Somali born immigrants are less educated than other African born immigrants in the US, according to a US Census Bureau report

(Somalia Online ) – According to a US Census Bureau report obtained by Somalia Online, Somali born immigrants living in the US are less educated than other African immigrants in the US.

The percentage of Somali born immigrants in the US with less than high school education is nearly 40% of the total Somali born. Somali immigrants in the US also have the lowest percentage of bachelors degree among other Africans, according to the survey.


“Compared with the overall foreign-born population, the foreign born from Africa had higher levels of educational attainment (Figure 6). High levels of educational attain­ment among the African born are in part due to the large number of educated Africans who have chosen to emigrate and to many who come to the United States to pursue academic studies” the report said.

The report titled “The Foreign-Born Population From Africa: 2008–2012” put the total Somali population in the US at 76,000, with the majority of them arriving in the United States as refugees/asylum seekers and not as diversity migrants.

“Of the 1.6 million foreign born from Africa in the United States, 36 percent were from Western Africa, 29 percent were from Eastern Africa, and 17 percent were from Northern Africa, followed by Southern Africa (5 percent), Middle Africa (5 per¬cent), and other Africa (7 percent)” the report said.

You can read the full report here.

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