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    Caabudwaaq probably was a place of pilgrimage for the ancient Somalis. I like the fact that our people were always monotheists and as a result when Islam came to us we adopted it so easily - Waaq was now called Allah and He had a message for us. The crow is given a good reputation in Qur'an as the bird sent by Allah to show Adam's criminal son who murdered his righteous brother out of jealousy how to bury his dead brother's corpse.
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    Soomaali alphabet does not have accented letters. Dal is dal and Afrika is Afrika. The accented words were made by that website itself to help their non-Soomaali readers, I guess. Labaatan is for 20 correct. Labalaab is for double for another example. What time is it? = Meeqo saac waaye for Koonfur or imisa saac for Waqooyi folks. Gorgor the bird is eagle in English. Vulture is baqalyo, I think. Other wild bird names: Hawk = dafe Falcon = galeyr Owl = guumeys Ostrich = goronyo Crow = tuke (The Soomaali word for 'pray' (tuko) comes from this bird's name. It appears the ancient Soomaalis in a way had a high regard to this bird as were other ancient people.) Also the sound this crow bird makes, waaq, entered the ancient Soomaali lexicon for God's name. Ancient Soomaalis called God 'waaq.' There are many Soomaali words this word has as a suffix or prefix. Words like barwaaqo (God's place/blessed by God), ceelwaaq (God's well), jidwaaq (God's path), garwaaq (God's judgement) and waaqdhowr (protected by God).
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    Rabi ha u raxmado inta ku geeriyootay. Laakiin didn't dowladda dhexe send qalabka neefsashada along with testing equipment to maamul goboleedyada?
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    Almost all Muslim Scholars use calculation for negation, meaning if it is impossible to see the moon according to astronomical data, they would not accept a reported sighting. There is no arrogance in informing our Somali scholars to consult with astronomers on moon sighting so that they can avoid accepting false sighting. Those Somali scholars in the west specially bear responsibility to understand birth of the moon and location of possible sighting using astronomical data calculations.
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    SULDAANKA, Masha ALLAH nailed it, This Uluma must realise we check the clock at mosque, for prayer time, not go out and look at the sun, and shades.
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    If you were castaway, far away from humanity and have no access to anything that can help you. Then you can employ those old methods. But so long that you can verity or have access to tools that can help you to verify, or know people who have access to the right tools that have better chance of verifying with lesser margin of error than you do. Then the guesstimate method becomes invalid. Similarly, if you have access to time and calendar, then going outside and measuring the length of your shadow to estimate if it time for Asr is such as waste of time and may not be accurate at all. I think the lesson the Somalis should learn from this is to leave it to those who have better tools than we do. I second the Uluma in the West who called Eid on Saturday should come out and apologise.
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    I would advise all to start attending the lessons on fiqh in their local mosques and forego their fadhikudirir session once a week. You will be wiser for it. It's as they say, the more you learn, the more you realise just how ignorant you truly are.
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    Maakhiri1 I heard one Somali scholar based in Mnpls was warned that the sighting of the crescent was wrong astronomically and he kept telling the non-Somali scholar that he talked to people in Somalia and 40 people saw the new moon. These Somali scholars based in the west should investigate for themselves this matter and if they come to the conclusion that the sighting information they received was wrong, they should admit their mistake.
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    Mr. Deni waa nin xanaaq dhaw oo dulqaadkiisu yar yahay. Wuxuu doonayaa nin markuu soo socdo akhrin kara oo asagu salaanta la doonta, haduu salaanta ridiyana markuu qaboobo albaabka xafiiskiisa tartiib u garaaca asagoo is gaabinaya. Dhaqan iyo dastuur labaduba waxay ku shaqeeyaan wada tashi iyo towfiiq. Balse u malayn maayo inuu mr.deni reer ssc dhaqanka zanzibar bari karo.
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    They saw Venus which was visible to the naked eye on Friday. Ilaahay ha ka aqbalo, aqoon yari Ilaahay uma ciqaabo qofna.
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    Apophis, Aha, a typical carpet-baggers, is all that the lot of them are, is all I can say. In fact, if this is true (and it gets to be confirmed by other media's portals), then it shows how this is was a scam to them, a kind of a "get-rich-quick-scheme". And, of course, the first sign of trouble they are heading back to their "adopted western's countries", and are leaving the stricken masses of Somalia to their wretched fates. In other words, if you hire an NGO-minded Somali expatriate, and then the first sign of inconvenience reality in which he or she may run into it, they will be crying: "Oh, uncle Western's nation, please, Sir, take me out of this hell-hole" (or words to that effect).
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    They came with a laptop and a brief case. Also most likely they are the ones that imported Coronavirus to the city. They are now fleeing back with bags full of cash - cash from the tax collected from the businesses and Mogadishu's residents. Of course, as usual, the residents will bear the brunt of disaster they left behind.
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    ^Loooooool Adeer,Baambow or Xantalay wax maruugo,Wuu dhuunjiya lee. Ar unukaa wax aragne,war where are the Kawanleeys?
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    Originally posted by Paragon: Handooliyoow aan unaqaanaa hadaan reer Baardhere nahay. Yaa laf ruugay
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    Hal Lugeey/Lug ka bood Ahem, mm, err, what? Let me help you out, My guess is the Somali version of the Cha Cha song *Right Foot One Hop, *~Drrr~..* *Left Foot One Hop~*Drrr~*, *Slide to the Right,*Dururrrru!* *Slide to The left. *Dururrrru!*…… *~Cha cha real smooth now..~*.Dhundhurrur..Drrrr…Cha cha Again……* 1. Kuun Kuun Lamina 2. Kabteey Bilataa 3. Dhakac Dhakac 4. Hal Lugeey/Lug ka bood 5. Gariir/Imbiili 6. Baliil/Boojo This Defintely differs from Village to Village. The Game Played in Village Xamar is Not the Same as Village Hargeysa The rest depends on how fast you can Google. So far i came up With Gedo.
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    First of All... was that afsoomaali... waayo waxba waanka fahmi waayey walal...... Qoute 1. Kuun Kuun Lamina 2. Kabteey Bilataa 3. Dhakac Dhakac 4. Hal Lugeey/Lug ka bood 5. Gariir/Imbiili 6. Baliil/Boojo mise waa af-xamari slang......dont mind me somali slang is hard enough as it goes let alone regional slang bal next time bal afka yar jilci walal... cheers
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    Originally posted by Fidel: Banaadir (my birthplace and my favorite) cities: only know xamar cadeey. maybe afgooye? How about Muqdisho ?Does that city ring a bell?
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    1. Kuun Kuun Lamina: :confused: 2. Kabteey Bilataa: :confused: 3. Dhakac Dhakac : :confused: 4. Hal Lugeey/Lug ka bood: :confused: 5. Gariir/Imbiili : :confused: 6. Baliil/Boojo : :confused: 7. First Somali men/women died for the country: Allaho a'alam 8. Some names of provinces/cities:Have no clue I Just know where my great grandfather from 9. National anthem : I can learn and memorize 10. Knowledge of brief history of the country, resources :I know Some... Ok now would be only fair to have some kind of courses/books avaliable in the librarys/Schools to study/take before you decide to test. Salam

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