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    Don't worry about that. For it will not happen, as I said it, in a millions of years. Or president Bihi will literally not leave the compound of Egal International airport back to his presidential palace if he were to welcome an opportunistic creature like Mr Farmaajo into Hargeisa. And in fact, Mr Bihi will be force to seek a seat within the same freaking plane that did brought Mr Abby Ahmed and Mr Farmaajo into Hargeisa, so that he shall see to it to go with them from Hargeisa to wherever they came from originally. That is how serious this issue is to the average Somalilander in the streets of Somaliland. And President Bihi is fully and acutely cognizant of that basic fundamental truth in-terms of what his people actually think of this Faqash-boy Farmaajo.
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    Another LIE from the forum's Jin-whisperer Facts can never be wished (or deleted) away. Your minority union of USP garnered only a miserable 16.4% in the elections of Somaliland Protectorate! They were a minority who could not force the majority group of pretty much anything: In fact, the single most prominent politician from USP, who was from LA and not Awdal, was the one who suggested to halt the union with ex-Somalia Italiana, to which the majority group resolutely dismissed with the famous line: "Laa yaa Garaad!". Effectively taking you into the union against your will. You have no history there to be proud of.
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    This man from Ansalooti, Mogadishu, doesn't know culture or history. THere is no such thing as Reer Woqoyi in terms of the last Somali civil war. I have no problem If Farmaajo want to apologize on behalf of the Gedo community. I tried to avoid this topic because thousands of innocent Somalis had been killed during the civil war either from the Somali state or the rebels. And unless you walked with someone else's shoes, you can not present fairly the extend of these crimes. LIke most rebels of that era SNM, USC and others were angry and tribal to the core. And in our tradition, if you became a victim of an angry tribal mob, may Allah have a mercy on you. Wherever they had an opportunity to kill they never hesitated. When the war broke in 1988 and they encountered the early defeat , they SNM massacred and killed anyone who belonged the wrong tribe. Shop keepers, public servants and others were murdered in daylight. I am always amazed by those who frame the issue like the Somali state being the one who waged the war and invaded cities. Ma dawlada Soomaaliyeed baa ku duushay Hargeisa, mise SNM oo koontaraad ay dalka ku duminayso ka soo qaadatay Mengistu ayaa dalka ku soo duushay? It was the angry Somali rebels who were the aggressors on behalf of foreign government. The Somali state was defending the territorial integrity of the country. What would any government do , if a tribal movement armed by a historical enemy occupies the second largest city in a suicide mission? you defend it with any means necessary. When Mohamed I Cigal was selected by elders in Borama, former president C/raxman Tuur (AHN) and his supporters refused to accept and opposed his administration. Since Egal considered himself as a government, he waged a war to bring back the rebels by any means necessary. He bombed Burco city with altelary and the people have to abandon the city and relocate to new place called Yiroowe. Some estimate up to 5000 people being killed in a two year war. After he defeated the rebels by the barrel of the gun, he then started a reconciliation. Knowledgeable people will tell you that more people had died in Burco than the the earlier war of 1988. In fact, most of the city was destroyed after 1991. Egal even bombed Hargeisa airport to dislodge from South Hargeisa clans (Suldaanka and company) in 1996. If Egal who was controlling Hargeisa, Berbera and Borama could bomb everyone for submission to preserve his non existent government, certainly the Somali state has every right to fight the rebels contracted by Mengistu of Ethiopia. Why not Awdal or someone try to day to separate?. The SNM Habro will use their army to destroy Borama and masacre the civilian just like they did in 1991. Maasajidka Ciyaarta ka Daaya. Who is going to give apology to the hundreds of thousands of Somalis who died because of the actions of these hungry and angry rebels rented by Ethiopia? Who will give apology to the 300,000 Somalis who died with starvation in the south due to the tribal war waged between the D block and USC? Who will give appology to the thousands perished in high seas to esxape the misery of the tribal governments. Walaahi dalagii ay dadka koonfur galbeed beerteen ayey godadkii kala baxeen qolyihii is eryenayey ee D & H, weliba waxii ay arkeena way dhaceen . Illaa markii dambe gaajo iyo colaad loo dhintay. Unlike the corrupt tribal rebels of Somalia and their supporters who travel between Addis,, Yemen, London and Nairobi, the typical Somali rural and villager between the rivers had nowhere to run. They live of the land. They did not had passport or another country to travel, that is why they dies in hundreds of thousands, yet no one is talking about them. Waxay dhib iyo hallaag jabhadu noo geysteen oo dalkii naga dumiyeen ayaa weliba iyaga raali galin la siinayaa. Aan ooye Albaabka ii xidha. This opportunist Farmaajo and the few stooges who are accompany him do not have the capacity , temperament or even the communicative skills to explain or right the wrongs of the civil war. We are the so called Reer Woqoyi and he doesn't speak for us. If the Gedo community want to apologize to the SNM community, by all means go ahead, but do not generalize us with those who have grievances with the Somali state of yesterday. Certainly we have other grievances like under development and lack of roads in our region since most of the state development of Somalia in the Kacaan era were invested between the two rivers and Benaadir and Hargeisa/Berbera corridor. We have nothing against the Somali state and we are willing to take our space among the free Somalis under the sun. Muuse Biixi who has his own documented crimes to answer might have persuaded Farmaajo to pronounce this useless apology, but this move will not even soften the clan at this stage. If you are serious about a real reconciliation of the crimes of the Somali civil war, then appoint a truth commission where everyone has to confess and tell their story. Yet, no matter how loud microphone the SNM habro use to amplify their cases and try to bury their own crimes, the truth will not disappear. This is not 1945, were those who were present are dying. Those who were present when the crimes of SNM in the north and USC in the south and MOgadishu were committed are live and kicking. WE even have cases against Muuse Biixi himself with witnesses ready to testify in a court. Farmaajo might try to fool people and those he is trying to get their votes, but he will not fool us , because we know history and culture. It was us the USP unionists who forced the union in 1960, and it looks that it is up to us to bring that union again despite the current braggadocio and false invincibility of the SNM boys. History repeats itself.
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    Farmaajo had a good week. Presenting himself as a simple man who understand situation gives him advantage. Unlikely other governments, his government got few things right. They hired some good people, specially Bayle and Omar knows what they are doing. The reality is both Farmaajo and Khayre lived civilized countries and understand the game compare to others.
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    Oodweyne calling people clannish LOL. As for Farmaajo, apology is meaningless really, at least in the Somali context.
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    Abiy Axmed Cali ayaa far u fiiqay, uguna yeeray Muuse Marqaanweyne Muqayil. Orod uu ku tagay meesha, even without asking why, a la cunug yar ninac loo taagay. Xabashi sida loogu cabsado, loo caabudo iyo loo ixtiraamo wax la tartami karo ma leh dying marqaan-induced secessionists.
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    We hated when Somali rebels went to Ethiopia of Mengistu and attacked our country, and we will never accept Somali leaders using foreign powers to subdue another Somali--Period.
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    This is unacceptable. It shows to the Somali officer his incapacity to command soldiers. ASking foreign powers to fight Al-shabaab and their huge network is one thing, but to use these forces against Somali regional adversaries is illegal and dishonorable for most Somalis. Now our country is becoming a football between the proxy forces of Kenya and Ethiopia. We opposed when Hassan Sheikh asked help from TPLF and went Jigjiga, and we oppose this disgraceful action by Farmaajo.
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    Fabrication of fake photos, falsification of historic records, out right fraudulent manufacturing of non existent records. These are the skills that they have mastered during the 21 years of Afwayne's rule. Nothing else to show for. It is little wonder that the websites they own are the ones with the most fake and fabricated stories or pictures found. With regards to Somaliland, it is always honesty & facts that wins the day. Duriyadda Sheekhu has 99 problems but fake, fabrication or falsehood are non of it. What you see is all you get. Our modus-operandi is captured in the Silsiladda Xaydha; As you know Xaydha is a no-no for men of honour to eat. The story goes, a couple of friends embarked on a journey and organised their supplies for the travels. They went to the local market and purchased what they thought was Subag-Sixin/Codcod in a jar. Unbeknown to the men what was in the jars, they started their journey. When it reached time to rest and eat something, they found out what they purchased was actually Xaydh (Ghee) and not Sixin/Codcod. Affraid the story about Xaydha will surely find its way to the town, they will forever be cursed as the men who ate a jar full of Xaydh. The men instead pre-empt a story of themselves and started composing poems making fun of each other's situation. The gist of the story is that, the IQ clan fact checks themselves and it is known to the world. So by the time it reaches others it is more or less "war la hayaa xiiso ma leh'. Hayin iyo markaad subag heshaan, Hawd kusoo mariyey Ee aad laba gadiid ka hirqataad, honono’aysaaye Hareeraha ka leefkii markay, gacantu haarowdey Waatay fartii hilib dalqaha, sii harraatidaye Nin wixii hungurigiisa maray, hiifay waa qadafe Hareer baabu isaga weeciyaa, waxan habboonayne Haddii uu hogseeg yahay, maxaad uga hakoon weydey? Silsiladdii Xaydha Qalinkii: Shaafici Qaasim Nuur - Geeska Afrika Newspaper GEESKA.NET Soomaalidu waa ummad suugaanta quudata, gabayga iyo gabyaaguna waxay noloshooda kaga jireen meel sare. Raggii ay Soomaalidii hore qaddarin jirteyna waxa ka mid ahaa wadaadka diinta yaqaan...
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    The mountain of lies they have built the myth of the civil war would come crashing down. I suspect Bihi will orchestrate anti-Farmaajo demonstrations in Hargeisa.
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    Because unlike his teeming Awr-kiraalayaal, like Mr Mahdi Gulleid, Mr Maareeye and Dr Beileh, Hargeisa is a place where men with honor as well as men carrying their liberty on their right hand and a gun to boot on the left hand actually rules, irrespective what Mr Abby Ahmed wanted to see happen for Mr Farmaajo in regards to his long for visit to that city. And in that sense it's a city that will forever remain a genuine "faqash-free-city" in so far as the Somali peninsula is concern, unlike Villa Somalia of the present day and Mogadishu in general.
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    I am starting to think this whole thing was a product of the childish minds of the semi literate N&N propagandists.
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    Aqoonsiga ka maqan waa Ethiopia!! Abbey Ahmed yaa hargaysa imaanaya bay la seexan la'yihiin farxad darteed, farmaajo haduu la socdana ma diidi karno yuu leeyahay odaygu
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    Lol. Xaaji, I agree, it may not happen in a million years. However, keep a telephone handy just incase it does. We wouldn’t want to loose you so prematurely, would we?
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    Oodweyne has been in a good the last few weeks. Don't spoil it
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    Saalax, madaxweynaha Soomaaliya hadda ka hor wuu tagay gobolka Waqooyi Galbeed, siiba Hargeysa as a prime minister in 2011. Diyaaradda Daallo ayuu saarnaa, rakaabka shacabka ayuuna la saarnaa. Transit ayuu ku ahaa Hargeysa saacad. Waliba gudaha ayuu galay. Secessionists marqaankooda iskaga fadhiyeen, waxee ka warqabeen ma jirin. Eniwey, Muuse Muqayil last time (only time invited then) orod ayuu Adisababa kaga soo noqday markii lagu qasbay in madaxweynahiisa ee Soomaaliya Hargeysa ku soo dhaweeyo. Waa ka soo fikiraa ayuu ku soo marmarsiyooday, Xabashada warkooda si toos uma diidi karee. I guess markaan xoog Xabashada ugu sheegeen. Intee ka baxaa meel Alle ayee ku noqotay Muuse Marqaanweyne.
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    Lacagtii maa dhamaatay? Horta how is Xabashi relationship with Qadar? I don't keep abreast of Xabashi affairs. Where is Che, hanoo sheegee.
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    If the poorly-written fan-fiction of our Jinn-whispering, habitual liar of SomaliaOnline is their last hope, then they are so fu**ed if I say so myself
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    Amigos, Apparently, they have decided to delete both of our posts because allegedly we seemed to have mentioned clan names. Although the deeper reasons they did it is because they have no larger argument to which they could counter any of our argument. More to the point, this Ina-Gummeed fellow call Galbeedi is their last hope of having someone who could put together a two sentence worth of argument on behalf of their lost political cause call "unionism". And the fact that he is nominally from Somaliland is very precious to them. So that is why they are "over-protective" of him. And they are so minded to shield him from the "rough-boys" like us, who in turn may measured him up, like the manner in which most men gets to be put on the scale of that sort in Somaliland, and then we may discover that he is short of any manly conduct of any significance. And more to the point, that he is also lacking a real telling weight of a manly balls to which to tussle others with it. Furthermore, given that we are the sort of men who would make a short work of any of his silly and tendentious arguments, particularly if we were to find him walking about the place without their vigilant "protection" being all around him, means that they are always "guarding" him with the "delete button", so that any harsh and fair argument in which we may make to him (or of him) can quickly and speedily be "deleted". Lest otherwise his "fragile and a damsel-in-distress's sort of ego" gets to crushed badly by us rough lads, who in turn can easily take his scalp like so much a trophy to which to wear around our collective necks. In other words: Wax doodi kara ama hadal qodobeysan rag kale ku soo tuuri kara kan Galbeedi layidhaahdo ayaa kaga soo hadhay. Oo intii kale waa wada gowracney oo waa ka carareen halkan SOL ah. Sidaa-daraateed, markaas kan wey ilaashanayaan. Oo sida bisadu ay dhasheeda u daryeesho ayey iyaguna ragga kale uga ilaaaliyaan si aan maryaha looga furan. Ileyn waa og yihiin in hadii rag kale ay cidla ka helaan in la eryandoone. Waana sababta marka dood kulul oo isaga lagu karbaashayo meeshan SOL ah lasoo dhigo ay markiiba u tirtiraan oo ay umasaxaan. Si akhristayaasha kale aaney u arag in la qaawiyey kan Awr-Kiraalaha siyaasadeed iyaga u ah. Intaas weeye nuxurkooduba, saaxiib.
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    As for the rest of Aw-beenaale's braying calaacal.. we know why he is experiencing such anger with Farmajo's statement: It directly incriminates his criminal SDA militia who chose to become instruments of AFweyne's campaign of genocide against the north. We have not forgotten how wares looted from Hargeisa were sold in broad daylight on the streets of Borama by the marauding SDA bandits, later to be defeated and made to kiss the ring by the glorious SNM mujahids: Now all of you who wish to discuss these issues line up, go and support Galbeedi-the-Jinn-Whisperer with all your intellectual might, lets have a debate about it instead of timidly deleting posts with relevant and well sourced information. Adkeysta dee
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    Who deleted the two posts and on what grounds? Oodweyne, you are absolutely on the money, wixii ka hadhay Afweyne bee meesha isugusoo ururey difaac ku jira. How come not a single one of Galbeedi's proven lies was deleted? Odayga beenta laguu cadeeye —on multiple occasions including this very thread— ma waxaad garanweydeen hadal ku difaaca? Unlike Aw-Beenaale (Jinn whispered sweet nothings into my ears last night) above, sources were included in the posts, is that why you got so shook?
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    ^^^^Amigos, Waar ma aragtey, jawaabtii talantaaliga aheyd ee aanu siiney kan Ina-Gumeedka fuleyga ah ee waliba hadhkii ka carara ah ee Galbeedi lay yidhaahdo, waa laga saarey meesha. Sida u muuqatana, kii darbi-ka-tuugsadayaasha kasoo jeeday ee halkan kaciyi jirey ayaa ka saarey meesha. Ileyn dood rageed looma oga isaga iyo looma-ooyaankiisaba. Oo wuxuu isleeyahay sidaas wax uga celi Galbeedi. Ala maxaa mid "xiniinyo-iska-waa-ah", Ina-Gummeed asal biyo ismarin ah, oo waliba "hadhkii-ka-cararnimo" usii dheer tahay halkan SOL ah soo jaqalo-weyn. Waar yaadheheen, iskeen siiya oo waxba haku dhuumana dood la tirtiro ama la masaxo, marka wax aad ku jawaabtaan aad iska weydaan Ogaada, Ilma-Gummeedow, sidaas rag lays kagama celiyo. Ee xiniinyo, dood, taariikh, suugaan, gabayo, maah-maah, cilmi, hoga-tussaleyn, iyo duur-xul waran ka kulul, ayaa ragga aad is heysaan lagu boqno-gooyaa ama lagala hortagaa. Sidaas-daraateed, taas halkan lakaalaya oo gaashaan ka dhigta. Laakiin dhaqanka ah doodaha ragga kale idinkaga dhiijiyaan ee ay idinku adhax-jabiyaan ama idinku doc-wareemaan, lama masaxo, oo taasu waxba idinka celin kari meyso, yaa Ilma-Gummeed. Gebo-gebo, balanteenu, Ilma-Gumeedow, waxa weeye in aad iga gudoontaan dood waran ka kulul. Oo ah dood qodobeysan, idinkuna maqaarsiibo, boqno gooyena idinku noqota. Waa taas, balanteenu, yaa nadal iyo naxli is urursadayow.
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    Ustaad Oodweyne, perhaps my light disciplining of this Jinn-whisperer inagumeed has saved his ungrateful soul from the irreparable damage your post would have caused As such one can view my chastising as... a show of mercy
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    Maakhiri see camal. No Muslim country recognized it in first year or so. Waxa wada aqoonsaday Bangaladheesh cadowgii Bakistaan iyo dalalkii dariska la ahaa ayee ahaayeen, sida Hindiya, Buutaan (Bhutan), Buurma iyo Nebaal. Kontonka dal u horeeye aqoonsaday hal dal Muslim kuma jirin ka ahayn Sinigal.
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    Suldaanka, Well, that is the low and degrading merit in which what they call government they have in Villa Somalia, is actually worth in the cold light of the day. Hence, what you have basically is a collection of "smart-suited-beggars", who would stoop so low to beg the nearest beggars to the left of them, particularly of the sort in which the likes of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to boot of this world, are in the final analysis. And, yet, the paid shills of these cliques in Villa Somalia, will be here in a jiffy with their latest "facade of Igu-Sawir", just so that they shall earn their daily bread. In fact, the Amnesty International had just release a report in which they alleged that Villa Somalia has been using donor aid money for hiring teeming trolls in the social media so that these paid stooges will "intimidate" or "harass" the usual critics of the Villa Somalia. And they been doing that to the extend that these paid stooges would report some of these journalists to the the likes of Facebook's ethics department on the account of some violation in which these journalists were said to have done it. Hence, I am sure of it that some of these "paid trolls", who are on the books for Villa Somalia are in here with us.
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    I hope that opinion these hold of the rest of Somalia isn't shared by majority of northerners. This naked unadulterated hatred is the stuff of genocide. Just for the record, I have no grudges against northerners. I consider them my Somali brethren and sisters. Mr. Diarrhoea, please don't reply to my post. P.s. me thinks Mr. Diarrhoea is a Putin bot
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    It is Sri Lanka's turn to throw few coins into the begging bowl. This is humiliation at its lowest form. --------- Sri Lanka to contribute Rs 163 million to Somalia HIIRAAN.COM The Cabinet has approved the decision to contribute 163 million rupees as a total contribution from Sri Lanka for the arrears amounts recovery and loan concessionary package for the reformation process of...
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    Dee marka hore yaa raaligalinta aad sheegayso dalbaday?? I am sure the people of koonfuria have nothing to apologise for. And as for the war criminals, they can stick their "apology" in their @ss.
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    Wasn't this the case as long as we can remember? Albert Einstein once said: the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Somalia is one big madhouse.
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    Yep, that is true. For there are a collection of MPs, who are found in Mogadishu, who to boot are allegedly said to "represent" Somaliland. Most of them are on the pay of whoever who will give money to them. But it seems that Mr Hassan Sheikh Mahamoud (HSM) and Mr Sheikh Sharif as well as the rest of the opposition groups and parties have already cornered that market. Or at least they have won the "allegiance" or the "loyalty" of these guys since these alleged Somaliland's MPs will be going with the opposition parties and their candidate (s) when it comes to next year's selection of the presidency of Somalia. So now he wants to say to those MPs, you see I am happy to "mouth-off" silly stuff I do not actually believe a word of it. And, of course, he doesn't believe a word of it since he is being acting anti-Somaliland from the first get-go day he had arrived in his office back in February of 2017. Therefore his argument is to say to these alleged MPs please give me your political support (and I will even give you money for it). Particularly, once that is the issue of MPs selecting the next president gets to come at the parliament next year (2021). That is all his argument actually amount to in here.
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    The idea of Hargeisa and Mogadishu talking to each other was actually an old policy by the European Union. Although, on face value, President Siilaanyo's attempt to go that path can be categorised as fruitless, at best, and failure at worse. But, personally I think, there are some intangibles values that we have gotten out of it. I.e. no one can come to Somaliland today and say it to our face to talk to Mogadishu. We have a history to point to and lessons to draw from that will challenge anyone that comes to us with that kind of rubbish. So, I think President Muse Biihi will build on those lessons learned and play hard ball politics. Unless there is clear milestones and results, what is the point? I think that is where we are today.
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    I am on the record for removal of these forces who sit inside military barracks by thousands. and doing nothing. They are drawing huge salaries for doing nothing. When Was the last time they confronted Al-shabaab?
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    President Muse Biixi Abdi went to Addis Abeba as the President of Republic of Somaliland. PM Abiye accorded the protocols of a President. Cheeseman was very happy to have shaken hands with the "President of Somaliland'. To the International Diplomatic eyes and ears, the take is that Cheeseman has capitulated to soldier Muse Biixi Cabdi. Cayayaanku ha iska hadlaan, laakin this is in the bag.
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    For AMISOM, Somali Women are Spoils of War INTPOLICYDIGEST.ORG Using medical care to lure vulnerable women to their base camps, AMISOM forces have sexually exploited and raped young Somali women. This is one survivor’s harrowing story.
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    ^^^ Suldaanka, It was essentially Mr Cheeseman who begged and begged and pleaded with Mr Abby Ahmed to "arrange" such brief encounter between him and Mr Bihi. And since, Mr Abby Ahmed, actually owns (politically and militarily) the very existence of Villa Somalia's political agenda, and he did so the minute Mr Ahmed had helped them at SWS, and again did so with Gal-Mudug and now he is doing it with Gedo as well, then, it seems Mr Abby Ahmed had thought to "kill two birds with one stone" (as it were). Which was, firstly, to arrange some meaningless talk between the two chaps in his own office. Since it's given that Mr Bihi will not be taking seriously anything in which the likes of that "cheap coward" by the name of Mr Cheeseman will say to him, which will be the case till there is a new government and a new president in Villa Somalia in post-2021, on one hand. And, secondly, Mr Ahmed, also thought that he can win some sort of "PR stunt" from the international media (like the New York Times of this world) as a "man of peace" for his troubled region of Horn-Of-Africa (HoA). And in particularly, were to arrange such "passing and fleeting meeting" between these two fellows. Lets see what Mr Bihi did got out of that bargain? And in here, at minimum, I think it should be that Mr Abby Ahmed in particularly and Ethiopia in general ought to be telling their "retained chap" in Villa Somalia by the name of Mr Cheeseman to cease and desist any further provocative diplomatic stunt job at Somaliland's expense, along the line of trying to use the De-Jure legality of Somalia as UN's recognized State at Somaliland's expense in the international forum. And this has been what these "N&N's desperate political gang" in Villa Somalia have been at it and they started doing it from the get-go of the first day they had arrived in office back in February of 2017. Although all their effort has been to no avail so far (i.e., zilch, nada, zero). Not that they didn't tried it and tried it again, and then even tried it a bit more in so mightily of a way, indeed.
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    So the price that was "asked" of Mr Bihi by the Ethiopian's leadership was to have a "formal handshake" in Mr Abby Ahmed's office with Mr Cheeseman, and then shoot the breeze with him (no doubt rather contemptuously, as Mr Bihi doesn't think much of a coward like Mr Cheeseman, given that he is daily hiding behind other's men muscles), for 1 hour or so at the presence of Mr Ahmed. And in returned for that he was allowed by Ethiopia to lobby his case, bilaterally, to individual African's head-of-states in the AU's grand meeting. And remember we only need a few countries to break the "diplomatic dam" (as it were) and then whole game will change fundamentally. Well, I would not have done that way, meaning I would have prefer to do what Mr Rayale used to do in this sort of situation, which was to "lobby", directly the African's states in their own countries rather than doing it so in their AU's get-together gab-fest. But, then, again, I am not a president of my country, so perhaps, a benefit of a doubt (not a large one, mind you) may be in-order in here, at least from me. Lets see how Mr Bihi explains away this sort of "calculating risk" in which he took. And whether he has anything to show for it from the Ethiopia's side of things. Since it was them who "asked" him to do this just to give a "public relation win" to the likes of Mr Abby Ahmed, as a man of goodwill towards his turbulent region, and as a "peace-maker" (with Noble prize peace accord to proof it). In particularly, as he in turn heads towards what will be a crucial national election in Ethiopia in this year. Hence, it's that "old game of do this for me, dear friend, and I will do this for you in return" sort of basic "diplomatic transaction" in action in terms of what we have in here. And nothing more of it will come out of it, really.
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    A piece of advice to those who want Somalia unity coast to coast, yet are dead set to hate Puntland for bringing Federalism. In your haste to curse and cuss Puntland you forget a small actually very big example of history that is given free of charge from neighbor Ethiopia. Eritreans fought 30 years to separate from Ethiopia. It looked so hopeless they agreed for Confederation. Among all the groups in Ethiopia Afar, Somali, Oromo, Sidama...liberation fronts one has a key to Eritrea. Tigray was the Key. Historically its the original Xabesha, Original Christian, Original Islam. Geostartegically is located between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Population wise it shares either blood or long common identity with 90% population in Eritrea. Once Tigray decided enough of war, let the Eritreans vote and if they decide to separate let them go. It was game over. The Amxara cried shouted cursed and cussed the most. Tigray answer was simple: If you Amxara think you are men, here is the gun go fight Eritrea and keep it by force in Ethiopia. Not a single person tried not even few friends group. Game over. See the uncanny similarity? Somali nationalists should bear gifts to Puntland, "pray" for Puntlands peace and prosperity and give Puntland even extra space in Somalia power structure. If Puntland gets fed up with the status quo and the statusquo becomes costly yet no return. The choice is clear. Not Somaliland, but Puntland will be forced to call for Somaliland referndum. Then it will be all over.
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    There are many hate filled folks who see this sort of news to their detriment even though it takes nothing away from anyone else. They live in the negative zone. For me, I have always believed when Somaliland moves forward, Somalis everywhere move forward.
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    ^^^^ Again, if I were you, mate, I would seriously consider to go and ask for a "refund" from whatever dinghy collage in the western's world you have allegedly learned your economics from it. And I am assuming, of course, you did that sort of course since you were waffling on endlessly at the other thread with names like Mr Thomas Sowell (a right-wing's economist of the libertarian's leaning sort from Hoover Institute out there in Stanford of California). And I say that since, if you know anything about such things that comes under the rubric of economics you would have known by now that Somaliland is a "virgin territory" (in investment wise). It's teeming with healthy young population of prime employment age. Most of them, as it so happens, have secondary education. They, like most other Somalis, are bright, adaptable, and they are on easy street when it comes to the notion of learning of new things quickly. Hence from "social ingredient aspects" of things, such people are what companies look for investment purposes. Secondly, Somaliland is place where rule of law is paramount, so there is no government's confiscation of anyone assets. The place is very peaceful from Awdal to Sanaag regions Third, we are neighboring to large country, which is Ethiopia, in which Somaliland can be used as the "offshore center of manufacturing sector". With added bonus of having Berberra's free zone as the place to which to export and import things from on their way to Ethiopia's hinterland. And such center can be made for the place to do the "light manufacturing plants" of the sort that will not need heavy labor force. Incidentally this concept of "offshore manufacturing center" for the light foot-print factories (meaning factories that do not need heavy labor-force) was essentially what UK was to the rest of EU before she foolishly decided to leave EU through Brexit. Fourth, we not asking them a hand-out. But merely a business opportunities for them to invest in our country. And more over Taiwan (especially under the current and newly re-elected DPP government) has a "policy of winning" places to invest for that country's industries. Especially in Africa. And since Africa is essentially Chinese-centric continent in which the PRC's companies have already divided up between themselves, then that means that Taiwan is politically and economically "incentivized" to actually go out of its way to court the likes of Somaliland. Which is the reason they have initiated this contact from their end by sending doctors to us, so that matters can be taken from there afterwards. All in all, as usual, you have no argument to make other than to waffle on with cheap tendentious trite. And, of course, I shall expect you to do your normal conduct of huffing and puffing on your way out of this discussion as well. Whilst at the same time throwing at side-ways of one or two trolling jibes. Isn't that always the case with you, yea dear plonker?

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