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  1. ZHEJIANG, East China — Hodan Osman Abdi swiftly strings together a few phrases to describe herself: a woman, a black woman, a black African woman. She pauses for a second before completing the sentence: “I’m a black, African, Muslim woman who wears a hijab and teaches at one of the leading Chinese university.




    I copied this from Deeq's post.


    Yet again, once again, one can't escape the Abdi, it has Somalis by the cojones. :D



  2. Holac


    Somali family in the YouTube video drowned, those are the autopsy pictures, they were wild rumors circulating when this came out that the family was killed and their organs stolen but that was disproved. Gory and sad sight, but when you don't value your life who is to blame other than yourself ? If you devalue your life who is responsible ultimately ? I feel sad for the babies.


    I want to create a thread about the African migration crisis.





  3. Abdoul Abdi now facing immigration hearing and could be deported


    The lawyer representing a former child refugee fighting to stay in Canada despite his criminal past says deportation would be a violation of international human rights law.

    Benjamin Perryman is the lawyer for Abdoul Abdi, 23, who recently came to the end of a five-year federal sentence at Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunswick for aggravated assault, assaulting a police officer with a car, theft of a motor vehicle, and dangerous driving.

    He is now facing deportation to Somalia, a country to which he has no connection and one that is so dangerous Canadian officials can’t even travel to some parts.



    What a combination lol


    Somalis are so fond of Abdi they have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner :D



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  4. 15 hours ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:


    Waraa, I am the last Soomaali person who will advocate Carab names. Heck, I gave my kids pure Soomaali names. Laakiin cabdi ma'aha magacyo Carbeed. Magacyada cabdi waa magacyo Islaamka ah, along with magacyada nabiyada iyo asxaabta. 


    Let me guess you were not a good test taker in school mma


    you hardly read anything, just reply what comes to your mind :D


  5. 1 hour ago, Tallaabo said:

    You must be one of those deranged people in the social media who bad-mouthed and blamed a whole clan because of the wrong-doing of some officials. I would love to know what sort of "debate" do the likes of you welcome?  


    Touche! :D Tallaabo I was referring to the administration, I have nothing against the ordinary people. This is not an indictment of the whole clan. 



  6. 22 minutes ago, Holac said:


    Haha. If I didn't like you, I would take offense to the fact you called me a troll, albeit a modified one. 


    jokes aside, saxib hadaa meesha SOL dadka ka caydhisaan, yaa idinla doodaya? if your intentions is good, soo dhawee people and encourage open lively discussion saxib. 




    We welcome debate unlike you guys who beat and lock up mentally deranged social media personalities. But we would appreciate a little more honesty and transparency on your part, Holacow.


    You lied on this forum a while back when you claimed you were from an obscure community that resides in Maakhir. I know you are from beesha dhexe, be open and say I'm doing this for my clan like the rest of the SNM-land crew. Mujaahid cida hadaa utahay ha qarsan sxb





  7. Just now, Holac said:


    Same passionate supporters of Somaliland, just different sub-clans I think. I don't believe Suldaanka and Barwaaqo are paid trolls because I have seen them comment on other topics that are not related to Somaliland. 






    No offense Holac, but you yourself are suspect. 


    You are playing a clever game here, a kinda of troll 2.0 if you will.







  8. Amigos is part of the SL propaganda crew paid for the SNM administration's foreign ministry to spew their bile no doubt.


    Suldaanka and Barwaaqo are both paid members. I have been in forums long enough to know the difference between the paid posters and those who do it for passion. Xaaji Xunjuf and Oodweyne despite their voluble presence here were not paid trolls. 


    SOL admin the ball is in your court.