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    Suldaanka, Bro, that is good news, indeed. Now we can get cracking on with the idea of doing a proper testing on a nationwide, or at least on most of the major cities. First you start with statistical sample of individual xaafad/degmo/district to get the initial feel of how widespread it is. We have the enough qualified nurses to go the each towns and to each city of the country in-order to carry out the "on-the-spot-nasal-and-throat-swap-test" taken from people and from the public-at-large. But unless you have the "complete testing lap" with its diagnostic machine (i.e., PCR machine) in tow, just to diagnose that swap-tube so that you would know as to who is COVID-19 positive or who is not, then you would not know those who are a "latent virus carrier" (meaning those who are not showing any symptoms so far) and those who are not. What this means is that our nurses will carry with themselves a bulk of thousands of "nasal and throat swabs-tubes" to each major city of the country (i.e., say the six major ones). And once they got there they will immediately spread across that city/town in-order to get a large-sample of people to take the swap. And then these swap-tubes will be sent back to the main testing lab in which these testing and diagnostic machine (i.e., PCR machine) is kept on. Hence, that way you will know who needs to be quarentine in their homes and who is not needed. And also that way you will get a decent handle on the spread of the infection by statistical sample of each town. So, the lap and its diagnostic machine will be a real breakthrough for us. The WHO is not going to come to help and do this test for us. So, we need to do this by ourselves and with the help of those like these guys from Taiwan. And now since it's arriving soon, we need to systemize how we should do the test in most of the six major cities of the country in this way. The Taiwanese know this stuff in their sleeps, since they have been actually doing this kind of systematic level of a country-wide infection testing ever since the original SARS virulent epidemic had hit hard South-East Asia in early 2003. Hence, we should make use of them with our doctors and nurses who should be learning from them in-terms of knowing how to do a good sample of tests that "statistically" could stand for the whole country and from all of the six major cities of the country. And then that way we get the over-all "infection picture" and its "penetration level" inside the country. Good news indeed.
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