Cabdi Illey is welcomed by the Awdal community of Harowo region just south of Jijiga

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Its hoped that from here on our administrators of kilil and zone will be praised or blamed for what they do and never for which clan or sub-clan thay are from.

You can blame Illey and his administration for everything under the sun, but for all Somalis cannot be which clan he comes from.

His detractors in Ethiopia are as follows from highest to lowest:

1. Amhara opposition: Even though his administration has been very accomodating in providing service in Amharic or translations where warranted, they are very unhappy that all functions of kililka are done in Somali language. They also accuse him of having hidden agenda of preparing the kilil in everything from village to military power and running it as a country. Again they accuse him of Allying closely with Tigray and Afar where nomad's problems with Afar are solved easily yet problems with Oromo are gone to dangerous stages. The Oromo also were expecting the Somali to be sidekick in their struggle for power and economic development, instead in a decade has become competitor. The Oromo are extremely angry. They did not see the Somali sppeding in their rear view mirror until he arrived in the side, blind spot. That has raised few eyebrows all over Ethiopia.

2. With in kililka is hard to specify which party or group. kililka has been at war this or that for 130 years non stop. Its so exhausted economically, way of life, and is so behind in development, no peace or security for people for more than century.

You can only do everything about history low key. There are areas where the Sayid is a vilain and not a hero, ONLF is toxic in some and hero in another. Ziad Barre and Mogadishu is a nightmare for some and unsolved dream for others. But if you put things in perspective people are tolerant and can tolerate a villain if they know is a hero to their brother, as long as the brother does not overdo it and demand that every Somali should observe.


3. Just kidding: Somalis who love the Jawars more than their own. If you do not respect your own no ally will respect you. Actually they will despise you if you diminish your own to make them happy.



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I do not like the maps or how they set up. It doesn't mean that all the maps or "Gobolo" are exclusively settled by one clan or two. Our own community is divided between two regions,  the Fafan Gobol and Siti Gobol , the later has Araabi and the district of Dambal. 

Also, the maps are made by Illey himself. Jijiga as the capital should not be  under Fafan, instead all our towns who are dozens should be under the Harowo Gobol, and unless Illey changes this,  we will not rest.

I understand the Amhara opposition.  For Amhara, their monopoly of Ethiopia is done , and are always plotting for the old centralized Ethiopia. THey fear the that Somali region with it's own language and character.  Despite their agitation, the horses are left the barn, and the old Ethiopia will not come back.

For many known reasons, I do not want to fight the Oromo. We might have issues, but  I want them to be our allies. It is a natural for Oromo to expect the help of Somalis since we both suffered against the Tigray regime. They have issues with Illey due to his close connection with the Tigray and his open campaign against the the reforms that Oromo and others sought.

The people in the Kilil do not want civil war, but Illey must change. Let the locals manage their affairs and do not try to take their land for the  Chinese companies or others as it happen in the Oromo region. From the Awbare town , to Wajaale and to the way to Jijiga , there is Cabdi Illey henchmen who are the mayors, the police and the administrators. Just like what happen in Siti, people see every town and corner  filled with the Illey people. For the locals, it appears like an occupation. 

Unlike the public  perception, the Somali people are not attached to the tribe thing very deeply. Whether it is Hargeisa, Kismaayo or Mogadishu and Jijiga,  people want to lead peaceful and productive life with basic freedom to earn a living. Yet, it is politicians and leaders who by their actions remind them  which  tribe they belong.

You can not fool people in this stage. Stop blaming Oromo and others, and just fix the system to serve the people.




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9 hours ago, galbeedi said:

From the Awbare town , to Wajaale and to the way to Jijiga , there is Cabdi Illey henchmen who are the mayors, the police and the administrators. Just like what happen in Siti, people see every town and corner  filled with the Illey people. For the locals, it appears like an occupation. 

Since 2004 mostly and since 2010 completely every district in kililka has elected officials. There is not a single appointed administrator. I am sure you know as well as I do that every failed brother blames tribaly rather than with real facts of the case. The sad or funny thing is what are called Illey people were also murmuring of Liyu being full of others and Illey is using others to rule over his own. Don't give it too much credence, its not reality of the kilil.


The Oromo, I think you were the one who put an analysis here at SOL identifying the different power wings as Amharayzed, East (Moslems) and animists. I know which one you support, sometimes at expense of your fellow Somali, but it so happens to be that its the group that is in direct competition with the Somali in economic and development issues. Both have nomads and the competition for money and projects that comes for nomads. 

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    • By galbeedi
      This is a tribal war among Somali clans that must be resolved. They are defending themselves and to accuse them as  Oromo hordes taking Somali farms is false. I can't imagine how people can lie and lie just like the events of the Somali civil war where everyone would record his/her own narrative.
      Accusing one group of using Oromo army and material support is false propaganda. Have you ever heard the death suffered of this community? No. They are part of the community surrounding Jigjiga and they must be among the Somali regional government running Jigjiga. 
      here this community is calling for peace.
    • By galbeedi
      There was looting of banks and businesses, and also the burning of a church in Jijiga,  the Somali regional capital. The Federal army is occupying the city while Illey is holed up at the Liyuu Police headquarters with thousands of loyal armed men. The main question is how did we get here. . 
      In order for smooth transition, the Abiy government was supposed to remove Illey quietly and transfer power orderly until an inclusive election takes place. There are two reports that is coming from Jijiga. On the first view,  A human right campaigner who fought with the Illey government and recorded his atrocities told me this morning that Illey was summoned to appear in  Addis tribunal investigating the crimes  he committed with the help of TPLF security apparatus. Illey refused and claimed that every thing he did was coordinated with the TPLF military and intelligence. Just like America used to use dictators for their benefit and then throwing him to the wolfs at the end. Saddam Huseen, Shah of Iran and others are examples.
      As usual, the TPLF who used him for over a decade have decided to make him the only culprit or they do not want to allow him to spill the beans and tell the world how the TPLF operated.  Mengistu Hailemaruim who murdered more people than anyone in Africa was exiled for the benefit of the Ethiopian peaceful and orderly transition in 1991.The question is why Abiy is destabilizing the Somali region at this time while he had a lot of options to use?. Why wait until the last minute?.
      It is either the weakness of the current political order or the usual suspects---America, UAE and others ---advising him to visit  chaos another region inhabited by Somalis. Some people believe that the new gas deposits worth 30 trillion cubic of natural gas could trigger the gulf boys to delay another ten years and fuel another civil in yet another Somali state. We are all tired of the usual blame Oromo first of the Somalis while failing to adjust the new order. Cabdi Illey had murdered thousands of Oromo throughout the years and they would wish his disappearance , but the issue is squarely on Illey and the Addis power who want to weaken the Somali order. Almost all Hydrocarbon  deposits (Natural gas and oil) in Ethiopia are in the Somali region.
      On the second report, it is all about a despot who failed to create a leadership that could have created a peaceful transition. Like most depots , Illey had only surrounded himself with followers who can't comprehend the seriousness of the matter. He had plenty of time to realize the wave of change and transfer the power peacefully. Invoking article 39 as the Titanic goes down is useless. In this scenario, Illey were told to vacate the power and come to Addis. So far, we do not know who is supposed to replace him while his parliament and government was preparing to invoke article 39. AS soon as the parliament tried to use article 39, Abiy and the army had moved in and Illey tried to use his LIyuu police to confront them. Illey is also causing instability in the heart land which might became a full fledged insurgency. 
      In order to keep the peace and order, the Abiy government must keep the Liyuu police , the local security and order that exists and transfer power to one of the cabinet members until an election or an inclusive parliament is convened. Any other option to give power like Ahmed Chalebi of Iraq style will lead to civil war and chaos. The disbanding of the Iraqi army destroyed the change of peace in that country after the American neocons disbanded 400,000 Iraqi force. The same thing happened in 1991, when Cumar Carte disbanded the Somali army and transferred authority to tribal rebels.
      A similar scenario could take place if Abiy disbands the security and local orders in the Somali region. The unrealistic idea of disbanding the 50,000 strong Liyuu police will create instant instability and Somali tribes vying to control their territory while Ethiopia is in disarray.
      WE must all celebratory the demise of the despot, but we must also watch the new developments. A quick power transfer is a must while keeping the current order in it's place. In 1991, Cali Mahdi was elected in Djibouti while the rebel leader Mohamed F. Caydiid was chasing Siyad Barre. That quick move to install a non rebel man triggered the MOgadishu civil war. Crowning a no body from the conference of the elders in Dire Dawa will cause more or worst case scenario.
    • By galbeedi
      In Somalia , we keep getting false changes that doesn't amount to nothing.  Other than the real societal change of the October revolution of 1969, all we got was collapses and false starts. In 2000, C/qasim came from Djibouti to lead the first real government after te collapse of 1991. IT changed nothing. After C.laahi Yusuf took over with help of Ethiopia and African forces, the Islamic Courts fought him and demanded change of leadership and a new government by the courts. Since they were the leading forces against the TFG, everyone , especially the UN , assumed that their take over will lead to  the end of hostilities. Yet, things got from bad to worse.   Hassan Sheikh became the new change, yet the biggest difference of 2012 was that  he was selected within Somalia territory. After few instituting buildings and the resumption of international flights in Mogadishu airport, thee weren't huge changes. As usual , another man with  a shining white horse was celebrated as the biggest change ever happened in  Somali in 2017. Just like his predecessor, he moved  few things.  He raised the profile of the country throughout the world, yet nothing tangible has changed in terms of security. When security in the capital got bad, his answer became blockades and the closing of main boulevards. Since they can't stop terrorism or bombs, their best moves are to create a green zone , ban public cars and trucks , and leave the rest of the city to the insurgents.    Folks these are the constant changes of Somalia that mesmerize us every four years since the Carta government of 2000. A change which  similar men changing their shirts from black to blue. The red carpet and jetting to the international capitals by the new leader never changes. The rebuilding of the Somali army never materializes after 18 years. A thirty years change that never changes any thing.   Compare that to the slow moving Ethiopia that doesn't change much.   Throughout history change has been slow moving in Ethiopia. They are top down society and things doesn't change much from the top. If you look back for the history of Ethiopia, change in leadership takes usually twenty, thirty or even more than fourthly. Haile Selassie who was reigning since early twenty century as crown price, became king in 1930, and was deposed by the communist revolution of Mengistu Hailemaruim in 1974, almost 44 years reign. The Derg of Mengistu ruled almost 17 years before his collapse. Them Meles Zenawi ruled from 1991-2012 , another twenty years or more. In these country change doesn't come easily, but when it comes, it is felt like an earth quake. The king is killed, the TPLF takes the whole country or a man with fast horse shows up from the Oromo countryside and like a wind goes from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean and the high lands in one day.   IAs usual,  2018 is the year of the change in Ethiopia and nothing will be the same after this.and Ethiopia . Observers will tell you that the kind of changing that taking place in Ethiopia usually take decades or more. First, Four or five years must have been consumed by the usual procured peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia;  then  borders should have been demarcated by experts after few years of negotiations and confidence building measures which  takes time. Second, prisoners are released, they are given time to leave the country and organize, and pass the parliament some liberal measures that reforms the system. Folks, that was the typical Ethiopian change people expected. The thirty year changes of the Ethiopia we have known took place in three months.   Ethiopia in and others are saying these new reforms by the new prime minister supposed to take ten or more years. Many are shocked and believe this train might derail soon, others are enthusiastic for the changes, while others say that this man is miracle man sent for Ethiopia.   Yet, when I asked Somalis who reside in Ethiopia or those who are politically connected, they are  not jumping up, while others are consciously optimistic. A friend I talked to told me that changes  were happening in Ethiopia since the death of emperor Menelik, yet it never affected positively for the  Somalis. It was always like the changes that took place  in colonial powers like Britain in the turn of the century while the colonial out posts remain the same.   In order to understand what these changes mean for the people of Somalil Galbeed, let us discuss the latest political moves made by Somalis both in Addis, Dire Dawa, and Asmara. I will divide them in three groups who are the leading forces to replace Cabdi Illey.   The first group is Called Dulmi Diid.   This group is congregating mostly in the Ethiopian capital and major diaspora cities like Minneapolis. Most of these were former allies of Cabdi Illey who in the early years profited from the system. They are largely Jijiga based although there are other people from different regions like Shiniile, Harowo , Godey and from the diaspora. Unlike the ONLF, they do not have any plans or political strategy other than to  replace the Illey administration. They are loosely connected with former ministers of the Illey government, while others are fed up of the tribal domination and oppression of the Illey camp. They were making noise in Minneapolis and Addis Abeba. So far no senior official of the Abiy Ahmed government had met them, and the prime minister has ignored them. In  my opinion, he considers them a pressure group who want to replace illey through hotel conferences and social media. They are sipping tea in Addis hotels.   While they rare reform minded and present different communities, they do not have any serious political weight or political muscle to change things in the future. They are decent civil society people that must take in the future deliberations of Somali Galbeed, but not the actual change makers. They can demonstrate in the diaspora and demand change , but they do not have future plans for the people of Somali Galbeed.    The New WSLF , Al-Etihad and former members of the Illey coalition.   This group is mainly led by former members of Al Ithihad Al-Islam movement that made a deal with illey in 2008 and 2010. Some of these were former members of the ONLF who joined the Illey system and joined the security and political apparatus of Illey in order to survive from persecution of Somali regional states and Ethiopian forces in Somalia and the Zone. Some of them are good people who made a reasonable choice to became part of the ruling class in Jijiga. THeir leading members tried to influence Illey to distance himself from the TPLF and force him to  indirectly join the uprising in Ethiopia.    The fact is that they were there with Illey until to the end. Now they are trying to join the bandwagon of change and create a new WSLF that has different members across the Somali clan landscape. The biggest problem with these people is that they are " Maxakamado" type players who are not deeply principled. Like their comrades in Mogadishu , they may just give up the Somali shop to Ethiopia in order to get the  power. Also, they do not have political manifesto or future plans for the region.   The ONLF in Asmara and around the world.   The ONLF had been crushed both by Cabdi Illey, Al-Shabaab faction controlled by Ethiopia, the Somali regional states and the TPLF. Even the Farmaajo government joined the crowd to decimate them, yet as of today, they are the only credible organization that has the strategy, goals and credibility to participate the future of Somali Galbeed.Unlike others, they have a freedom manifesto for the region.   Unlike others, they are not interested to replace Cabdi Illey and be another Somali entity that is totally subservient to the Addis power. They want seriously to negotiate the future of the region and its freedom. No one knows if that leads  to full autonomy, future referendum or independence. At the same , for the ONLF to be seen as the most prominent Somali freedom movement, it must take certain political and nominal reforms.   First, The ONLF must understand that the current structure of the organization must change and show transparency, Somali hood and representation of Somali Galbeed people. Most of all,  they must get rid of the so called, Dalka Ogaadeniya" or any connotation with tribal names. We do not buy at all the so called name by the colonials. Somali regional government is not a bad name. It keeps the Somali identity in Ethiopia.   Second, It must convene a new inclusive grand conference to consult among the  stake holders, and Somalis in the region. A political strategy must be prepared that must lead either independence, Future time frame for referendum vote or political and economic autonomy that is different than other regions.   They must also encourage other Somali groups who are vying for power to , especially those from the diaspora,  to support their agenda and demonstrate like the Oromo to force a real change.   Further more, they must avoid quick fixes or premature take over of the regional government without rigorous debate among the communities and stake holders.   In conclusion, this is the last opening of Ethiopia until probably 2030, so we must be prepared to take advantage as a Somali community, and we must not the victims of old  colonial  agenda that marginalizes Somalis in the 21st century.   At the moment, other the ONLF, I do not see any other Somali group that could lead to a real change in Somali Galbeed.
    • By galbeedi
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      Skip to content   Abdi Iley: “I Was a Tool for TPLF”
       Admin  Jul 12, 2018   Ethiopia / Home / News / Politics0 Comments In a bizarre speech that Abdi Mohamoud Omer, aka Abdi Iley, gave to the Somali Region House of Representatives today, he claimed that everything he did for the last ten years was direct orders from Getachew Assefa, the former chief of National Intelligence and Information Services, and other TPLF military Generals.
      We summarized the excerpts from the long and free flow address that Abdi Iley made during a session by the region’s parliament.
      “I was a tool for TPLF. They [TPLF] did have a gun on my head all this time. I was also giving every penny of the Region’s budget as a ransom payment to a few Tigres [meaning TPLF General and other key politicians].”
      “I will tell you everything today. Every order to kill or cause a crisis was coming from them [TPLF]”, he continued.
      “They [TPLF] are the ones who were ordering the killings, I was just doing it to save myself. Every massacre in the Region was also ordered by Getachew Assefa [he said that with a curse word]. He [Getachew Assefa] is also behind the Oromo-Somali conflict. Do you think that Oromos and Somalis would just go into war without someone being behind it, he asked?”
      “All the mistakes I have made were because of Getachew Assefa. Getachew Assefa held a gun on our head and asked us to do what he wants us to do.
      “He [Getachew Assefa] is the man who was holding on Hailemariam’s head for 6 years, referring to the former prime minister.” According to Abdi Iley, he even at times kidnaped the wife of the former prime minister Hailemariam.”
      In this bizarre speech, even to Abdi Iley’s standard, he also said this: “The rumor of my resignation was spread by Getachew Assefa, who wants bags of money as he used to get.”
      In the same speech, he also claimed that prime minister Abiy Ahmed is a God sent, a prophet and Lemma Meggerssa [Oromia Regional President] is like his disciple.” In what seemed to be someone who is disturbed and out of character while also lacking his usual bravado, he declared that “he is ready to work with them and be part of the changes that are taking place in the country.”
      In this speech that was like no other, he also seemed conciliatory. He declared, though it lacked authenticity and seemed to be aimed to just buy time, that “our people need to forgive each other. Those who are dead will not come back. Let’s forget what they [TPLF] did to us. We also need to stop silencing dissidents with lethal force to the point of killing the person. We should be able to have a dinner together while having a different point of views”.
      While continuing this speech that will be for the ages, He remarked sarcastically, “Let’s also pray for those who have been massacred. Haday joogaan way iska shidaalysan lahaayeen[meaning, if they were here today, they would have celebrated the commencement of crude oil production in the Somali Region].”
      The other remark that also raised some eyebrows is this: “I am calling for the rest of Ethiopian people for neighborly coexisting, especially our foremost neighbor, our brothers the Oromos, since the devils who were instigating all this violence between us are finally caught.”
      What is also interesting is the fact that he held what amounted to a press conference that he raised the same talking points covered in this piece, but in a rather constrained fashion.
      The Regional parliament’s session is expected to continue for tomorrow!