I'd be careful if I were Mr Malaysia.

  8. Originally posted by Didi Kong:

    Ask not what colored ppl can do for you Ask what you can do for colored ppl Rudy.

    LOOL :D


    Rudy, just remember of all useless wars the situation in Somalia definetly takes the gold metal of being the most useless!

  9. I think this thread should be dedicated to suggesting a good name for you ;) (because that name has got to go).I will make the first recommendation: Hezbullah


    looking forward to creative suggestions..

  10. Originally posted by Caano Geel:

    Members of Malaysia's Tamil community will be discouraged from using the likes of Karrupusamy (black god), and Malays from trying names like Woti, meaning sexual intercourse.

    There are really SICK people out there.... :eek:

  11. Originally posted by Socod_badne:

    quote:Originally posted by Jamilah:

    Whatever happend to "with dertermination and passion anything is possible".

    It's not true. All the determination and passion in the world won't help you swallow the moon.
    What can I say SB your location "Island of insanity" is most suitable for you, I strongly recommend you dwell their permanently!

  12. Originally posted by besbaaso:

    Why does it have to be one way or the other. why can't we be educated and also become housewives if we so
    to. How come no body mentioned that education gives women
    , it gives them the choices to have the kind of lives they want with out having to depend on others. it not only 4 women, we all need to get as much education as possible to give ourselves and our children the best possible lives that we can. 4 women, God forbid, that something happened to ur husband

    (the person u r going to have to depend on to take care of u...if u r not educated), who are u going to depend on
    ur relatives or possibly get a minimum wage job....all the work and none of the benefits
    ...I don't thing so...I personally think that education or knowledge is a weapon against poverty and ignorance...and believe me, i am going to arm myself. in this world we need all the ammunition that we need...so women...don't become defenseless...get educated...


    Ps...Its true that education isn't sometimes all that its cracked up to be....but nothing worth while is ever that easy. And true...some people might not view a college education that necessary to have a great life but it makes life generally much easier...

    Thank you!!! Someone I can whole-heartedly agree with. Its so fusturating when people think that you either have to be a career orientated woman or a housewife as if the two are mutually exclusive. Whatever happend to "with dertermination and passion anything is possible". But aside from the practical advantages of having a tertiary qualification such as $$ and self-empowerment think of the immeassurable value of knowledge. Does that not mean anything?


    So sister Vibe I strongly recommend you persist in your studies and inshallah be patient for with hardship comes ease.


    And now I am going to resort to threats because If you do not take my advice I am going to e-mail this topic to your brothers!!

  13. Originally posted by Didi Kong:

    Modesty abaayo majority Somali men are dayuus/khaniis/saqajaan/weak personality nymphos,lazy/bum/welfarerecepient/dropout/darbijiif, qabilist/qat-chewer/close-minded, liar/cheat/two-timer/criminal etc.

    My innocent eyes have never seen such vulgar language... :eek: