Today's Somaliland's Independence Day's Celebration In Hargeisa.

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Ina Cawil Mucjiso,

Although a part of me wishes to commend you for the fortitude and unending commitment that you display for this dreadful  pipe dream that is Marfashland, I can’t but help look upon thee for the pitiable wretch—doomed to ignominy and ridicule— that you’ve become.

Oodka, sir, you are brave—I will give you that...but unfortunately, you’ve regrettably managed to successfully couple bravery with abject buffoonery in pursuit of a fanciful and unrealistic notion that somehow a divided Somali clan called Reer Sheikh Ishaaq will secede from their fellow Somalis. Sheer utter rubbish, I say.

But nonetheless...keep up the good work, for you’re at a minimum doing one hella of job keeping us entertained on Somaliaonline.😎

Here’s  to your foolhardy brazenness,  and effrontery to our collective sensibilities on SOL...

Noolow saaxiib, nowlow!

Geesiga fadhikudirirka, nowlow!


The Lone Soldier by Bryan Gunn


I walk with no man, I always walk alone 

My soul made of fire and my heart of stone 

I have no pain, ignoring all that I feel 

With bones of iron and nerves of steel 

This is what I portray, fooling you all 

My emotions so strong, my defenses so tall 

But inside I'm weak, having unsettled war 

Not knowing why I battle or what this is for 

This war is unending and cease fires are few 

No shots are heard but damage is true 

What is going on here, what is this for 

I'm a lone soldier in a private war

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Mashallah! Cheers to 27 years of progress, peace, nation building and restored independence!

The celebrations from Zeila to Las Anod only reaffirm our commitment to our convictions and limitless possibilities!

Oh and for the detractors (Tilamook)...I don't need to remind you that your house is burning so don't look at your neighbours with envy ;)


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As it so happens, I do sympathize with you in here. After all, cowardly ninny like you who never had any "principle" of any kind to which to abide by it, or even to cleave his honor to it (if he had any to begin with) could be forgiven to look strangely to those who not only are brave enough beyond words, but also are the sort of folks who do have a abiding principle to which their they hold it as guiding light of their conduct.

Hence in the light of that foregoing argument, I would say, that, you do deserve my pity in most days. And my contempt in days like this, which is when I see so talking ever so silly about how those who do have (bravery and principle) ought to be the ones that deserve a funny side-ways glance at them. Instead of the likes of you, who was known not to be sporting any of these things being the one who should hide himself in shame.

Consequently, let me say in passing, that, you do remind me one of those character in who others said of them, that, they ought to have remained in silent and allow others to thing of them a fool. Instead of them opening their gobs and then removing all doubt about them henceforth. And in that sense, I can't really fathomed or even well understand as to where this fondness of yours in exposing yourself in here, actually comes from. However, I could hazard a guess and say, that perhaps the lack you have in a larger dose of intelligence may have something to do with that fondness of yours.

As for Somaliland, it's a fact of life on the ground, and others who lack the resolve of the business of manly kind are not going to be the sort of folks who will stop her in any way possible other than to rend their garment in torments and gnashing their teeth in anger.

Or failing that, then, perhaps they could only are equal to in engaging a sneaky attack of the kind Pirate-land have pulled yesterday, in which to boot, we shall answer it in our time and with the manner of our own choosing it. 

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