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    So, you went from mocking IMF member countries including Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh for offering bridging loans to saying international communities should deny Somalia new loans and we could use loans too. I wonder what's next?
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    ^^^^ Suldaanka, That is what happens when you are not in a position to stop anything and you want your average gullible folks in Somalia to believe that you have such powers. He is saying the Ethiopian's Airlines (EA) is going to Hargeisa by agreement. But what about Fly Dubai that was there last week and will come this week as well, if UAE doesn't "ground" all of its carriers, which they could do it. What about them. And if these planes are landing in Hargeisa's international Airport by such agreement, then how come they didn't paid any attention to any of his earlier instructions not to land there in Hargeisa. And if he is in a position to do anything of the sort, how come all intentional government (from US to UK) are saying on their government's website that Somaliland's Airports are open for business and anyone who wants to go there should go talk the planes that go there and deal with that reality without any mention of Somalia having any ability to close any of Somaliland's Airports, especially that of Hargeisa's Airport. No, he knows he doesn't control Somaliland's Air-space, or at least he can't stop any plane that has a landing right in Hargeisa's Egal International Airport, if those planes were to go by the agreement they have with Somaliland's government and its Air Aviation Authority. So he does the next best thing he could do in this circumstances, which is to lie through his teeth. And that, ladies and gentlemen of SOL, is the cheap merit, and the sheer incompetence of this clique in Villa Somalia and the pseudo-government that allegedly exist there. Since lying Ministers, fake news, troll farm, and twitter bots as well as endless YouTube's propaganda is all they have in their hands. But not any ability to "enact" any laws or any instruction in which they can pass and then see if it could take effect on the ground in places like Somaliland.
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    Yes, there is customs office, Somaliland Bank branch, police station, A Somaliland Roads Authority office where vehicles can get a car number plate. For the locals, there is a new primary school and a mother child center. All that build in the last 2 years. Having consolidated Tukaraq and its surrounding towns, the focus is now set to capture the last village of Buurowadal which falls between Tukaraq and the Somaliland and Somalia border. And hopefully that will also be done within Muse Biihi's presidency.
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    Cadnaan, kol hadii aad rumaysatay tii Djibouti, tan laabta u sii daa.
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    The political Party Pickering, I guess it comes with the territory. At least they are not gunning down each other like the Pirate enclave. Ceel afwayn is yesterday's story. But yes, you have a point, Puntland belo oo dhan ayay nagaga gudbantay. Which is why we do not want to see her weak enough, but also not strong enough, just meel la manage garayn karo. If the situation gets out of hand, remember we are just a stone throw's away from interfering.
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    The good news in here is that the private sector is also getting its acts together and it's helping the State to provide any emergency medical help along the way, if worse were to come to us. Although, we can only pray and say may Almighty forbids is. But it's best to be prepare for the worse.
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    "Soomaaliya maxaa lacagta loo siinayaa oo inaga na loo siin waayey." You need to paraphrase him correctly if you want to quote what Faisal has to say. And I agree. Somalia getting new loans when it is defaulted old loans is like the old saying goes: Habartii xaabada la kici wayday. It will be extremely irresponsible on the part of the world body like the World Bank to write new loans for a phantom government that represent no one but their back pockets and their cronies. And particularly, additional money will only make the problems worse not fix them. Faysal is 100% correct, Somaliland is the only administration that has the capacity to enter a loan because it has a stable income (tax base) and stability. The minute AMISom leaves Mogadishu, is the minute everything stops including the Port, the Airport and what have you. Because there is no grassroots reconciliation and peace on the ground. Everyone in Mogadishu is waiting for a chance.
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    I thought it it was a joke. What they should have done is send those doctors to those malaria stricken children in afgooye, marka baidoa , warsheekh, kismaayo and qandala or why not Hargeysaa? Acute malnourishment, disease, like eyphus, all infectionous diseases are rampant in Somalia. Instead of looking for a cheap PR-stunt a good stunt would be to deploy those docs to those who need it at most. By the way, joke or not. This bizarre news out-let exposes the true post-colonial nature of the world,. Jump over the dying black folks while in a hurry trying to help your colonial masters. Like a true post-colonialist one has shed any kind of empatrhy to his own folks (black) and only have love and praise for his former colonial masters. War bax dheh!
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    This picture below is the most important testing kit, which is the similar version of the RT-PCR molecule analyzer machine I was talking about in my previous post, in which you need to have it in-order to test it COVID-19. It's not that expensive, but you need at least few dozens of them (in terms of the density of our population in Somaliland). And Taiwan makes them and manufactures them abundantly in their millions. Of course, the China (i.e., PRC) also manufacture them. But they will only sell to you as urgent basis if WHO had already pre-cleared your purchase of them. And since we are not recognize State, it's unlikely that WHO will be telling the PRC to sell to us on a urgent basis in this trying time in which each nation is desperately trying to get its hand on these machines, which are portable and easy to use across all environmental and weather condition. However, we can still get it, even for free from Taiwan. And we should do that as soon as possible. And then spread it across the country by way of given a few dozens of this kind of machines to each regional hospital of the six regional's capital so that the "mobile testing team" (once they are establish) can use it to know the depth of the infection across the regions from a "sample data" and the likely variation there could be between regions.
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    Suldaanka, This is what was always on the card, really. You just have to compare how the city of Las-Anod was a ghost town and a wild west kind of place, where there wasn't any kind of economical activities going on during the era that city was under Majeerteniya's rule. Which was between the years of 1998 till 2007. And then see how that city was completely transformed, or at least it became an economically vibrant city between the years of 2007 till now of 2020. It seems even the middling folks of this small village call Tukaraq now know the "real difference" in which the last two years since 2018 (which was when their village had moved into under Somaliland's authority) has been to them and to their village's well-being. And they also know what they have had previously under the then money-grasping rule of the Pirates ilk.
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    Somaliland Corona-virus Website and Mobile App launched to help citizens get updated information. Well done boys. Great work. http://somalilandcoronavirus.com/public/ Somaliland Covid-19 SOMALILANDCORONAVIRUS.COM
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    Waddada isku xidha Hargeisa iyo Salaxlay oo paved road laga dhigaayo. Waxa hada lagu tartamayaa waa kaabayaasha dhaqaalaha sida wadooyinka iyo wax soo saarka beeraha etc.
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    Turning sod the road that will connect Ceerigaabo to the port town of Maydh.
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    It will come handy in times like this. They are used to safe measures against Covid-19 .
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    Lol... Ceel Afweyn taking social distancing to a whole new level. Ceel Afweyn practices tribal distancing just to be safe.
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    @gooni Awoowe hadii aan kuu gula murmo arimaha tax-drivers ku ku fiicanyihiin, waa lagaa gardaranyay. Laakin adiguna wax aanad waxba ka aqoon, dadka ha kula murmin. Deal?
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    Shirkii golaha Wasiiradda Somaliland, observing social distancing.
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    He is the founder of Mar Kale Midnimo, right? Muuse Marqaan ayuu Facebook ku qarxiinaayaa by posting this: Muuse Muqayil lying for decades, what a beenaale weynaaday.
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    I remember a guy who is related to me clan wise. He was always angry and foul-mouth especially in regards to other Somalis. Speaking to him, I realized he is stuck in a time capsule (1991) when his folks were killed and displaced. It seems Oodka is stuck in 1988, a defining moment in his life.
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    Suldaanka, I do not know whether you are keeping taps (or the score in here) but by the looks of it this failing political clique in Villa Somalia have attempted to used an "international borrowed muscle" against Somaliland ever since February of 2017. And every one of their attempt to fight us with those "loaned muscles" they have failed and failed miserably. In fact it's Five (5) to Zero (0) in Somaliland's favor. And it's this way if I may detail them in here: 1 - The failed to Stop the Berberra port and Berberra Airport. 2 - The failed to stop the Somaliland Developmental Fund (SDF). And when they failed that, they tried to argue that it should be given to them at Villa Somalia, which they failed at it also as well. 3 - They failed their attempt to convince the rest of the international community (IC) to stop anyone and any other country to deal with Somaliland without their consent. Which why they went to UNSC and argue that case. And they were told to go and talk any nation they do not like to have anything to do with Somaliland, but the UNSC will not bring out any resolution of that kind in their favor. 4 - They failed to convinced the likes of Mr Abby Ahmed to cancel Ethiopian's stake in Berberra, although they gave to him four (4) unspecified ports in Somalia just so that he will cancel Ethiopia's stake in Berberra. And they even had hoped that Mr Abby Ahmed will use Ethiopia's stake in Berbera as "leverage" to convince Somaliland to allow the likes of Mr Cheeseman to come and visit Hargeisa. And still Somaliland said no. 5 - They finally thought they can use the ICAO's borrowed muscle in-order to close down Somaliland's Air-space to any commercial international planes they so choose to do it. And they too failed in that as well as we see in right here. Moreover, the Fly Dubia which is not coming to Somaliland at the moment is not doing it because of anything said or done by Villa Somalia. But rather it's to do with UAE who seems to have decided to "ground" all of its planes altogether. So in a nutshell, Somaliland is winning 5 to 0. And all of those three (3) years of diplomatic fight in which the clique in Villa Somalia had waged against us shows in here that not only they have nothing to show for it up to now. But in fact they have lost every one of those fights in which they took against us during that time. Remember, my friend, we are winning 5 - 0. That is all that matters in here.
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    I am comfortably sitting in my home but you are welcome to chase your many imaginary enemies.
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    This Barkhad Jaamac Batuun, the spokesman of Opposition Party who was with today's Fly Ethiopia flight. This is what he has to say about the new restrictions placed on fly-in travellers.
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    26th March 2020. Diyaaradda Ethiopia Airlines oo si aan kala go lahayn wali u timaada Somaliland. The statement on Ethiopia Airlines' Website which says Somaliland Airpsace is Open and Airports are fully operating business as usual. Is another DP World Berbera moment. Remember when the Chairman of DP World said, to paraphrase him like 'Somaliland is a democracy and we have the full confidence of Somaliland's government, We do not Give a flying Fig about what the warlords of Mogadishu think" After that statement by the Sheikh, Somalia's headless chicken parliament rushed to pass a motion banning DP World from Somalia. Of course, nothing happened and it turned exactly as the Chairman of DP World said. Now the ultimate question to Somalia's headless chooks, will they take action against Ethiopian Airlines? My guess is that Ethiopian Airlines will resume its Mogadishu flights without any issues. Which in my opinion an Egg on their face. Ethiopia Airlines Website. https://www.ethiopianairlines.com/aa/travel-updates/covid-19 Somaliland Effective 18:00 GMT, March 19,2020, all flights from Kenya, Somalia, China, Italy, Iran, France, South Korea and Spain are prohibited from Somaliland Airports for 28 days. Somaliland Airspace is open and Airports are fully operational as usual.
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    DP World places orders for 8 RTG Cranes for Berbera Port. DP World Berbera Orders 8 RTG Cranes WWW.MARITIMEPROFESSIONAL.COM Liebherr Container Cranes and DP World Berbera have signed a contract for the supply of eight RTGs for DP World’s terminal in Berbera, Somaliland.
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    Here is the video massage from the government in-terms of the Precaution measures to fight this Epidemic: And here is the "Quarantine Center", which is adjacent to the Hargeisa's Egal International Airport.
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    Oodweyne I know this baashe guy he is a guy with no spine and has no ideology. During the heydays of siillaanyo he was supporting somaliland and was giving lectures in hargeisa pretending to be a linguist to be honest wa waxba yahay. He should go to Mogadishu's and never come back.
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    Xaaji, I agree with you in here completely. But the bizarre think to observe in here is to see some non-entities like this sniffling Ina-Gummeed Sheegato we have in here of SOL, who actually thinks that some turncoat fellow who previously may have been a "good standing member" of the then SNM, who now decided to earn his daily living through the notion of becoming a cheap propaganda shill for Villa Somalia's clique and therefore waffle on about how "Political Unionism" is good for Somaliland, is something that has any kind of "earth-shattering revelation" to us. After all, there were many folks, just like this Mr Baashe fellow, who simply decided to jump ship and go to Mogadishu throughout the years. Some returned eventually to Somaliland like the manner Professors Buubaa, Ahmed Samatar, Galaydh have done it few years ago. As well as the public way in which various fellows who were ministers for Somalia's pseudo-governments along the years have in turn decided to returned back home when their previous "political and lucrative gig" in Mogadishu came to an end and was over. Of course, by the same token, it has to be acknowledge that some others have also decided to live the remainder of their lives there in Mogadishu without never returning from the "error of their judgement" and therefore they gave up the notion of returning back to their home-land for good. However, be that as it may, what can be said in here with confidence is the argument that hold all that sort of "turncoat activities", or the reverse version of it which is the "conduct of atoning" from it, makes not a blind bit of difference to Somaliland's destiny, come what may. Given that Somaliland is based on the verdict of millions of folks. Not on the "fair-weather political opinion" of one man or even ten of them. And therefore, you, as individual, can either accept that. Or failing that you could even jump ship to the freaking "Outer Mongolia Republic" and see to it to join them with your own version of "political loyalty" with them, let alone going to Mogadishu, for all those folks in Somaliland could actually care about it. If that is what float your political boat.
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    ^^^^ Since you were so generous enough as to tell us what sort of "Aqli" we are dealing with in here when it comes to the latest instruction from Somaliland's government, could you care to tell us then as to the sort of "Aqli" we should count on to get it from your "average cheap Moor-Yaan" of the sort you and your ilks happens to be. And in-terms of what you lot are laden with in thinking sense. Let me guest and say it could be the sordid "Aqli" that had "pioneered" the notion of becoming a teeming scrap-merchants and looters of their own grandmother's knickers, at least in terms of what their best and their brightest minds could cobbled together in "thinking-wise". Or it could be the thinking that convinced a teeming number of them to be the foot-soldiers for the likes of Al-Shabaab's misfits of this world, who in turn are the sort of folks who are ready to blow themselves up, and do so to Kingdom's come, along with their dearest and nearest kin and kith of them within their own city of Mogadishu. Hence, the pertinent question in here is which of the two respective "Aqli" in which we have before us, has the likely ability to give birth to a "decent wisdom", and to the sense of being closer to a "dignified conduct". And which one will not be able to do that at all. Of course, mate, I will leave it to you to tell us in here as to which is which.
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    Oodweyne, the "mujaahid" presented valid evidences for his views. Do you have any for yours?
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    Saalax, many Reer Waqooyi folks used to live and many of their descendants still live in deegaanada Koonfur Galbeed. They are called 'geegii mariidi.' Geegii mariidi waxaa loogu wacaa any Afmaxaa folks ka soo haajiray asalkooda deegaanada Soomaali Galbeed, Waqooyi Galbeed, Waqooyi Bari iyo gobollada dhexe. Marka this man could be one of the Reer Geegii Mariidi descendants for all we know. Eebbe haka abaalsiiyo xasanaadiisa.
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    Meel abaar ba'an ku soo koray filaa. Dowladii Kacaanka dhulkii iyo hantigii guud ugu tagtay Waqooyiga dhan boob ayaa lagu dhameeyey, hanti gaar ahna laga dhigtay. It also tells you Muuse Muqayil knows deep down meesha waxba inay yaalin inta yar hartayna inuu boobo before la iska daba imaan. Waa la iskaga daba imaanaa, little does Marqaanweyne know.
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    ^^^^ I thought the "Evil Amxaaro" (as you call them) were the same and precise people you were shamelessly "ululating" for them rather fulsomely other week, particularly when Mr Farmaajo was openly trying to win with their "borrowed military's muscles" against Jubbaland's militia. Or to put it another way, aren't they the same and the precise "Evil Amxaaro" that was sending its forces into Gedo's region in late February and in this month of March to help out Villa Somalia, since this alleged "evil folks" also come under the same Mr Abby Ahmed who in turn is the retaining patron of your beloved political darling, namely Mr Farmaajo? Why pretend to us now that you actually care about how "evil" these Ethiopians are all of a sudden when they stop paying attention to Villa Somalia in-terms of whether the Ethiopian's Airlines should be sending to Hargeisa's Egal International Airport any commercial planes or not on a weekly basis? Why do I have the feeling that the last thing you would have called these Ethiopians would have been "Evil Amxaaro" if on the other hand, they have basically had obeyed the "orders" of Villa Somalia of having their Ethiopian's airplanes not going to Somaliland at all. Do you see how so flimsy, so transparent, so breathtakingly bleeding obvious you are whenever you open your mouth about any subject that has something to do with Somalia, Somaliland and what Ethiopia may be up to? Do you now see finally as to why I keep telling you repeatedly that your argument, when they are strip into their base, you will easily gather that they seems to have no larger worthwhile merit to their names to it at all other than being glaringly contemptible sort of arguments? This is actually what I mean when I say that. Which means this sheer and galling "absurd hypocrisy" in which you basically peddle at our expense with straight face in right here of SOL.
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    Newest 5-Star hotel in Muqdisho. It was just opening when I left from Xamar back in Oktoobar, 2019.

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