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Who does Anwar Gargash speak for?

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in my opinion; i think this is fake.

1-the alleged tweet no longer exists on his timeline.

2-all sorts of color/shade inconsistencies with this picture of the "tweet".

3-the grammar is a bit off. whoever made this tweet should've use the word (ستحرص) = will make sure.  instead he used the word (ستحرس) = will guard, as in a soldier guarding his/her own country. 

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48 minutes ago, Dahireeto said:

Aroori, I think the UAE is just toying around with Somaliland.

while you are entitled to your opinion; you seem to be completely missing the point of the post, where did i mention Somaliland?

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They removed him from cabinet now in order to please their new master, Biden, who cannot be bought with dollars as his predecessor.

A cabinet reshuffle and the centralisation of power in Abu Dhabi

The removal of Anwar Gargash, who has long been the face of Emirati foreign policy, is part of a larger push to consolidate power within a tighter circle.

On February 10, a “small cabinet reshuffle” inside the United Arab Emirates (UAE) created many headlines because of Anwar Gargash’s removal. Gargash had served as the country’s minister of state for foreign affairs since 2008. 

Over the years Gargash played an extremely pivotal role in Abu Dhabi’s foreign policy. Without being demoted, he will now serve as an advisor at the UAE Presidential Office. This cabinet reshuffle was largely tied to internal dynamics within the Emirates. But the change also comes at a time in which the UAE might be pursuing new approaches to foreign policy and security challenges against the backdrop of Joe Biden’s presidency beginning last month.  

While technically not replacing Gargash, Sheikh Shakhbout bin Nahyan, who in 2017 began serving as the Emirati ambassador to Riyadh and who is the nephew of Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ), has become a minister of state. So has Khalifa Al Marar. 

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