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    Waiting for Ethiopia and N&N stooges. Kismayo airport.
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    Somalia waxay noqotay prostitute oo ay Ku dagaalamayaa two pimp's and each one is saying back off this is my bitch
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    Intii Jamhuuriyadda barakaysan ee Somaliland jirtay waa markii u horeysey ee Sucuudigu si wanaagsan u qaabilo Madax ka socota Somaliland amaba jaaliyadda Somaliland ee Sucuudigu ay ula kulmaan Madaxweynahoodda. Warancade oo arintan ka waramaya ka dhugo clipkan
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    Haye Dalmar Awyare, maanta dowladda dhexe u qiratay waxqabadkeeda miyaa? Tell me what are xirta tuugada ah aad taageertid - Fiqi, Qeybtiid, C/shakuur iyo Odowaa - doing than the usual qalalaaso abuurid so they can pocket and continue isbaaro ways in 2019? What business does Fiqi have in Kismaayo? Muxuu u aadi la yahay meesha loogu baahanyahay maamul la'aana ah bilooyin, isqabqabsi weyna ka jiro. He knows he is in irrelevant in those deegaano he claims to represent. This why Xaaf aamusiisay, he had seen the reality. Gobollada Mudug iyo Galgaduud horumar ayee u baahanyihiin. Haddaa kuwa aan kor ku soo xusay ee dhab ka tahay Soomaaliya horumarto deegaanadooda ka bilaabi lahaayeen.
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    Gurey was always the strong man and has been with SL from the beginning, to correct Suldaan, he was more heavy weight than Governor who switched sides earlier. This is BiG loss for SL.
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    Dalmar, Please do not fall Failmajo trick to buy Galmadug Votes with false promise. Qatar ain't gone build anything for you and has no history helping any one except The terrorist.
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    Sheikh Sharif and the ICU spilt blood to remove this warlord from Mogadishu. Farmajo today handed back to him in a silver platter.
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    Mwani Qatar to build Hobyo Port in Somalia WWW.GULF-TIMES.COM Mwani Qatar has entered into an investment partnership with the Somali side to construct the Hobyo Port in Mudug region of central Somalia ... Mwani Qatar has entered into an investment partnership with the Somali side to construct the Hobyo Port in Mudug region of central Somalia, HE the Minister of Transport and Communications Jassim bin Saif al-Sulaiti announced on Monday. The Ministry of Transport and Communications said this investment reflects the strength of bilateral relations between Qatar and the Republic of Somalia, adding that this project is a key building block to the field of cooperation in maritime transport, and will contribute to opening new horizons of cooperation between the two countries for the benefit of the two peoples. A ministry press release said the Hobyo Port will be designed and built according to the latest international standards and according to the highest standards in safety and security fields, in a way that will bring many economic benefits for Somalia in terms of the investment returns and the great business opportunities that the port will offer by enhancing the commercial relationship with new markets in Africa and access to international markets, in addition to providing maritime services to wider areas in Somalia. The Hobyo Port is an important Somali harbour due to its proximity to the Bab al-Mandab Strait, one of the most important sea crossing points in the world. It is also important due to its location in the Mudug region , which links the south and north of the country. Mwani Qatar is responsible for managing the nation's seaports and shipping terminals. Alongside its oversight of the country's quays, dry ports, and container terminals, Mwani Qatar provides navigation assistance and pilotage, towage, and Aids to Navigation (AtoNs) as well as loading, unloading, cargo handling, and storage. It is also involved in developing seaports and related services in line with international standards.
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    Seriously judging form Muse Bihi eyes the man needs psychopathy. I swear the man has depression and a sickness from the civil war days. He should be in treatment and not president of Somaliland. Shame keeps Somalis from getting help.
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    His “schooling” consisted of being trained how to shoot an ak47 and be used as canon fodder. He mention in another post he did his “national service”, aka kacan canon fodder in lower shabele. I truly believe the most dangerous Somalis are the unrepentant kacanist old guard. They must be quarantined from any kind of power.
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    Don’t blame him too much, he was “educated” by the kacan, meaning he was taught Jaale siyad songs, not logic, reason or how to be a balanced human. He is full of a very effective soviet style propaganda.
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    If not solved soon, the Yemen problem will end the Saudi family rule.
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    Between my posts and your posts, its clear to the readers who is providing official published government statistics, and who is literally posting stream of consciousness drivel with no sources, no facts nor any evidence. Its embarrassing for you, I get it. You were caught lying. But remember, this is not the first time you were caught lying in these forums, dadkuun baa kaa xishooniya ee waxaad walaaqeysid waa la wada arkaa. No wonder you are the butt of jokes here with your trademark "my sources told me [insert fantasy scinario here]". Its a little pathetic if you ask me. To get back to the topic, we actually have official figures of the Somali Democratic's Ministry of Education. Let me post them again: Your lie is busted and your beloved Awdal had only two general secondary schools, placing it 11th nationally. This is embarrassing. And here you were trying to claim it was 3rd after Mogadishu and Hargeisa regions You are lying again. If you want to discuss middle school (officially called intermediate schools in Somali gov statistics), I am more than happy to oblige (spoilers: Awdal does not fair well here either). Anyway: Sh. Dhexe (58 schools) Banaadir (53 schools) Juba Hoose (51 schools) Woqooyi Galbeed (42 schools) Juba Dhexe (39 schools) Bay (39 schools) Hiiraan (39 schools) Bari (29 schools) Gedo (24 schools) Galgaduud (22 schools) Togdheer (20 schools) Sanaag (18 schools) Awdal (18 schools) Mudug (16 schools) Bakool 10 schools) Sool (8 schools) Nugaal (8 schools) This time Awdal placed 13th nationally (). You need to stop this, the evidence is pretty conclusive that you lied. You are just embarrassing the good people of Awdal now. Just. Stop. Ministry of Education Planning Unit: Primary Education Headmaster/Mistress by Region 1987-88: You can not lie in the age of information. We actually have access to figures and can easily ascertain whether your statements are factual or not. Nin weyn baad tahee xishood, people can see you are lying, they are just not wanting to damage your fragile ego. Falsifying history will not get you anywhere. Do not bother replying if it will be another badly-written essay with no official Somali Republic government sources. You need to either substantiate your claims from official sources and provide citations or admit you lied. No third option.
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    This is what I was talking about. Madoobe dude with his Kiikuuyo masters who get a substantial cut in dhuxusha trade (and tragic desertification of our national landmarks in the process). Geeljire like Madoowe has no idea what that entails. His mentality is for living today. He must be removed, by all means. Let his cousins be a so-called madaxweyne ku sheeg in Kismaayo as long as this national tragedy of cutting trees stops. This is bigger than one man.
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    Odey Galbeedi, you are lying. The entire Awdal region had only two secondary schools in 1984. You are lying when you say Borama alone had three secondary schools. And unlike your selective memory, random made up sources, and fantasies that you post as facts, I am posting official sources from the Somali Republic's Ministry of Education, particularly the Planning Department: You are trying to pass off a lie as a fact. All of Awdal had only two secondary schools. Awdal was entirely unremarkable when it comes to no. of schools (not third to Mogadishu and Hargeisa as you claimed). In fact, according to official data, your beloved region of Awdal was ranked 11th in terms of no. of secondary schools. Regions were ranked as follows: Banaadir (21 schools) Sh. Hoose (10 schools) Woqooyi Galbeed (8 schools) Bay (6 schools) Juba Hoose (5 schools) Togdheer (4 schools) Hiiraan (4 schools) Sh. Dhexe (4 schools) Sanaag (3 schools) Gedo (3 schools) Bari (2 schools) Juba Dhexe (2 schools) Nugaal (2 schools) Galgaduud (2 schools) Awdal (2 schools) Sool (1 school) Mudug (1 school) Bakool (1 school) See where your lies get you? Have you no shame to make such extraordinary lie? The kacaan you love so much thought of you as an inconsequential backwater district. Another lie. I do not get what you get from lying when the size of a city is easily calculated via satellite imagery. Anyways: Burco: Borama: Borama is not even half the size of Burco. As for the rest of your drivel, it is not even worth responding to. Be ashamed of yourself. You do not have an objective reason to be so hateful. Your region of Awdal was literally a backwater, Somaliland's declaration of independence was literally the best thing that happened to it and to your community, who went from being politically insignificant minority to securing VP post in Somaliland for what seems like eternity now, seeing your largest settlement grow from the village we saw in the photograph above to the 3rd largest city in Somaliland. By all metrics you are better off. And yet here you are hating on the benevolent Somalilanders who showed your community kindness. You need to change old man, Somaliland is not going anywhere. If you do not you risk dying an embittered soul.
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    In this day and age where Satelitte imagery is available to the masses, it is very hard to make such outlandish claims without concrete evidence. Looking at Google Earth, anyone can verify the area and density of these cities you have mentioned. Burco is bigger than Borama, and Borama is apparently bigger than Bosaso. Go figure.
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    Ninka intan oo marxaladood u soo maray kursiga ayaa Cheeseman oo America casiirka ku jaqaayay doonaya inu la kaftamo. Wax ayaan kaftan galin.
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    This is the Map Kenya published on its official twitter account.
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    I have come to accept Soomaalida inta damiir leh is minuscule!
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    The Sawahilis are playing with fire. Madoobe is their man and the only way to cut the Kenyan snake is to defeat Madoobe. I think the lines are drown clear. If you are with Madoobe , you are with Kenya. if you are against Madoobe, you are with Somalia and its government. Nin Sheikh ah oo Saaxiibkay ah ayaa cabaar labadii kun waxa uu yidhi isaga oo ka hadalaya dagaal ogayaashii Somalia iyo taageerayashoodi ayaa waxa uu yidhi, ' Nin baa aakhiradiisi iyo Aduunyadisiiba u seegaya nin kale aduunyadii" Why the end of Madoobe is doomsday for many Somalis? I do not understand. They kept talking about dictatorship holding to power in Somllai many years ago, yet, they can't let it go a guy who runs one city. Cajiib. Having a pro Somali leader in Jubba will help the efforts of the Somali army in the Jubbaland area, and will dismantle Kenyan plans. It is simple as that.
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    I feel like, I am vindicated here. Cheeseman will leave a trail of destruction and distrust. When he is finally booted out in 12 months or so, he will go into the annals of history as a sell out, a fraud, Ethiopian Puppet, and above all a coward.
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    Demographics dictate that the Somalilanders will always be in charge of their little niece in Borama. This was always the case. It is only under the benevolent leadership of Somalilanders that the little niece in Awdal is flourishing. Unfortunately some cuqdad-ridden individuals have selective and very short memories. As a reminder: This great leadership of Somalilanders turned a sleepy village in Borama into Somaliland's 3rd largest city, it nurtured and protected vulnerable (sometimes traitorous) niece of the Somalilanders and enabled her to flourish. For once, our recalcitrant niece should show some grace and be thankful
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    If we keep reading tribal propaganda, Farmaajo is a D block that is against certain tribes. Yet, he is building a port in the heart of central Somalia where most of his fervent oppositions hail from. Neither Hassan Sheikh nor Shariif Ahmed could it for Galmudug what Farmaajo is doing for those community. In Awdal we have have economic, historical and family connection with Djibouti. It would be economically feasible to connect Djibouti to Borama and build that road which was in the plans for 40 years. Zaylac is also a historical place that should have a local port. Yet, none of those developments will happen while the Habro are in charge. Same goes with Laasqoray. Neither Puntland nor Somaliland will build. That is why we have to dismantle these tribal " Spaaro" for the benefit of the larger public.
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    Most of these commentators, especially galbedi, have last been to Somalia when they had full head of hair, i.e ages and ages. They have no clue on the realty on the ground and digest N&N facebooks propaganda.
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    While it is the usual " Nabad baan Rabnaa", i do not trust this Reer Bari on these matters. last month he declared taxing goods at Tukaraq which means making the border official. Yet, these moves are a prelude of things to come. He is a Hassan Sheikh ally preparing himself to be the next prime minister and he is willing to throw the people of Sool under the bus just like Faroole . He and the former president want the votes of the Habro in Mogadishu and are expecting some cash from Biixi. The Reer Bari do not favour the Sool and Sanaag guys within the power structure of Puntland. Also, his moves to hold municipal elections might sideline the Sool community leaders whose land is incorporated with Somaliland. They will be forced to contest elections in no man's land. I guess the time has come for the Sool community to abandon both somaliland/Puntland and manage their affairs independently. THey have been lied to for decades.
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    I find it very interesting (base hypocrisy really) that Hysom was chased amid fanfare for “interfering in Somalia’s internal affairs” while Ethiopia and James Swan are expected by N&N to be saved in Jubbaland.
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    Dee soo hore looma odhan doofaar ma daahiro.
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    Guulwade Suldaanka thought the Hajj story of Somaliland officials a noble endeavor as a propaganda coup but this pictures tells a different story.
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