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  1. Salaam all,


    Hope you are all doing great.


    I haven't been here in a while!!


    I have been asked by my friend to post this event on the SOL, just in case some of you are interested to go!! please see bellow


    A Al Hawd Presents


    BLACK MAGIC The root to all evil

    Jalal ibn Saeed (Alfitrah)


    The Signs Abu Hanifah (Islam channel)

    The Protection


    Murtaza Khan (Teacher at An Nur Islamic school)The Weapon


    Date: Saturday 19th July 2008

    Time: 12pm-6pm


    Tickets : £7


    The Islamic Cultural centre (Regents Park Masjid)


    146 Park Road

    London NW8 7RG


    Tickets sold at the door, call to reserve your seats to avoid disappointments


    CONTACT: 07957558183 or 07960071941





    In association with Al



    creche available on prior booking

  2. Originally posted by NGONGE:

    ^^ He's coming to get you



    NGONGE, you are so funny (NOT). Out of all the people in here I thought you'll know the kind of man that I like .



    We need to put this guy on Extereme Makeover program

  3. Some excellent questions. I started to panic as i was reading them coz am getting engaged soon and don't know most of these things about my partner.



    Though i would like to know the answers to all these questions I wouldn't sit there and interview him and if I know everything about hin there'll be nothing to discuss when we marry. That'll be very boring.

  4. I do agree.. some men prefer not dumb but less challanging wome. One that will not compete with him career wise, education and mantalilty wise.


    while some successful women are happy to give up many requirements they feel threatend by a woman that is successful or has a bit more than they do..


    It's a shame coz am sure she will always drive him to become better than her!



  5. Munira,I changed careers last month after i came back from egypt is working with kids at schools now, its a big difference.. But i agree with you, being around kids is so much fun, but its hard work.


    JUSTICE- I am not a big fan of Indian movies to tell you the truth, I went to watch spider man last weekend Really good.


    I am travelling tomorrow inshallah for few days. hope I will coem back with some good news inshallah !!!!

  6. This Farax is an ***** for making a silly *** woman do this to him. I think he beat the hell out of her once and for all. This time he will be arresded for a crimehe has REALLY really committed !!


    I think his wife will be under his feet from then on. DOn't you think?


    Me? i think i need to party thats all!I need to laugh from tha heart and just have a care free day!

  7. Sallaaaam all,


    hope all is well.. just that its strangly quite here in the forum,, where is everyone? Some may be examining but how about the mature un/employed lot??


    I am depressed and have very little to talk abou? how about you? any interesting topics?

  8. salaaamz all,


    Your friend is in denial, she doesn't want to blame the husband because she will relaise that the affai was partially her fault. This marriage was never strong enough attributes that made the husband run off with the 1st person to try it on him.


    RULE No1:

    When you want to play around do it as far away from your community, town and if possible outside your own race coz news travel faster than light!!!


    I agree with you, stay as far as possible from your friend’s love marriage, you will soon be blamed for everything and anything if the couple get back together, although you were only trying to help!

  9. When i was younger, well upto last year i was a Picky Picker, then i changed and started trusting my feelings a little more. mind you i used to get a kick out of winning guys and as soon as i goe to know them well enough i dump them. not any more i am in a perfect relationship now and 50/50 give and take............... i think!!

  10. Salaam all, hope you are all doing well, its been a long time since i came online, bn away on holiday!


    Does anyone miss me ;)



    I better forward this to my best mate, she fancies the hell out of a colleague at work for almost two years and she has never has the corage to tell him how she feels.

  11. My ultimate happiness is when my father "may allah bless him and grant hin long life" ee ducayoo and tells me that he loves me the most...


    When i do something that allah is pleased with.. bringing me closer to allah (swt)


    When I set my self a personal goal and reach it


    when i hear a good joke!


    at work.. when my hard work is recognised across the trust

  12. I must say when i was much younger i used to think twice about saying that am somali, I would always say am somali but was born in.....



    Now am very proud of my country, I've over come my insecurities, I don't care about the political situation, am just proud of who i am. Nowhere in the world is perfect.


    I now understand and fully believe that Allah does not look at the colour of our skin he looks at our deeds.


    i must say, i resist a smile when people say " oh, you don't look Somali, are you mixed?? I proudly answer, NO! am pure somali"

  13. Originally posted by Cara:

    There's a website for everything.



    You are worth exactly $1,632,030

    I believe that youe are worth your deeds, Good or Bad.

    Had a look at the website above out of curiosity and found that just coz am a female am worth $65,000 less than a male :eek: Now that isn't fair.. is it? wot do my SOL sisters think??!!

  14. Rubish!! This only opens a door to the Fitnah. How is a woman sitting infront of 1000's men prevent terorrisem?? Please explain that to me?


    The men would be looking at the mafatin and beauty of a woman rather than tha hadeeth and khutba she is preaching!!


    May allah save us from all fitna,

  15. Originally posted by Taliban:

    BTW, is it true there are Somali shisha bars/Coffee shops in London?

    I heard there are in London. I think there is one in Cricklewood, NW london but am not sure.

  16. I would Like to thank Allah for every necma i have or any other creature in this universe.

    alxamdu wa shuru lilah waxdah.


    However, allalh sent this person to me that gave me a wake-up slap which i will never forget. To see my life transform infornt of me is something i thank allah for day and night.


    Though it really hurt at the time i know it payed off.


    Now how many people are lucky enough to get the wake-up slap??!