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Found 3 results

  1. "Waan haraadanahay = I am thirsty" "Waan qoslayaa = I am laughing" "Waan Fakarayaa = I am thinking" "Waan fiirinaya = I am looking" - I say it like the following respectively: "Waan omanahay" "Waan qosloya" "Waan f iikiroya" "Waan f iirinoya" Edits: I never heard of "haraad". I think the site has issues with lowercase double "i" s together. Thus I put a space so that it shows clearly.
  2. I'm trying to better understand the Somali Dialects, who can help me? First, I'm unsure about if these are all the same, or how they are related: Xamar, Mogadishu, and Banadiri. Likewise, Koonfur, and Banadiri dialect(s). Moving on, I heard that Northern Somali dominates the media: music industry, news, etc., and maybe even the education system as in it's a dialect chosen for teaching. While Southern Somali is the most commonly spoken of all the dialects, and the two dialects (Northern, and Southern) are the most common of all the dialects. Do you think that is the case? Feel free to share any other relevant insights. I came across this photo long ago. Though I think I also came across another link that said it's wrong: Somali languages - Wikiwand WWW.WIKIWAND.COM The Somali languages form a group that are part of the Afro-Asiatic language family. They are spoken as a mother... Thank you for your help in advance. My internet is having issues, so I might be unable to respond for a while.
  3. What Somali dialect do you think is the easiest for English speakers to learn? Why? To any Somali learners here, what language(s) do you speak, and how is/was learning Somali for you?