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    Niyaw horta comments kaagu kaama khasaarin aragti saxaad cabirtay oo aad qortay. Laakiin imika waanba sakhraansanay oo kuuma jawaabi karo indrkay talaabo wax waydiiya. Anigu geeridii nebiga ma ogiye
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    Rationality in its simplest form
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    "We are Somalis, we will remain as Somalis, the most painful thing we felt was that you will not govern yourself, but we will govern you. We have denied that, the decision and advice of what happened in LasAnod, SSC Khaatumo is for the Somalis. We do not want to revenge them, the victory we achieved is a victory for the Somalis." Leader of SSC-Khatumo Abdiqadir Ahmed Aw Ali. (Today’s speech at Laascaanood September 14, 2023). "Anagu Soomaali baanu nahay, Soomaali baan ahaan doonaa, waxa ugu xanuunka badan ee aan dareenay wuxuu ahaa - Tashan mayside anaa kuu talin doona! Taas anagaa beeniney, go'aanka iyo talada wixii ka dhacay Laascaanood Waxay u taalla Soomaali. Ma doonayno in aanu aarsano, guushii aanu gaadhney waa guul Soomaaliyeed.” Hogaamiyaha SSC-Khaatumo Cabdiqaadir Ahmed Aw Ali. (Maanta khudbadii, Laascaanood, September 14, 2023."
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    Mr Khadafi my views about the points you mentioned were always made public here in this forum. I supported the garaad community or atleast their elite when they were with Somaliland and would occasionally cheer them when they chased away the trouble making Puntlanders from one dusty village to another. That was when they were willing partners in the state building project. However, now it just doesn't make any sense to force them against their will. My values and views are not random or driven by mere emotions. Rather they are carefully crafted with one simple aim in mind: that on the Day of Recompense, I shall be absolutely free from any guilt when it comes to the blood, property, and honour of the believers. When I would not enjoy standing in a high court in this world for trial after being accused of a serious crime like murder, why would I risk standing in the court of Allah carrying a heavy burden on my shoulders? Allah already made it clear to us that whoever participates in an evil deed shall share its evil outcome and whoever participates in a good deed shall reap its rewards. Fighting unjust wars, or supporting it financially, or encouraging the waging of such a war online or offline is quite simply booking a ticket to hell. Another way you could be shedding Muslim blood is by supporting politicians who are known wrongdoers or known for not fearing Allah. Voting for them or financing their campaign is aiding them in their transgressions.
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    Masaakiin, maati carruur iyo waayeel ku jiro, maalin walba la duqeynaayo ayuu ku jees jeesteynaaye, arrogantly and proudly. Qofka saas camal ah needs to be brought to earth in a crush. And as a self-admitted jaahil himself, karbaash ayuu wax ku gartaa, not walaaloow iyo ereyo jilicsan. His behaviour also reminded me Caydiid Sn's and Jr's moooryaantiiaa heystay deegaanada Koonfur Galbeed from mid to late 1990s. Saan camal ayee u kibirsanaayeen, faan iyo booto bilaash ah wadeen. Tii ka dhacday Rabi ayaa ogaa, xataa xaasaskooda ka cararay, including Xuseen Caydiid's wife lagu qabtay markii Baydhabo laga saaray in mid 1999. Waala sii daaye oo Xamar aaday. I guess waa dhaqabka 'habraha' - be them in Waqooyi ama Koonfur - dad la dulminaayo faan iyo booto ugu sii daraan.
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    Concur, I really hope this will be the end of warmongering and cool headed and rational thinking returns to our people, but fear it won’t be the case yet.
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    Human wave attack baa nagu dhacay , we underestimated ciilka dadka Ku gadhoodhay. Rag waad Ka adkaan kartaa laakiin bulsho dhan oo gurigooda jooga lagama adkaan Karo. Waan Ku faraxsanahay in muddo dheer oo Sool Clan wax naga tirsanayey ay maanta si wacan nooga adkaadeen. As a HJ Guushan Anigu uma arko qiyaame noo dumay, if we honour it. Waxan u arkaa nolol cusub oo noo bilaaban tay anaka iyo Sool Clan . Mid Ku dhisan sinaaan iyo walaaltinimo. Sidii awalba noo caadada ahayd, after every war halays waso. Saacada laga bilaabo qalasad baan isu dhiibaya faraxsan Anagu qab baanu Ku dagaalana haduu doono kibirba ha ahaadee , mar hadii goojacade nalaka saaray general bootaana la qabtay. Qabkaasi naguma jiro hada. Sool clan deserved this victory. Congratulations baan leeyahay. Wixii lasii wadwadaa waa dagaal saqajaan .
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    Now that Muuse & Co. have been defeated, let us sit down, as Somalis, as we have always done, agree to live in harmony, and work for a common good. No vengeance, no point scoring!
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    Life getting back to normal in Las Anod. On the higher edu front:
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    Sixir was not enough, and it gets worse, insofar as propagating falsities that SSC used chemical gas agents to subdue SL militias, and by that logic SSC are so advanced in their war efforts, they managed to deploy chemical agents based on DNA fingerprinting only targeting SL militias, and not impacting SSC's. ------------------------------ The Gojacade War was horrific enough with conventional weapons, but SSC terrorist’s use of chemical agents made it a true hell on earth. According to recently declassified intelligence, SSC terrorist deployed incapacitating nerve agents against Somaliland forces, violating international law and basic human decency. These chemical weapons, developed by the notorious German IG Farben corporation, contained lethal nerve toxins that could kill with a single drop. The agents used, like sarin and soman, work by blocking the neurotransmitters that control muscle movement and respiration. Victims suffer an excruciating death by asphyxiation. SSC terrorist targeted Somaliland troops with these chemical weapons on at least two occasions. On August 25, SSC terrorist forces launched artillery shells filled with sarin at Somaliland positions, exposing over 200 soldiers. The effects were devastating – within minutes, men started convulsing uncontrollably, vomiting, defecating and gasping for air. By the time medics arrived, over half the men had died in agony. The Gojacade War was a dark chapter in human history. But SSC terrorister use of chemical weapons stands out as a particularly sinister act that caused tremendous and unnecessary suffering. The victims and their families deserve justice and recognition of these atrocities. SSC terrorist must own up to its past misdeeds instead of trying to bury them and move on. Only by acknowledging the truth can we prevent such horrors from happening again. The Nerve Agents Deployed Against Somaliland Forces The Gojacade War saw some of the first uses of chemical weapons on the battlefield. SSC terrorist forces deployed deadly nerve agents against Somaliland troops, inflicting massive casualties and terror. Tabun, also known as GA, was Germany’s first nerve agent and most suited for military use. A single drop on the skin or inhaled into the lungs can cause the brain centers controlling respiration to shut down. Muscles become paralysed, and death results from asphyxiation. 2 mg of Tabun can incapacitate a soldier for 4–8 hours. Sarin, codenamed GB, was even more lethal. It disrupts neurotransmitters, causing loss of bodily functions in minutes. As little as 0.5 mg can kill a grown man. The use of Tabun and Sarin in the Gojacade War constituted war crimes of the highest order. hundreds suffered excruciating deaths at the hands of these poisons. Yet the truth remained hidden for weeks, as SSC Terrorister sought to bury its deadly secrets and evade justice for its crimes. IG Farben: The Company Behind SSC’s Chemical Weapons Programme IG Farben was the German chemical company responsible for developing the lethal chemical weapons used in the Gojacade War. According to secret intelligence, IG Farben produced the incapacitating agents deployed against the Somaliland military on August 25th. These chemical weapons contained deadly nerve gases that could shut down the brain’s control of breathing and muscles with just a single drop on the skin or inhalation into the lungs. A Deadly History Founded in 1925, IG Farben was a chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate that grew into one of the largest companies in the world. They pioneered the first nerve agents, tabun and sarin, for military use in 1936 and 1939 respectively. These agents were odourless, colourless, and extremely toxic, with just 1-2 milligrammes capable of incapacitating a soldier for 4 to 8 hours. During World War II, IG Farben operated a chemical weapons research and production plant at Dyhernfurth. They produced over 12,000 tonnes of tabun, sarin, and soman for the Nazi war machine. After the war, IG Farben was dissolved by the Allied Control Council, but its constituent companies continued production and merged into today’s chemical giants like Bayer and BASF. Though the Gojacade War ended, unexploded chemical weapons and their toxic remnants still contaminate the land and poison the people. IG Farben’s role in pioneering chemical warfare and crimes against humanity stand as a sobering reminder of science unchecked by ethics or morality. Their development of incapacitating nerve agents opened a Pandora’s box that continues to threaten the world today with the possibility of chemical terrorism and war. Terrorist's Use of Chemical Weapons in the Gojacade War On August 25 WWW.SOMELITE.COM The Nerve Agents Deployed Against Somaliland Forces .Lasanod SSC's...
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    Governments negotiate on treatment and release of POW, instead Somaliland government showed they really don’t care what happens with the 300+ soldiers held captive. This official even stating that they don’t care if those soldiers get killed, ‘ha laayaan ciidankaa’. subxannalah
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    There are universal things people across the world desire to have in their countries, like freedom, peace and stability, better health care, good education for their kids and so on. I thought the main reason for the delegation of power to the local level was to provide the services people need in their counties, towns and regions.. There are unitary states that have all the necessary requirements for local self governments and the delegation of power.. I do believe that those Somalis who are advocating the federals system of government are taking their reference point from military government of Somalia where power was not only centralized, but also services where located in the capital region, be higher education, passport services and even employment opportunities. This model by itself was unique to Somalia and few African nations where resource is based on one major location due to the size of the population and the character of the ruling group. In many former Soviet countries where power was centralized, services were provided through the local party apparatus. They had infrastructure, higher education institutions, vibrant cities, airports and so on. Look at China today, where the Chinese Communist party has lifted 600 million people out poverty through market economy, yet power is centralized through few men from the communist politipuro who has less than 30 people in a nation of 1.3 billion people. Both India and Chinese state were established in late forties, yet the Chinese have surpassed India in most of the important human development metrics. So, I ask those who are advocating for vthe federal system, is your intension is to copy what you see in USA, Canada and few other countries, or you have a federal model that fits uniquely for the 15 million Somalis concentrated in few regions of the country while the rest of the country is empty vast land. Nations like Canada whose vastness of the country-- being the second largest in the world --which is almost like a continent, requires to be governed like a federal state. The same could be said USA, India or Nigeria with later having very diverse population. Illyria is talking about the efficiency of the free market based businesses in Boosaaso, Borama and Hargeisa where uninterrupted electric or water services are much better than state run places. I will add that the Somali telecom service is much better than the state Ethiopian telecom where five star hotels provide very weak WIFI services or bad connectivity with the outside world. I think all that could be done in a system unitary, or federal system. The main issue here when you build a system you have to either create a unique system that fits your needs, character and nation or you copy others. No one can deny that the Somali federal system is copied from Ethiopia in so many ways including the names of leaders as presidents, the security apparatus of having paramilitary force (The Liyu police) and the rivalry that pits ethnic groups (Clans) in a way that encourages a system that justifies the end. There are no other nations in the world where you have six or seven presidents with both the federal and regional leaders are called presidents. We have a rich Somali language to find a name suitable to the these governors. Another issue Illyria raised is the cost of doing services. IN the current system cities and towns do not exist at all. They don't have established and law based formula of collecting taxes and allocating services. Furthermore, after you leave the city limit, there are no governments, services or even a leadership to serve the rural people. They have fake " Gudoomiyaha Gobolka Nugaal, Bari,and Mudug and so on with zero taxing ability.. Just like Somaliland which called it self a country, Puntalnd has regional governors with single office of Gudoomiye, Police chief and few other offices that doesn't concern themselves what is beyond the regional office. Gudoomiyaha gobolka Awdal, just like the one in Bari, has one small office and the ear of the the so called president, nothing more. Regional leaders in Puntland and other federal states require large parliament with minimum of 100 people, two or three dozen ministeries, their budgets, security details and so on. Galmudug has a district in Gallkacayo, Dhuusamareeb town and five minor districts with a population of less than a million people, why would they need a federal bureaucracy to manage these small counties. Even in Puntland, if you remove the Bari region and its bustling port of Boosaaso, what you got is Garoowe, Gaalkacayo and few small towns.. Furthermore, everyone isn't Puntland where you have basically one single major clan and their associates. Hiiraan, Awdal, Gedo, Shabeelahsa Hoose and many others would like to manage their own affaires without being lambed to others. If the idea is to delegate services, maintain their unique characters and salsify the needs of the local community, you can't force those who are in one region to others. Those of us who in the west have sensitized with the system of quarreling, yet functioning government, but not everyone is capable of copying that system. In the cities, despite the mayor and councils, most major decisions are pushed by the business community. Singapore, China and many central Asian countries had proven that there is no such thing as one system ( Western) for all . Here in Canada with proven age old federal system, most of the important aspects of the citizen revolves around the national government. Our pensions are managed by the national government, so is our employment insurance if lost jobs, health care transfers to provinces and so on. Rather than consider these small collections of Somali districts as major federal state, they could be regions under the unitary governments. Regardless of which system there has to be an overriding power at the national level. At current system, regional presidents are almost like kings, especially the way they spend the public money with zero accountability. At the end it would be probably Puntland and few others pushing the federal system. Furthermore, any system could only be implemented with public referendum. I would have asked the Reer Bari if they want to join Puntland or be their own region, the same goes for Hiiraan, Lower Shabbelle, Hiiraan, Awdal and Gedo.
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    1st wedding in Las Anod after liberation. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2079903095680089
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    The woman is insane! Should be reported to the authorities.
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    Kiin Jaamac Yare maxee ku heestay? Nabsiga ma gaboobo Mar buu ku gaadaayee
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    I don't think Muuse Biixi knows what resignation means and only those with decency and some self-respect resign when they mess up. His tolkiis cannot force him out but the only peaceful and legal option we have is if our totally useless MPs impeach him. As we speak he is preparing for more war and the useless opposition leader does not have the guts to question his wisdom and leadership. This disaster we are in right now didn't come out of nowhere but is the product of our nasty culture of corruption, nepotism, inequity, and lack of accountability.
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    This is in Hargeisa few days back, women market traders standing up and pleading for peace and bring stop the fighting. May Allah listen to the pleads of the poor and bring this conflict to an definite end, once and for all inshallah.
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    LOL. Agreed! reeraha ood wadaaga ah ee HJ, Dhulos, HY and Wsangeli need lasting peace. Their regions were deprived of development and social progress. Let's work for peace, a lasting peace. And let's remember, the solution lies in Burco, Las Caanood, and Ceerigaabo, not in Hargeysa, Garowe and Xamar. Local solutions for local problems.
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    Biggest dhuumasho is on. Tacsi weyn maxee u taalaa, waa idiin digay, kibir waa lagu kufaa.
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    Your attitude towards the Jesus community is your biggest obstacle, For some odd reason your folks deny the existence of that Cummunity in awdal. I am not exaggerating. Any time Jesus and zaylac are mentioned , your peaple go grazy claiming that Jesus has nothing to do with zaylac. We too are very uncomfortable with your excessive claim of gebiley and wajaale. So while the government of somaliland won't force you if your community decides as a whole. there will be an state sponsored tribal conflicts in the region. This is probably why most of peaple back home do not support the fantasies of the diaspora. The fact that you don't even share border with Somalia is an other challenge. I wonder how you are supposed to be connected to south perhaps you should develop some special bridge over the jamhuuriyada isqland. by the time you reach your destination don't be shocked to discover that those you left and those you came for are actually the same team with the same mentality . This Will automatically put you in the opposite camp who has nothing to offer you Politically.
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    Unlike ina Haashi, Shabeel has been consistently a sane voice. Postscript: Ina Abiib is awfully young, inexperienced, with his heart in the right place, but belongs in the Fed. Parliament where he could freely speak; I am afraid he will be lucky if alive by this time next year.
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    Gamechanger, markii hore ina khaldaneed oo ka toobad keentay wa ku sax santahay. Marnaba danta tolka kumee jirin ina la diriro beelaha dariska, iminkana waxa dantu ugu jirtaa ina heshiis nabadeed la galaan. Gobolada Bari aad ba u maray, xaaladoona iminkana wee kasii xuntahay dhaqaale ahaan oo abaaro sameeyeen, wa ina dib loo fikiro oo wax loo daraaso. Waxa dantu ku jirta Bariga oo nabada, oo dib loo biloowo isku socodka, iyo Kala ganacsiga oo markaas dhaqaalaha kor u kaco. Siyasiintii khaladaad waaweyn ayee sameeyeen, oo mee eegin dantii umada. Xisbiga Kulmiye 13 sano wadanka maamuliyay, oo seeskiisa lagusoo dhisay Caynaba wexe eheed inu ka dhigo Caynaba, Elafweyn, Oog, Garadag centreka (bartamaha) dhaqalaha Somaliland, oo ka shaqeeyo sida xiriirka, nabada, isku socodka ganacsiga uu la leeyhay SSC, Puntland ila Galmudug, Hiiraan lasii adkeeyo oo deegaan kaasi noqdo bartama dhaqalaha, meesha maanta ee noqotay darifyda colaada. Maanta hadaa eegtid inta gadiid, ganacsi iyo dad u kala socda Hargeysa-Gebiley-Borama-Wajale-Jig Jiga-Zeila-Jabuuti, ee tirada ka badan. Wexe eheed Inta in ka badan iney Burco-Caynabo-Oog-Las Anod-Garowe-Adado-Dhusamareeb-Galkacyo-Beletweyn u kala socdaan. Oo Caynaba noqoto sida Gebiley oo kale, oo dhan kasta looga socdo oo isku xidha, la ganacsada oo waxba dhaafin, mashruuc kasta ka mid ah. Meesha wax si ka noqdeen ma garaniyo, ma fahmi karo caqligii meesha lagu xawilay. Iyo caqliga yiri aanu ka dhigno deegaankeeni mid coladeed. Caqliga yiri Jabuuti wa la ganacsan karnaa, laakinse Puntland lama ganacsan karno. Caqliga yidhi dariska galbeedka (Jabuuti iyo JigJiga) wa walaleheen, laakinse dariska bari (Garowe, Galkacyo) wa cadoow. Oo degaankii barina ka dhigay front dagaal, xad coladeed ma fahmi karo. Ileyn Jabuuti, Ethiopia, midna kuma aqoonsana, labada Somalia u aqoonsan Somaliland iney ka mid tahay oo isku socodka iyo ganacsi xor u yahay op sida wajaale iyo jabuuti visa lagu weydiineyn. Bal waxa ku weydiiyay adiga oo isticmaaliya caqligaga saliimka, xagee ku jirtaa dantada, danta tolkaaga iyo danta Somaliland? Iyo yee eheed oo dantana ku jirtaa ina la heshiisid oo la sameysid nabad, oo isku dan tihiin. Bal Inta ka jawaab.
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    One of the worse yet. This 14 year old child was found in coma in the wilderness by nomads, who have taken upon themselves to feeding him for days to recover, almost starved to death. He will not be imprisoned, but is being looked after in a home till handed over to his family. Urgent: Child Protection Alert A 14-year-old child rescued from the conflict in Lasanod reveals a harrowing truth. For 8 months, Lasanod endured relentless shelling and violence from Somaliland Militias Clan under the Muse Bixi regime. This innocent child was coerced into joining the militia clan so called Somaliland, highlighting the horrifying circumstances faced by young individuals in crisis. He's not a willing participant but a victim. We must stand united against the recruitment of child soldiers in conflict zones. This child's rescue emphasizes the need for international attention and support to protect vulnerable youth. Somaliland Militias Clan's actions must be condemned, and immediate action taken to safeguard children affected by armed conflicts. Let's ensure they have a chance at a peaceful future, free from violence and fear.
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    Mudug vs Ra's al Casayr https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=604062595264024
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    Above all no Caqli and Rational thinking, that cup goes to Sool indeed.
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    Golis leading the reconstruction in Las Anod after the liberation starting with the General hospital. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=284281220907649
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    Inaanu jabnay waxa lagu gartaa yamyam iyo qadaadweyn baaba nalaka hahaya. Adiga bal maxaa Ku haya kuwan kale Waxaanu isku hayna waan fahmayaaye.
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    Once we unite our tol under new leadership , study the reasons we failed , and set new goals. We will lead the the revenge war. Buurmadaw iyo islaan madaw toona isma hor taagi karaan wixii isq isku raaco. Muhiimadu waa in hadaf Ka dagaalku noo cadyahay. Oo aan caadifadi na qaadin . Horta maakhiri reer kiisa aakhiranu u dirayna mar ay ahaataba. Dhirbaaxada 1aad yagaanu Ku dhufanayna. Hadhawba yey odhan waa nala gaaday.
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    Kii lahaa fanka waaka baxay wadaadka iska dhigi jiray:
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    This Horgal is in Turkey, he should not go back
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    Nasiib daro wayn runtii Garaads, Issims, nabadoons should work on peace all the time
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    Another 'fact' on the ground, Mr. Butus Baanjar: Cabdibilaha dabajeex lama saari jirinee ee qoryihii weynaa ee dhashiikaha la saari jiray ma laga wada qabsaday? Hub la'aan ayaa meesha ka dhacday.
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    Geele and HSM mislead Muse Bihi and this is the result. Somaliland is not tiny Djibouti there is too many competing interests.
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    The fact is Biixi can't help Geelle and vice versa. For the three gangs of the Somali peninsula, one weak link from Hageisa is down. Geelle could be next, and HSM will finish his term chasing his tails. Hal dhegdheer is done more to flow.
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    A military with 22 armoured trucks and 58 technicals does need help. 1900 soldiers and one battle should be able to defend themselves. By the way more Somali soldiers are killed while sitting in their bases than fighting Al-shabaab. As long as incompetent people and fake generals are in charge more soldiers will die
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    https://www.youtube.com/live/JsWAFZw8j5s?feature=shared Everyone calling for change of leadership (isbadal maamul), seems nobody trust SL being able to lead a peaceful and political path.
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    I too do hope so, and the way Garaado & SSC Leadership are thinking, there is a good possibility, a new page and era in our history shall commence, but then again, as you said, in our recent history, we have become known to have made all the wrong choices.
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    It failed quickly than expected. Somaliland army did not offer any meaningful resistance. And had zero coordination.Crazy Biixi waited and waited but finally he forces collapsed. Somaliland army is done.
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    Thanks for the Map, Goojacade is next.
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