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    M0ooryan are those who left Baidoa to squat outside Mogadisho and who are cheap maids for hire whether by Farmajo or Alshabab to harm reer Mogadishu and their interests. I call on the above chief squatter to focus on his home and stop eyeing Xamar. Xamar belongs to reer xamar and not reer aflqaldan.
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    The khat ban has already been lifted. Somaliland region Gov needs to return the cars of the khat dealers, if it was going to be lifted so easily what was the point of stealing their cars other than tuugniimo?
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    "It seems that most Tigrayan observers and analysts predict in best case a much weakened federal authority and a transition to a confederal type of arrangement, possibly with ‘split sovereignty’ between the center and regional states; or in the worst case an implosion of power and the disintegration of Ethiopia. These two scenarios, and everything in-between, are possibly all too pessimistic; but as stated optimists are hard to find in Ethiopia these days, let alone in Tigray. The most recent development is pushing towards a political confrontation between TPLF and PP; between the regional state government and the federal authority, as stated in TPLF’s Executive Committee statement from May 4, 2020:" In-depth Analysis: Towards Tigray Statehood? - Addis Standard ADDISSTANDARD.COM Addisstandard.com
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    Suldaanka, Man, what historical day it was. I was there (right there in the crowd), I was attached to late Prof. Ibrahim Meygaag Samatar (AUN), as his note-taker in the meetings. There were endless political meetings of the SNM's high command (by Mr. Tuur, the Chairman, and the rest of the central committee). Particularly as to what to do in the light of what took place in the country and the total destruction that we had in our hand at the time. I was a graduate student in London (UCL), who as soon as I heard the country was liberated, I legged-off from London, took a flight to Djibouti, and I was in the ground in Hargeisa by mid-April. The country was like a horror-scene straight out from Hiroshima kind of destruction. But by the grace of God, it was in our SNM's hand and it was free, at last. What a historical day it was, indeed.
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    Apophis, Aha, a typical carpet-baggers, is all that the lot of them are, is all I can say. In fact, if this is true (and it gets to be confirmed by other media's portals), then it shows how this is was a scam to them, a kind of a "get-rich-quick-scheme". And, of course, the first sign of trouble they are heading back to their "adopted western's countries", and are leaving the stricken masses of Somalia to their wretched fates. In other words, if you hire an NGO-minded Somali expatriate, and then the first sign of inconvenience reality in which he or she may run into it, they will be crying: "Oh, uncle Western's nation, please, Sir, take me out of this hell-hole" (or words to that effect).
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    They came with a laptop and a brief case. Also most likely they are the ones that imported Coronavirus to the city. They are now fleeing back with bags full of cash - cash from the tax collected from the businesses and Mogadishu's residents. Of course, as usual, the residents will bear the brunt of disaster they left behind.
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    That is the future I guess.Nomadic lifestyle is unsustainable. Specially when rains have become sporadic, droughts recurrent and also the political environments is becoming less conducive to easy movement of people and animals. At the same time, agri-tech is becoming cheaper and more available to the small scale farmers. These are technologies that were once in the domain of the big boys in town with deep pockets. The know-how and the knowledge about new ways and methods of farming are becoming accessible to a lot of people. So it is inevitable that settled farming will win the day. For instance, camel farming is becoming more and more popular thesedays. It is more profitable when they are in a farm where they feed and water are guaranteed. They will give you guaranteed milk output and one can plan their finances accordingly. A man who returned from the diaspora came up with an innovative new way of farming. He rents only she-camels that are milking from nomads. The nomads get a guaranteed monthly income from their she-camel without worrying about the feed, water or health of the animal. This guy now has more than 5,000 she-camels that he doesn't own but rents them all.
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    ma sha Allah dekeda cusub ee Garacad shaqo culus baa ka socota horey u socda .
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    Small notes for the nomads about the great wars and HoA. 1. All Somalis except Djibouti and today's Puntland were part of the Second World War. Those in Puntland and Djibouti had agreements with the big powers in their territories not to make them fight in other lands. 2. Salamanders were the highest level of self command of any people in Africa that were in either side. Example: in the Campaign to liberate what is now Eritrea, Somalilander commander had higher status on the campaign between Kassala Sudan and Asmara Eritrea. Even though the Sudanese were more in number than Somalilanders, but the Somalilanders are not colonial army. This mattered for the British. Somalianders were only lower than Australians and South Africans. 3. If it wasn't that Africans have no self respect, Eritreans if they remember the war should be thankful of Somalilanders. The Sudanese were blamed for the religious conflict that arose in Eritrea, never the Somalis. The Somalis are never blamed for any abuses (even the common ones in wars) while others are. 4. Those who were on Italian side were undisciplined, abusive in both Somalia and Ethiopia. 5. Somalis never joined the Foreign Legion from Djibouti like other Africans did, nor did they Join the Italians outside HoA, like Eritreans did in Libya and Somalia. Somalis can celebrate end of WWII even though most of the fighting by Somalis on any side was done as Europe was starting latest was early 1942.
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    kkk Most of the commentators are innocent average xalimo/faarax, they will take anything on face value. In fact, the reason why many people make money from 'Fake news' is because of people like these. They have no idea that this is part of an elaborate misinformation project by the 'fake it, til you make it' crew. According to them, they have been to Hargeisa and assessed the situation there. Read the title.
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    Suldaanka, There was never any doubt as to who runs - and I mean in the sense of running it on a day to day basis - the political home's regions of the "Gudhuu-Eeelaay" of Somalia, which is what these two regions of Bay and Bakool are. It was the case since 1997. And is still the case, as was proven openly by the fact that the likes of Mr. Lafta-Gareen was actually installed there, in Baydhabo, with the blood of his own kin and kith being shed copiously for him by these same occupying Ethiopians. Just so that he can be imposed there, like so much of a "cheap political puppet" that was sent there from Villa Somalia, which is what he is, at the end of the day. However, the "bigger picture" here is that Somalia which is claiming to be a "sovereign nation" has this glaring "ugly sight" to contend with, which is the notion of being "dictated" to by her neighbor. And, in fact, this particular neighbor, namely, Ethiopia, can tell her as to who would have any "access" to some regions of its own country, in which she, as a neighbor, maybe loitering in it, brazenly, as she is in these two concerned regions. It's almost like the sad picture of seeing a "retained woman" who keeps on putting on some bogus hot-airs about herself, in terms of how she is being "independent lady" and whatnot of her own right. But, at the end of the day her "patron" who keeps her keenly and treats her meanly, will always tell her as to who she can duly "invite" into her home or not. That is the precise and the real "sordid definition" of this political reality in which Somalia is experiencing it. Particularly when you stripped it down and you bring it down her "current political reality" from the level of "high politics" it can take to the low "analogous sense" it has at the pedestrian level sort of definition. And that, as you know, "speaks volumes" in more ways than one.
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    President Lyndon H. Johnson captured the sentiment of how influential whites see poor whites: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best-colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” Capitalist whites will hold only to power as long as they convince poor whites that they are better than America's minorities.
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    Ruyaawadii Mogadishu lagu jilay... it always cracks me up.
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    Afka Soomaaliga = The (the) Soomaali language. That is the literal way, but it is still the Soomaali language. Afsoomaaliga (Af Soomaaliga) = The Soomaali language. I know also Afsoomaali means Soomaali language.
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    Time is moving very fast. Which is unfortunate for some. No extension. 9 months. Rag badan waxey noqon donan kaalun biyahii ka dhamaden.
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    Mr. Deni waa nin xanaaq dhaw oo dulqaadkiisu yar yahay. Wuxuu doonayaa nin markuu soo socdo akhrin kara oo asagu salaanta la doonta, haduu salaanta ridiyana markuu qaboobo albaabka xafiiskiisa tartiib u garaaca asagoo is gaabinaya. Dhaqan iyo dastuur labaduba waxay ku shaqeeyaan wada tashi iyo towfiiq. Balse u malayn maayo inuu mr.deni reer ssc dhaqanka zanzibar bari karo.
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    Our minister of agriculture is a national hero. He really works hard to make a difference to people's lives.
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    Hassan Sheikh Maxamoud oo sheegay in wax badan halkii uga tagay wali taaganyihiin.
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    Nimanyahow reer exdarwish, farmajo oo cabudwaq iyo labo magol gedo dagan yunan inkudirin Somaliland iyo Puntland. He cannot save you from anything. Better to continue your deal of eating with both hands than to trust Afweyne’s bastard child.
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    Munaasabadda 18ka May oo maanta barxadda madaxtooyadda lagu qabtay. Siday u dhacday halkan ka daawo.
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    Abaarso's finest aiming for the stars.
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    It's more than possible and I've seen it done. But the problem is lack of adequate access to markets and the fact that most of the produce is harvested at the same time so wholesale prices plummet. And not to mention the sabotaging by the UN in the form of "food aid". All aid agencies should be banned during years of good rain. If that were to be done we would quickly see the country become self sufficient.
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    [Non-AMISOM Ethiopian forces secure the parliament building of South West region] Sources: Ethiopian Forces in Somalia Shot Down Kenyan Plane Purposely placed anti-aircraft vehicle on the landing strip... then shot it down. According to the article, Both Cheeseman and the regional officials are soo scared that they can't publically talk about it. "His account was confirmed by a regional minister and an aviation official who both asked not to be identified for security reasons." The Ethiopian stooges and apologists are trying to spin this issue and blame it on an animal 'a poor Donkey'. "Ethiopia has nearly 4,000 soldiers serving as part of the AU mission, but non-AMISOM forces are larger. According to a reliable official, 75% of Ethiopian troops in Somalia are non-AMISOM soldiers. " That means, combined Ethiopians forces AMISOM + non-AMISOM is 20,000 soldiers. That is larger than the combined rest of AMISom troop contributing countries. Sources: Ethiopian Forces in Somalia Shot Down Kenyan Plane WWW.VOANEWS.COM An Ethiopian anti-aircraft gun brought down the Kenyan plane that crashed in the Somali town of Bardale last week, killing six people on board, multiple sources have told VOA Somali. Ethiopian forces are...
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    The solar project is being built by the UAE's Masdar and will include sodium-sulfur batteries bank for electricity storage. This is probably one of the largest solar/battery power plant in East Africa.
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    ^^^^ A very impressive, indeed. Last summer when I was in Somaliland, this place was at the beginning of its construction. And now less than a year, it likely to be in the running in supplying the wider HoA's regional market, from Djibouti to Ethiopia, to Somalia, not say nothing about providing to Somaliland itself. Kudos, I say.
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    Minii la yaabo yaasiinka. And the dude reading the statement with his fake, over-sized uniform and garaado. Not to mention the chair still on with the plastic cover. Maan, it all seems comical.
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    I would asume the british colonized Somaliland would have more english words and the italian colonized southern somalia would have more italian words.
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    Mr. Deni, for some reason is shaping out to be the worse leader (at least the law-and-order front) where Pirate-land is concern. And we in Somaliland have in stake in his meager ability to ensure he can at least maintain some sort of order in his fiefdom. Otherwise, the spillover will come to our side of the border. It seems he lacks funds to manage the basic salaries of his militias. But I think the big salient picture is that the southern's regions beyond Pirate-land are more and more re-orientating their economic activities towards Mogadishu. And that in effect means, Pirate-land is losing the economical life-blood she used to be to the central regions previously. And more the port of Berbera gets to be modernized and gets to be rebuilt to an international standard, in turn, will mean that most of the eastern regions of Somaliland will gradually get to wean-off from their old habit of using the port of the city of Bossaso. Hence, cumulatively, it means, that, year by year, the long term economic prospect of Pirate-land will get dimmer and dimmer in each passing year, particularly, so long as the factors effecting her, economically, are out of her hand (as they are already). And that, in turn, will mean she will be out of option when it comes to trying to do anything about it.
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    Tallaabo, Saaxiib, you let yourself down some times, particularly when you go out of your way to educate a sniffling troll who is essentially a defeated lot ilk, like this waffler you have responded to, given that he can't do jack-all to Somaliland, but, actually he thinks, he can get something with trolling spleen against Somaliland. Hence, don't you know he knows the difference between the two historical episodes? Of course, he knows it. It just he has such a hatred for those who bested him, namely Somaliland, who even were literally "feeding" his ilk in Badhan the other day. So, he does what he does best, which is to come here in SOL so that he can relieve off himself the bitter spleen and the bile he is harboring against Somaliland. In other ewordfs, wii ku ciil-baxaa cayda duriyadda, maadaama aanu xoog wax kaga waado aanu heynin, gacantoodana ay in badan oo tolkii ahi ay hood joogaan.
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    Suldaanka, Actually, I do doubt whether he knows the "innate difference" between the two "concepts". Or have the meanest of intelligence to actually cotton-on to it, if one were to read it to him by verse and by line sort of explanation. So, consider that as another "crippling disability" in which he is being made low with it, on top of being the usual senseless troll in which we have around here of SOL.
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    The right word here is 'confiscation'. When someone 'steals' something, it is usually done without the knowledge of the owners. Confiscation by government is done all over the world. You can try look up the laws in the place you reside. Here in Australia, hoon car drivers (usually youth with cars that are modified for high performance engines) get their vehicles permanently impounded. The police then take those vehicles get destroyed. More than 100 hoon cars destroyed in Vic each month AU.NEWS.YAHOO.COM Over 100 cars are being crushed in Victoria each month, with most belonging to hoon and drink drivers.
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    Somaliland has recorded 22 new cases out of 150 tests taken over the last few days. The total number of cases found now stands at 40. With 5 deaths. The president has underscored the need to adhere to the medical professional guidelines. Also some new measures will be introduced. These include the shutdown of the flea markets (Suuq Duqsiile) around the country.
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    Two words I found funny as a kid growing up in Bilaajo Carab: Shuun and Laandheer.
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    Siyaad barre iyo senior' kii kacaanka markoodii hore waxay ku heshiiyeen inuu siyaad barre hogaamiyo noqdo da'da iyo khibrada labadaba iyo asagoo ahaa taliyihii ciidamada. Balse shirkii ugu horeeyay bay kala sxiixdeen, inaysan ayagu is inqilaabin wixii towrada hub kala hor yimaadana la tookto. Inqilaabkii ugu horeeyay waxaa abaabulay madaxdii dalka la qabatay oo ay ugu horeeyeen caynaanshe gabayre. Kacaankii aan dhiiggu ku daadan wuxuu noqday in dhiig lagu ilaaliyo oo qof walbaa naftiisa u baqo wixii maalintaa ka dambeeyay. Allaha u naxariisto dhamaantood. Waxaa aad u muhiim ah in la fahmo inqilaabka sidiisuba xaq ma ahaa mise xaq ma ahayn? Ayadoo shacabku kusoo daalay dawladihii rayidka ahaa oo musuq maasuq iyo qabiilaysi iyo is daba mar looga maaro waayay, bay timid dhimashadii madaxweyne sharmaarke allaha u naxariisto. Ka dib waxaa dhacay in baarlamaankii madaxa isla galo oo jid iyo jaho laga waayo dalkiina khal khal dhan kasta ah galo. Markaas ka dib yaa towradii barakaysnayd dhalatay 21'oc 1969. Waa la shanlaystay waa la sinaaday, waxabaa lawada qabsaday, qabiil baa la aasay, wax barashaa la aaday, kala sarayn waa la waayay iyo gabar reer boqora yaa soo socota. Inqilaabkii labaad yaa dhib badnaa ee c/laahi yuusuf iyo cirro. Arragtidayda waa hooyadii burburka ee soomaaliya. Dadkii waxaa la baray inay qabiil u kala baxaan, inay Ethiopia la dumiso qabiilada soomaaliyeed dalkooda hooyo. Way ka guulaysteen siyaad barre aakhirkiina xukunkii way ka tuureen, laakiin meel cidla ah bay isku waraysteen lagama sheekayn jaro waa sheeko dheer laga wada dharagsanyahay. Hadaba dagaalkii 90'kii ka dib wax faa'iido ah malaga helay? Khasaaraha in bada yaa layska waraystay laakiin faa'iido muhiim ah yaa ku jirtay. Aragtidayda faa'iidada laga helay, waxaa ugu waynaa... Beelo badan yaa berigii hore waxaa ka dhaadhacsanaa mana talin kartaan qabiil kalena kama adkaan kartaan caqliga wayn dacaayadda lama gelin karo way kasoo noqotaa buufis yaa lagu riday intaasoo sano. Nasiib wanaag labadiiba way dhacday oo maalinkaas bay kor fiiriyeen. USC' way adkaatay. Snm' way talisay. Laakiin mushkiladda jirta waxay tahay wali qalbigoodu sidii la rabay uma buskoon. Tusaale waxaad usoo qaadata farmaajo. Markay arkeen maamul hufan waxay bilaabeen oohintii 90kii ka hor, waqooyi iyo koonfurba asagoon beeshiisii la joogin wax gaarana u hayn. Warka markii lasoo koobo meel hoose waa laga talin karaa Qabiil ahaana waa looga adkaan karaa qabiil kale. Balse buurta meesha ugu saraysa waxaa kaliya oo ku gayn kara daacadnimo iyo xasad la'aan. Allahuma aslax axwaalnaa jamiican.
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    ^^^^ Yep, it's all a fake-news, ginned up by those from Villa Somalia who thinks internet trolls, fake-news accusations, facebook's cheap propaganda, and twitter bots, as well as the likes of Sheegato Saalaxo of SOL can do something to Somaliland; when on the other hand, they have been shown, that, at every meaningful political and diplomatic fight they took to Somaliland, they have lost and lost, decisively. Now all they have are Facebook fake news and some kind of a "donkey-legged-looter" from Deyniile, like this fellow in here call Cadnaan1, who thinks he can damage Somaliland with the bogus accusation of this kind in which he simply got it from Facebook.
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    Suldaanka, That actually reminded me of a larger point I had forgotten about it. You see Mr. Cheeseman had actually signed (or rumored to have signed off) for Ethiopia to have or operate four (4) as of yet unspecified ports in southern Somalia. And so far no one has asked the likes of Mr. Cheeseman and Villa Somalia to level up with this pseudo-parliament they have currently. Not even one lowly Minister was called-in to explain this sort of under-hand understanding, or even to tell the names of these ports to these pseudo-parliamentarians, which allegedly, was given to Mr. Abiye Ahmed. However, as you know, the moment Berbera's port issue came about they were screaming to high heaven, as if they could do anything about it. And the taste of the pudding is that, whilst they have passed all sorts of alleged "legal resolutions" against Berberra's port and its development by the likes of DP World, the port itself is getting developed, and nicely coming along to a fine and dandy conclusion in terms of its modern standard re-construction of it. Thank you very much for the likes of the DP World, one has to say it. And finally, when they know all of that which took place in relation to Berbera's port and in terms of how Somaliland had made a laughing stock out of them with their toothless legal resolution, they have yet to ask of themselves the question that will say: if we can't even get a straight answer from Villa Somalia in terms of how many ports, and which ones, they have given to Ethiopia, then, what hope do we have to be taken seriously by the likes of Somaliland? Particularly, considering the fact, that, the moment we even possibly get to Berbera's city, as alleged Pseudo-Parliamentarians from Somalia, we will all of us - every one of us - get arrested on sight in Berbera's port, as an "illegal trespassers". It seems to me, that, these guys are as much into "Igu-Sawir-parliamentary-motions" as the guys in Villa Somalia are into "Igu-Sawir-World-Bank-donated-cash", which is what they have tried to do with that money from the World Bank in which they have tried to relabel it as "Baxnaano fund" that was allegedly coming from Villa Somalia.
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    Where is the so called Parliament that used to foam from the two sides of their mouth when it comes to Somaliland/Berbera. Apparently, they are no where to be seen when it comes to the Xabashida. No one talks about the Xabashida anymore. Because Xabashida not only do they exercise their military power there, but as the old saying goes 'sir iyo sawiro waa waayn' ayay ka hayaan Cheeseman They say the Israeli Mozad have a lot of compromising photos of Arab leaders doing 'Qow-mu-luud' in foreign hotels. So they threaten them that they will publish those photos if so-and-so is not done for them. Sort of blackmailing. Cheeseman sawiro waawayn ayaa laga hayaa.
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    Sheikh Adan Siiro oo ka war bixiyay xabaalaha Waqooyiga Hargeisa. The Sheikh has reported a below average number of people getting buried at the cemetery during the last 2 months in comparison the average monthly.
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    The construction of the new Berbera Port is on schedule.
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    ^^^^ Condolences to the Bulhan Family of Kenya. But, I think, the likes of Al-Shabaab will probably be the ones responsible for this atrocity with their RPGs and whatnot. We will find out soon enough the details of it, although, the Ethiopians can't be ruled out altogether either, since they have most of the heavy weapons around those areas that in turn can easily drown planes, even if they had attacked it by mistake.
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    Saalax, noo sheeg the man who composed Soomaaliyeey Toosoo asagana. Mise kaas tolka ma'aha.
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    Cheeseman claims WHO supplied PPE on a EU supplied cargo aircraft.
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    First of all cancel all flying plans. Airplanes are the worst places to catch the virus. I heard today in the radion that about 8,000 Americans in California are are under watch. Plus the Americans do not have enough testing labs for the virus. The fear is that large undetected and untested people could be coming in America from different places. Here in Canada they just caught a person who flew from Iran. Canada is well prepared. Warya Tilamook, since you are in California , that is where all the quarantined people in America are , so get your masks and avoid crowded places.
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    Originally posted by Paragon: Handooliyoow aan unaqaanaa hadaan reer Baardhere nahay. Yaa laf ruugay
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    Originally posted by Fidel: Banaadir (my birthplace and my favorite) cities: only know xamar cadeey. maybe afgooye? How about Muqdisho ?Does that city ring a bell?

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