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  1. Someone and I are in a disagreement with the use of "adiga/adigu" and also the translation of the other question. So I'd like to hear what you think is right, and if possible why. I wrote "AdigA cun" for "you eat it". Then recieved a correction for it is "adigU cun" and was told that the two words are used differently. Though I've never actually used that word "adigU" and hearing about it I just thought it's a dialectal difference of Northern, and Southern Somali for the word "you". I saw that Google translate translates "Adiga cun" as "eat yourself", though it can't be trusted, and "eat yourself" could be "(Adiga/u(?)) Is cun." I think "adigA" is right in that context because it means "you". And it doesn't seem that we have a Somali word for the word "it" so it would just be "you eat". We are also in a disagreement with this: Person says: "Why do you thank me? = Maxaad iigu mahad celinaysaa?" Not "Maxaad iigu mahad celisaa?" I say I think "Why do you thank me?" = "Maxaad iigu mahad celisaa?" " Maxaad iigu mahad celinaysaa?" I think is "Why are you thanking me?"