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    Ouch!!! Imagine your country's supposed enemy getting $30 million to protect you from your own citizens! How sad!!
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    3 TIMACADDEH, Tallaabo and Suldaanka reacted to this. Since all the Duriyada including Oodweyne, agreed that I might have " voices in my ahead", I intend to share with you. please check my thread about Taiwan. Having said that , i see a lot of creativity and imagination in Somaliland. Since the north is where authors and Somali composers are plenty, i expect many new idea. By the far the Taiwanese how to write Somaliland is great creativity. Who knows since the west especially USA is gearing up to confront the Chinese and contain their future hegemony, it seems Somaliland is allying itself with the right people. Our friend Oodweyne who is more British even than the Englishman will soon set the plot of confronting China. Somalia as usual is reacting on these moves.
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    Che, Getting all hot and bothered under the collar are we, mate? Just in case you are a bit thick on the head (which is a distinct possibility, given that you have a hard time telling the difference between the glossy and bogus PR advertisement on one hand, and that of the ugly reality of Somalia), let me say, that, the description of "sniffling hypocrisy" was actually targeted to the folks in this joint. Particular, those who never missed a day without screaming some spleen and bile about some alleged short-coming on the part of Somaliland on one hand. Whilst on the other hand not so much of a word by your leave will be heard from them when matters concerning Somalia's tragic reality is at hand at this parish. Got it now, dear lad? Or, shall I go one more round of explanation with coloring picture-book sort of depiction and canyons to tell the gist of it further? Or, perhaps, you think you got the hang of it by now? Let me know, son.
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    Timacaddeh, And furthermore, imagine the picture of the same clique in Villa Somalia who gets to be protected from their own people by this same Kenyan, turning around and telling the leader of the very forces who protect them, like the president of Kenya, that, their president, Mr. Cheeseman, is a leader of a sovereign independent nation. In other words, if cringing shame could kill anyone, then someone would have already had hitten the bucket (as it were). But, then, I suppose, a sense of shame, or even social honor, was never a strong suit in which Somalia's political elites, were known to wear it. This is why Mr. Cheeseman could actually think, seriously, that he can look in the eye the likes of Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and could then tell him where the sun doesn't shine through without at all imagining Mr. Kenyatta saying to him in return: "So, tell me, Mr. Cheeseman, who is going to tell me what is what, you and whose army?" All in all, remember, "politics is a sub-branch of the innate culture of that society in question". Or perhaps, to put it differently, one can say culture (broadly defined) is the most decisive "determinant" of the politics of any given place. Hence, a culture without honor, a culture without a high regard for dignity, a culture without any abiding sense of shame, which is the baleful situation that exist currently in Somalia (at least at the elite level), will always be liable to create the kind of political mess they currently have in Somalia. Remember, also, the "direction of causality" between culture and politics, or in terms of direction of travel. And that means, the "direction of travel" moves from the "essence of the underlying culture" of the society in question, and then it manifests or it moves to the heart of the political discourse and the kind of political dispensation in which that society in question is likely to be very much comfortable with it. So, it's the "particularity of the culture", at its granular level, that determines the kind of "retail politics" in which such polity will have to live with it, and in terms of all in which such culture will give rise to, subsequently.
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    This will be ready in 2 months? For more dhows I guess! Rise of the Dhow Economy.
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    Hello Folks, Here is yet another belter of a song by my old friend Mr. Maxamed BK and our delightful Ms. Ugbaad Aragsan, who seems to hold her own in this duet of sonorously melodious voice competition between them. Kudos to both of them. Heestii Xilo Jano by Maxamed BK and Ugbaad Aragsan.
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    A nice and raw vocal talent is what we have in here. And such a young tender age, as well. It seems that Hargeisa never stops surprising me in terms of the new vocalist talent in which it keeps on discovering it. His name is Mr. Farah Qaboojiye. Heestii Waxaan Uurka Kaa Jirin:

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