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  1. Where is federal system serve as solution, as necessity? Federalism is needed where ever there are peoples that hate each other, but want and cannot live away from each other. They really have problems betwen them, but want to live together in one country. That is where federal system is needed and solves most of the problems. In Sudan Federalism is well understood and clear, In Somalia it is not clear and is misunderstood, In Ethiopia its clear but misunderstood What is the most importnant part of Federalism? Its the part where everyone of the constituents is equal. In America 500000 population Wyoming is equal to 40 million California, In Canada 160000 Prince Edward Island is equal to 14 million Ontario. In Ethiopia 30 million Oromo are equal to 6.5 million Somalis. America the constituent parts are states, Canada its provinces, Ethiopia its nationalities (Ethnics). There has to be some mechanism where all constituent parts of a federation are equal, regardless of population, natural resources, weather, etc. What is the next most important part of Federalism? Self government, Autonomy, self administration of constituent parts. Will continue and apply it to Somalia. Remember please: No heavy theory, no long winded explanation, just the fundamentals.